My Sweet, Kind, Loving, Talented, Beautiful, Artistic, Smart, Perceptive Daughter (and more) #Ad

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dedication-88bsmall5My Daughter, Lynn, she is amazing.

She is sweet, kind, loving, talented, beautiful, artistic, smart, perceptive..

And she is all this even though her life has been has been incredible difficult. We adopted Lynn and her sister when they were 3 and 4 years old from foster care. Before they came to us they had already lived in 5 different homes. This changes a person when they don’t get the love and care that a child needs. It changes brain development.

But despite that, here she is, being all the great things that I mentioned above. She is starting 3 grade and already has a business with her sister. They cook, create, read and blog over at

They really like doing it and always want to check their website to see if people have commented, or most importantly, if they have made any money! They even have business cards.

Lynn recently did this great video/book review in which she shows how to may invisible ink. It’s pretty fun and I was proud of her for her 1st video. It was all her idea.


She is also a wonderful artist and we even have one of her art pieces that she made this summer in art camp displayed in a cabinet.


Lynn is super excited to start school this year and was REALLY excited to head to JCP with me for some back to school shopping. We picked through the cute animal prints (she is an animal lover), the pinks (of course, her absolute favorite color) and she even found a cute cardigan top with and owl necklace that she just adores (makes her feel “grown up”).

She found this horse shirt (horses are BIG in our home) and LOVED the pretty pink back.. totally unique!


This owl shirt is adorable.

and her favorite outfit?  This cute cardigan with the owl necklace and pink capri jeans.


She is adorable. And with those brains will do awesome in 3rd grade (and beyond!).



When It Fits, You Feel It. 



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