My Review of Swagbucks

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*** Update*** In 2010 Swagbucks updated their points system- so there is variation between this article and current point values.  It’s still a  great program that I highly recommend.

As you, my frugal friends, know I have a link to Swagbucks on the side of FF and D. I have it up there because I like the idea of getting free stuff for doing the things I already do- doing searches on the Internet.

(Just to let those who don’t know- SwagBucks is a search engine powered by Google and that awards you “SwagBucks” for some of your searches. You can use these to buy gift cards and merchandise and this a good stuff like Target and Starbucks cards. Each “SwagBuck” you are awarded is valued around .10- but that varies.). On average I have earn around 3-4 Swagbucks per day. So far I have 43.

I will admit, although I signed up for Swagbucks a long time ago I did not take full advantage of it until just a few weeks ago. I just love my Google search- and I am a creature of habit. But I had seen some good things on other frugal websites, like Money Saving Mom about getting enough giftcards to buy some kitchen products. And I thought- I should access my account again and check out SwagBucks a little more.

So I logged in and read again how to use it. I decided to go ahead and download the tool bar and set my home page to Swagbucks so I could get in the habit of using it for my search engine. I have been doing quite a few searches per day and for simple searches I have been quite pleased with the results.

But for searches that I really need a lot of good information the SwagBucks searches are a bit lacking. This is because of how they display results with a lot of of sponsored results mixed in with the organic ones. I think this tends to water down the results. I’m sure they do this because they get paid when we click these results- which is understandable- since they are paying us to use Swagbucks.

The “image” search is nowhere near as good as regular Google- instead of hundreds of results you only get a few that are not usually that relevant.

So- what’s the verdict, Jen?? Well, for what it is ( a search engine that pays you to use it) I would give it a thumbs up. Sure the search results are not quite as good but to combat that I simply have both the Swagbucks and Google toolbars. This way if I do the search in Swagbucks and don’t get the result I want I just do a Google search right after- and to be honest I probably only need to do this 1 in 10 searches.

Another benefit for you- if you refer any friends to SwagBucks you earn a commission on their winnings indefinitely.

So what am I going to do with my Swagbucks- This year I am thinking of using my giftcards from places like SwagBucks to buy gifts- either birthday or Christmas. I think it is a great way to fund your gift giving with out it coming out of your bank account.

Anyway- I recommend you try SwagBucks out and get free stuff for something you already do.


This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


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