My Name is Jen, and I am a Gardening Disaster..

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My Name is Jen, and I am a Gardening Disaster.. Hi Jen…

Gardening should be relaxing, it’s frugal and a great way to have you own organic produce.

Well, it’s all of those things if you can garden. And apparently I can’t. It’s a mess. If it’s not one thing it’s another.

One year we were having great luck.. and then the gophers hit. Then one afternoon my husband watched (in cartoon style) the gophers take an entire corn plant!! Just right done the hole! It was something straight out of Looney Toons!

We fixed the gopher problem.. but then the fungus stuff hit, growing all over everything. A powdery substance that has the power to make super tiny, very ugly veggies.  We have had ants eat an entire crop of grapes. And birds peck the tops off all our tomatoes..

I’ve tried growing from seed, growing from plants even sticking sprouting onions and potatoes from the pantry into the ground. Basically my success varies from (at least) mediocre (to worst) a disaster.

This year we are pretty much giving up..but I did want a basil plant. So I picked one up at Trader Joes.. guess what.. yup, gets to my house and gets sad and yellow.


What are you a disaster at..?

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


  1. says

    Thank you for this post! I, too, am a disaster at gardening … or well, growing anything at all. Every plant I put in the ground or in a pot dies. Even if I follow the instructions. Even if I water it. I always tell everyone that I have a brown, rather than green, thumb!

  2. Laurie D says

    I’m glad I’m not the only one…. I have had a hard time with gardens too, if it’s not the snails, it’s the bugs, or the fungus… and what in the world are those little white Gnats? The only thing I did pretty good with was lettuce grown in a pot. But it didn’t help the grocery budget much. I did find that it worked well when I only cut of the leaves I was going to use that night, because they would just grow more:-) Good luck!

  3. Donna says

    Hi Jen,

    Everyone in my family has a “black thumb” as well. I just bought an Aerogarden after doing some research and finding lots of positive reviews coming from fellow gardening amateurs. I know it’s not the most frugal investment (it ranges from about 89-200$ sometimes on sale for cheaper), but I feel like it would pay for itself if I can manage to grow anything out of it. It’s supposed to be a fail-proof indoor dirt-less hydroponic garden, so you might want to check that out :).

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