My Curology Review: Week 4 (Get a free month)

Curology Review

Curology ReviewAbout a month ago I put up my first Curology Review and I will give you a recap (but you can check the whole thing out here).

1. I have had “troubled skin” since I was a teen.  It is never really cleared up long term.
2. I’ve tried many products that have worked for me for a while, but then tend to lose effectiveness.
3. I’ve changed my diet with little change to my acne.
4. I’m giving Curology a try.

So why am I trying out Curology and what is it?

Curology is a month subscription ($19.95 a month but you can get your 1st month free here) of customized acne products and consultation from a dermatologist. Your assigned medical provider will answer questions for you anytime you like and can change your medication at no additional cost, even if you have not run out yet.

Since I’ve had trouble in the past with products stopping working I really like that last part.

They will send you skincare tips, by email, and make suggestions for additional products that might benefit your skin. (like I was recommended trying Zinc soap to help with some small pimples that keep popping up).

Here was her tip:
The zinc soap can be drying, I’d recommend starting out by using it 2-3x/week and see how you do. If you find it to be too drying, then decrease your frequency of use.

Curology recommended this brand but I am trying this one because it cost 1/2 as much.


On to the One Month Curology Review

Here are the photos of where I started… seriously, never share these!!

Curology Review


Here is one month in.  Note… I wasn’t planning on doing the review this morning and already put my makeup on.  But I think you can still see.


Admittedly, the difference is not huge yet. That said, the pimples I do have seem to be breaking out with are smaller.

I wrote my specialist about this and here is what she said:

We’re still in the stage where it’s too early to tell how your skin is responding and just how well it’s going to do. During the first 4-8 weeks, the pores are starting to be cleared out, and it’s common to still have setbacks with new bumps appearing – these are often the direct result of inflammation occurring as the pores get cleared out.

At times, when there are smaller uniform acne bumps especially on the forehead, jaw and hairline, the acne is made worse by pityrosporum, a type of fungus, in addition to bacteria. Pityrosporum is also known as malassezia, and is present on our skin normally. Especially in conditions of increased humidity and sweating, the yeast phase of the fungus grows in the pores, making breakout worse. For additional improvement with this, have you tried the zinc soap I recommended previously? If not, please do give it a try as I think it will help!

Stay optimistic and be sure to keep me posted in another several weeks! Of course, I am here if you have any questions or concerns before then.

So, I am staying the course with Curology. Sure it costs me $19.95 a month but if it can get rid of these darn pimples it will be worth it.

Click here to get your first month of Curology (and a 90 day supply of medication) for free.

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