My 6 Year Old Daughter Wants to Start a Blog.. What do you think?

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A conversation between My Daughter (6) and Grandma:

Grandma: Wow, you seem REALLY Busy!
My Daughter: Yes, it’s because I am a blogger
Grandma: What kind of blogger are you?
My Daughter: Like Mommy
Grandma: That’s great! What is the name of your blog?
My Daughter: Spend Money! Spend Money!

lol.. not sure she gets what I do ;)

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


  1. Judie says

    I think 6 is way too young to be interacting on the computer. Definately too young to be a blogger.

    • frugal jen says

      I agree Judie.. it was just pretend, based on my daughters “pretending” conversation with Grandma :)

  2. Judie says

    I feel so much better now. I see young children getting on all these social sites and I get very concerned for them. Children seem to be growing up too fast these days. I want them to stay children as long as they can.

  3. says

    If she really wants to write and blog about things, I think you should let her do it! Just set up a private blog that you monitor. I think some blog sites even have settings where it’s private except to anyone you send a link to. Then you could link it to friends and family so they can see what she’s writing. I think if you supervise her, a private blog could be great.

  4. says

    I kept a diary “occasionally” when I was young. looking back at those entries, I wish I had been more consistent. If your daughter wants to “blog,” set up some way that she do that: a private website or perhaps just WordPad – something that lets her emulate you and record her own thoughts about anything and everything. When she’s a little older, you and she can discuss her writing some “guest entries” on your blog. For right now, though, it’s important to encourage her interest in writing; to help her learn correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation; and to create some writings that she can look back on when she’s younger to remember what life was like when she was young.

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