Making Money by Starting Your Own Blog or Website. Part 2

This is the second part of an ongoing series about making money by starting a blog. To read from the beginning click here.

What can I sell??
Well… basically anything. What are you interested in? Do you like animals? Start a blog about cats and promote pet care products. Do you like fashion? Start a fashion blog and promote clothes and jewelry. Really, I could go on and on. Find something you are passionate about and that you could talk about for hours and start a blog about it. I could talk about deals for forever so blogging about it everyday is pretty easy for me.

How do I start my own Blog?
Well, this is easy and can be free. There are several companies out there. I use Blogger to host mine. Blogger is free and I have heard that it is the easiest to use. There are downsides to Blogger such as the possibility that they might think you are spam blog and stop letting you post. This happened to me at the beginning but it got cleared up in a few days. But I have heard others say they were not so lucky. But overall Blogger is very easy to use and I would recommend them as a very frugal way to start your blog business.

Others are WordPress and Typepad. WordPress offers a free version but to my knowledge you cannot do affiliate marketing with it. You have to upgrade to the paid version. But WordPress does apparently offer more options for a better blog (such as the ability to create individual pages where in Blogger you can only sort of do this). And then I know very little about Typepad.

I do recommend getting a custom domain. For example when I first started I was while not only is that simply too long it is also just not as professional as There are many ways to buy you domain name- the easiest, if you are hosted through Blogger is simply to buy it through them. It is only $10 year and they automatically forward to your custom domain. You can also buy a domain on your own from a company like Go Daddy and have your blog point to it- but this route will take a bit more work.

Next time we will talk about getting a custom blog template to help build your brand..

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