How I Make a Full Time Income from My Blog (Working Part Time)

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How-I-Make-a-full-time-income-with-my-blogSo the other day we talked about starting a blog but what if you are looking to make money from your personal blog?When I started Frugal Living Mom in 2008 I knew there was a potential of making money.

I owned a Wedding Photography business at the time and had attempted to start some sort of wedding based blog.  It was a disaster.  But that said, I learned a lot about making income on a blog.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t make much at first.  I was pretty excited with I started making a consistent $5 a day. After that what I did was build small, instead of wanting to make $1000′s of dollars right away I made it a goal to make $10 a day and so on.  For me, that was attainable.

Over that years I have worked up to earning about $50,000 a year from part time blogging.

To make money on your blog you will need to gain an audience.  You need traffic to make money.  But after you get that traffic you can start monetizing.

There are definitely a lot of ways to go about it, but let’s talk about the smartest ways.

The first thing you have to do is decide what you want to blog about. Then reserve your domain name and a place to park your new blog.

1. Get a domain name here.

2. Get your blog hosting. I personally recommend hosting your own blog on WordPress.

3. Get a template.  My blog was made by Pixel Me Designs.  Love her. Laura is very reasonable (and nice).

4. Start writing posts.

5. Set up your email provider. Mail Chimp is a good choice because you can get a free account for up to 2500 subscribers.

6. Set up your social media. You’ll want a Facebook page, Pinterest, Instagram and probably twitter (not my fav, but some people love it).

After you get all that going and start seeing a little traffic you want to start making some money.  Here’s how I do it:

1. Affiliates

Affiliates are a middle man between you and a company.  Through them you can put links to freebies, products and services and then make money when people use those links to buy products or take advantage of an offer. Make sure to look into all of the affiliate companies that are out there to help you make money. Putting links into your posts is just smart business. If someone is looking for something pertaining to your post, and you just happen to help them find the item or website to buy that item, well then, it’s a win/win for both of you. Make sure that what you’re linking to is something pertaining to your post, or it’s likely that no one will click them again, after being sent somewhere that wasn’t what they were looking for.

Some of the Affiliates I use are:

2. Ads
Companies like Google offer great ads that you can place throughout your blog that will randomly change periodically while your readers peruse your site. Each click generates revenue that will find its way into your pocket. You can also market for ads from other bloggers to put their ads on your blog. Each person that buys ad space will decide monthly, or bi-monthly whether to renew their contract or not, and you have to put yourself out there to find people to buy ad space.

Ads Companies I have used or currently use On Frugal Living Mom:

3. Featured or Sponsor Posts
Featured posts aren’t much different from what you post every day. When someone asks to guest post on your blog, you tell them your prices, and then pin their post to the top for a week, month, or whatever time you’ve specified in your agreement. You won’t make a ton of money from this, but, hey, it’s still money! Your blog will need to have lots of traffic to generate a lot of interest in this kind of post, but that’s what we’re all working toward!

Some sponsored post companies Frugal Living Mom uses:

4. Sell Your Own Product
Thinking of writing an ebook on how to blog? How about how to create something crafty, or delicious? If so, why not do so? You can sell these items on your blog to your readers, and even do a giveaway if you want, which will generate traffic to your site, and to your ebook. Be sure to leave a link to wherever your ebook is for sale, and don’t forget to market! Toot your horn to get the most out of your product. You’d be surprised at what kind of books that people will buy!

This is a great post on Blogging with Amy all about writing an ebook. Make sure you check it out!

At the end of the day, it’s all about what YOU are willing to do to make money on your blog. And as any business you may make none, a little or a lot.. but follow the above and you just might Make Money from Your Blog.

I’m also not here to tell you that you will get rich blogging.  Some people do… but not most.  That said it is attainable to make a comfortable income from blogging.

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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