Join Hallmark Card Rewards and Be Entered to Win $500! #Ad #hallmarkcardrewards

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Hallmark. All opinions are my own.

Hallmark-Card-Rewards-1-forDo you buy Hallmark cards for the special occasions in your life?

Sometimes a card and the message it brings to the receiver can be really special.  I know I personally have over a 100 cards and letters that my husband sent to me before we were married.  I love keeping these because it is a record of our love.  And my girls love them, too!

Hallmark (@hallmark) is the master of great cards and messages, their cards can make each recipient feel special and loved.

Starting 11/25 Hallmark wants you to sign up for Hallmark Card Rewards.  You may ask, Hallmark Card Rewards do for me?  Well let me fill you in on this great program.

When you use Hallmark Card Rewards you get rewards everywhere you buy Hallmark Cards.  This is at more than 30,000 grocery and drug stores and supercenters in the U.S.  You earn 1 reward for every 5 Hallmark cards purchased. And the great rewards include gift cards, discounts, $’s  off, and more from Hallmark’s rewards partners like Land’s End, Omaha Steaks, Applebee’s, Starbucks and Nike. When you earn a great reward it can help your family and friends enjoy more together time eating out, or maybe even a little “me” time with a latte.

You just need to download the Hallmark Card Rewards mobile app (both Android and iPhone).  Then when you buy a Hallmark card you can  easily scan the barcode on the back if the card and register your rewards for your account. Or, you can report your purchases online in your account by entering the card’s UPC.

Register now for Hallmark Card Rewards and start earning!

Another cool perk is if you are one of the 1st 1000 new sign ups for Hallmark Card Rewards you have a chance at winning $500!! Now that could go towards buying A LOT of Hallmark cards!

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