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I woke up to a not so pleasant small uproar about No More Rack which I would like to inform everyone of. Last night it appears their site had a major security breach and all personal information is no longer personal.

When someone tried to log into their account most were directed to a completely different person’s account and able to view all their personal information including name, address, phone number and possibly credit card information if it was saved in the account.

Comments are being deleted on their Facebook wall about this issue, in fact in looking on their wall I am only seeing post at the moment from the last 4 minutes… and now those are even deleted.

This is not the kind of company I ever intend to promote on this site, my experience with them in the past has always been legit and I have made plenty of purchases through them myself. I apologize to anyone who is/will have issues stemming from this as it was never my intent to jeopardize anyone’s personal information.

I recommend everyone who has an account and who may have their credit card information saved (I am in this same boat, my personal and CC info. was saved in my account) that you check your bank account consistently over the next few days. You may even contact your bank to give them a heads up that your card number may be jeopardized and have a new one issued.

You should be able to cancel your account by emailing them or doing a live chat but in my opinion at this point the damage has already been done and I am not 100% sure that all your info. will be deleted even after you cancel.

I apologize again for this entire fiasco….. I value my readers and I always strive to promote legitimate deals and companies on my site, doing as much research as possible before I share anything. Sadly there have never been many issues with them before, but the way they are handling their client’s complaints about possible breach of security and personal information leaked is unacceptable.

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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