I CAN’T GIVE UP “fill in the blank” to be frugal!!

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I am on vacation this week and thought it might be fun to revisit some “vintage” posts. This was originally posted in Janurary 2009.

There are lots of things I enjoy about being more frugal- but I think I am wired that way. I am able to get pleasure out of not spending money… most of the time.

But somethings are just really hard to give up, for example, I love fashion- not necessarily $200 shoes fashion (although that would be fun if I had the $$). But I do love my shopping. I have read where my frugal fiends have only 3-4 outfits and 1-2 pairs of shoes and they cut their own hair.
Um.. that’s just not me. Sure I was willing to give up my highlights and go back to brown- but I still want a stylish cut. And I have toned down the shopping.. but to mostly give it up?..now that’s a hard one. A cute shirt for $8.99- I’m probably going to buy it.
Here’s another- I have a hard time sitting in the dark with maybe one light on. Good lighting makes your home just look so much better- more homey. But I do want to be green and frugal so I don’t turn them all on- but I would like too..
What won’t you give up to be frugal or what have you had to give up and it was terribly hard? Leave a comment.. we are in this together :)

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


  1. susan says

    I have cutback in the past few years due to the economy being what it is, but I absolutely CANNOT give up our daily Keurig coffee… the k-cups may be more expensive that brewing a pot of coffee, but with 2 people rising in the am within a 3-4 hour span, there is not a better way to have fresh and delicious coffee for all… and in a way it is still being frugal as I figure that coffee this good would cost several dollars a day for each of us if we got it from any store… k-cups, not so much…

  2. says

    This is a hard question to answer becuase I have cut back on many things, but at the same time, I feel it is still important to enjoy the little things in life so I don’t go insane. I enjoy a weekly Starbucks, a monthly movie, a monthly dinner out, and a shopping trip 2x a year. On the other hand, I work harder at waiting for sales, clipping coupons, doing homemade crafts with the kids and looking for supplies at the dollar store. I never buy a thing at Michaels or Joanns without a 40% off coupon (and I love to shop there). I have also avoided going into Target unless I abosultely have to because I find it too tempting to purchase items. (But they do have their credit card with 5% off which makes me feel a little less guilty). I have also cut back on my grocery spending by half the last several years thanks to coupons and thegrocerygame.com. It’s so fun to read how people spend and save, keep them coming. :)

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