I CAN’T GIVE UP “fill in the blank” to be frugal!!

There are lots of things I enjoy about being more frugal- but I think I am wired that way. I am able to get pleasure out of not spending money… most of the time.

But somethings are just really hard to give up, for example, I love fashion- not necessarily $200 shoes fashion (although that would be fun if I had the $$). But I do love my shopping. I have read where my frugal fiends have only 3-4 outfits and 1-2 pairs of shoes and they cut their own hair.
Um.. that’s just not me. Sure I was will to give up my highlights and go back to brown- but I still want a stylish cut. And I have toned down the shopping.. but to mostly give it up?..now that’s a hard one. A cute shirt for $8.99- I’m probably going to buy it.
Here’s another- I have a hard time sitting in the dark with maybe one light on. Good lighting makes your home just look so much better- more homey. But I do want to be green and frugal so I don’t turn them all on- but I would like too..
What won’t you give up to be frugal or what have you had to give up and it was terribly hard? Leave a comment.. we are in this together :)

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