My Hubby Went Surfing…Then Called With Words I Didn’t Want to Hear

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In February my brother in law was in the area for business and had time to meet Jon, my husband, for dinner.  They decided before dinner they would head to the beach and do a little surfing.

A few hours later I got a call from Jon.  He had hurt himself surfing, but he seemed to think he would be okay to go to dinner.  So, I didn’t think much about it… until he got home.  He looked awful.  He was hunched over and walking like it was painful.


Immediately I told him he needed to go to the hospital.  At first, he argued that it wasn’t necessary.

It was.

I stayed home with the kids (who were in bed by this time), and he went and waited (and waited) at the emergency room. Of course, the whole thing took hours and we were texting back and forth.  He was in a lot of pain.

Finally, he got in and guess what?  He had broken his back.

YEP. Yelp!

There was a fracture between his shoulder blades. At the hospital, they said six weeks to heal, but we saw another doctor later that week, and she said realistically he would be dealing with this for six months to a year.

Wow.  That is NOT good.


At four months into his injury, I would say the second doctor was correct.  He feels much better, but the pain still lingers.  And it’s not even at the injury point.  The pain is primarily muscle and nerve pain on his shoulder blades.  At one point the nerve pain was so bad the doctor thought there was a possibility of shingles but ruled it out and decided it was from the injury.

Because of this lingering pain we have tried multiple pain relief options, including LivRelief.

According to LivRelief they offer:

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pleasant, faint fragrance.

BACKED BY THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY: LivRelief was developed by a respected molecular pharmacologist, and it’s been tested and approved by established members of the medical community.

When Jon applied it, he was happy that LivRelief had no “minty” smell that some many pain relief creams on the market have. He said that it offered immediate relief and that it would be useful for the residual pain from his broken back.

I love the 90% of LivRelief ingredients are natural.

My husbands road to healing has been a long one, and I have the feeling we are in for even longer. Mostly I am grateful the accident was not worse that it was.

Pain stinks… but the alternative is worse and products like LivRelief  have made living with the pain easier.

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