How We Saved $240 a Year on Our Internet Bill

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internetOur internet bill was climbing. Obviously, as a professional blogger good, fast internet service is really important to our family. But that does not make the mounting bills any less frustrating.

We were up to around $60 a month, which totals out to $720 a year. Yes, internet is valuable, but $720 a year is a good chunk of money.

My husband was frustrated by this (he takes care of most of the bills) and so he decided to give the company a call to see if there was a plan that cost less.

This is SUPER silly, but when he spoke to the representative on the phone then simply said that they would lower it $20 a month. Seriously? That is all we had to do? Just ask?

That call saved us $240 a year.

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Don’t you wish all you bills were that easy? What about your rent or mortgage? Yeah, sure!

But apparently it IS that easy for some of your bills. Ones that I might give a try are cable, phone and cell phone. Those companies often have a wide variety of packages and different prices that they are allowed to offer you.

Have you even done this? What is the most you have even gotten your bill reduced to simply by asking? And are there other bills you can recommend that you might be able to get a discount simply by asking?

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


  1. angela says

    Yes!! Ive done this on various bills, including my credit card apr! They dropped my interest rate for me simply by me calling and asking. Of course, it usually helps the cause if you are a relatively long standing cardholder (like 1+ years) with timely payments). I learned this trick from my dad when I was still in high school. He always said “Never hurts to ask, even if it feels a little silly.”

  2. essijay says

    I’ve always entered a contract, which knocks an automatic $15 off my bill each month. So instead of paying $60 + taxes and fees, it’s $45 + taxes and fees. Still ridiculously expensive (remember $4.95/mo dialup?!) but I absolutely cannot function without 10mbps!

  3. says

    This should be done with several bills every now and then. Most of these companies have a customer retention program that sllows you some leverage to lower your bill. Every little bit adds up.

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