How to Start a Blog (Series)

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How to Start a BlogEvery wondered how to start a blog? It’s fun AND you might even be able to make a little bit of cash with it.

I hope you’re ready to work, and promote your little tushie off!  Starting a blog can be a great experience, and if you have some blogger friends, you’ll find that the process goes a lot smoother, but even if you don’t, you CAN do it!

Choose Your Niche.   Choose a topic…  Do you want to be a frugal blogger and talk about great ways to save money, coupons, freebies and deals?  Do you want to be a mommy blogger and talk about your kids, do great kid friendly giveaways, and review kid friendly products?  Do you want to be a fitness blogger and talk about ways to stay in shape, lose weight, and healthy foods?  There are so many different niches out there, and you can choose to talk about one, or even incorporate more than one, but be sure that the niche you choose is relevant, and fresh.  Once you’ve decided on your niche, spend time honing it on paper, thinking of great ideas, and write them down in a journal for future reference once your blog is online.  The more ideas you can come up with, the less time you’ll spend trying to get out of a slump.

Decide What You’re Okay Sharing.  If you choose to go the mommy blogger route, you must choose to either make it personal, or to share only small amounts about your own family.  Do you want to use names?  Do you want to just find great topics and avoid talking about your kids (or yourself) at all?  There are many ways to blog without including anything about your personal life, so if that’s the way you want to go, then go for it!  The same goes with DIY posts.  If you’re not good at cooking, crafting, or anything else creative, DON’T DO IT.  Don’t let anyone talk you into doing anything you’re not comfortable with.  If you feel the need for more traffic down the road, there are great ways to get that kind of post on your blog, without writing it yourself.

Don’t Feel the Need to Be Perfect Right Off the Bat.  Experiment with your topics, and change up your posts all you want.  It is, after all, YOUR blog.  The first year is going to be all about baby steps, and figuring out what works, and what doesn’t.  There are some topics that will almost guarantee continuous traffic, and some that won’t, but your loyal readers will read just about everything you post, and you need to figure out which posts are being read the most, and which ones make you the happiest.  What do YOU enjoy writing about?  If you enjoy taking pictures, you can even make posts that are nothing but your photography.  The options are endless.  Experiment and most of all, have FUN!

Networking.  Once you have the posting down, it’s time to find some great blogging friends who can help you grow.  Do you have blogs that you read daily, or even once a month?  If so, see if they’ll offer you some help growing your blog.  Join some great blogging groups on Facebook.  Interaction with other bloggers is just as important as with your readers.

At the end of the day, blogging is what you make it.  If you choose to devote time to it once or twice a day, you’ll find that you may grow your numbers faster, but not everyone has that kind of time.  Choose a time frame that works for YOU, and knock out some great blog posts.  Do what makes YOU happy, and the rest will follow.  So, that is how to start a blog, go out there, and have FUN!

I have more tips coming for you soon, including how to set up your blog, and how to make money on your blog.  PLUS I MAY BE revealing post that just might interest you.. so stay tuned.

How to Start a Blog

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


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