How to Save Money on Food, 6 Tips (part 2 of 2)

How to Save Money on FoodYesterday we told you about 3 ways on How to Save Money on Food.  Today we have the final 3.  Now of course there are many, many more tricks and tips to save money on your grocery bill and we would LOVE to hear your best in the comments!

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4. Don’t grocery shop when you are hungry. We ALL know what happens when we shop hungry, EVERYTHING ends up in the cart. (Funny side note.. occasionally I shop hungry on purpose, when I am out of food in the house and know it’s the only way that fridge is going to get filled up again ).  But in general, food shopping on an empty stomach means that you will pick up more things than you really need, and probably more junk food.

5. Make a List. I think making a list is especially important if you don’t shop hungry! When you are not hungry it is sometimes TOO easy to pass things up, no matter the price. Check through your pantry, freezer and the refrigerator before you leave home to find what you need, then write them down. Then you need to actually stick to the list.  Here are some grocery list apps you can download and try.

Grocery List Apps

6. Shop at the same stores. This doesn’t mean you have to shop at only 1 store, just that you pick and choose and get to know them. When you are unfamiliar with a store you don’t know where anything is, and this can lead to forgetting items or just not finding them. When you go to the same store or stores each time you are more familiar with the prices there and you can estimate your bills total as you write your grocery list. Again, it’s OK to shop at more than one, but take the time to get to know the store, where the clearance items are and the aisles you want to shop in and the ones to avoid.  You may even have one or two stores on your rounds that you do your primary shopping and a couple to visit occasionally if you know of a good sale or certain days they do markdowns.  But you would only go to those for the deals, not your whole list.

So, just by making a few simple changes to your routine you can keep your grocery budget in check fairly easily.  Have you already been doing any of them?  Do you feel any affect your bottle line for the better?

How to Save Money on Food

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