How to Safely hunt for Freebies

So you decided to start freebie hunting – good for you! This is both fun and really useful. The only thing to be aware of is that there are plenty of spammers in the niche: most often you can get into two types of a trouble by collecting freebies online:

• Your personal details may be stolen (and used to access your private accounts to steal your money or other important data);

• Your email address may be added to spam lists (and you’ll end up receiving plenty of spam messages daily).

But don’t worry: there’s a safe way to hunt for freebies. Just follow these steps:

1. Use only trusted sources of freebies
It is very important to only try freebies shared by sites you can trust. Besides Frugal Freebies and Deals which you read daily and can rely on, there’s one more site I can personally recommend because it never let me down.

ListFreeSamples is also a reliable freebie aggregator that lists offers only from official sources and runs background checks before sharing any freebie.

2. Run a background search in Google
By searching Google, you can check what other people’s experience was with the freebie provider. Here are some Google search tips for you to take advantage of:
• Search for the name or for the domain name of the freebie provider;
• Be sure to dig as deep as you can: the top Google results may be faked by the freebie provider;
• Use some additional words to help your search: scam, reviews, opinions, etc;
• Check the latest mentions of the name by using Google’s advanced search sidebar (which hides behind “Show options” link)

3. Check online shopping communities and forums is my favorite online shopping community for a couple of reasons:
• All freebies and coupons are shared and voted up/down by real people;
• Moderators check and pre-approve all the submissions: so no spam is possible;
• The users are friendly and you can get really useful advice at their forums.
And how do you keep yourself safe from being cheated when hunting for freebies? Please share your tips in the comments!

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