How To Travel with My Cat with Less Stress

How To Travel with My Cat

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How-To-Travel-with-My-CatAre you a cat person like me? I absolutely love cats, always have, always will! Even as a child my dream was to be a cat. They just have the best life, sleeping a huge amount of the day, playing… loving you!

My cat, Shadow, likes to spend his time with me. So, I put a little cat bed right on my desk for him to be comfortable. It took a bit of time for him to get used to it, but with some time and encouragement, he often joins me when I work on the computer.IMG_3918

So since kitty wants to be with you what happens when you want to travel away from home? Do you have to find a sitter or take your cat companion with you?  No one wants to be without your cat (and he doesn’t want to be without you) but traveling can be stressful on both of you.



Yet there are some things you can do to make the experience more positive for everyone.



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Traveling Long Distance with Cats

  1. Visit your vet. Make a trip to your Vet and ask their advice for traveling safely and reducing the stress on your cat. They may have medication options that could make the trip go more smoothly.
  2. Bring along their favorite food and treats. SHEBA® PERFECT PORTIONS™ and Meaty Tender Sticks are perfect for this. Not only are SHEBA® PERFECT PORTIONS™ just the right amount of ounces to feed your cat they are also packaged in a no mess container. This makes them a great travel choice. Meaty Tender Sticks are made with real meat and have no artificial flavors so you can feel good about feeding them to your carnivore cat. You can grab SHEBA® PERFECT PORTIONS™ and Meaty Tender Sticks at your local Walmart just like I did! SHEBA® WHAT CATS WANT™
  3. Let your cat see your luggage a few days in advance. I know my cat starts to get stressed just by seeing the luggage. Put it out! Cats love to play in boxes, so let them play in the luggage. She’ll get used to it and it won’t be something new.
  4. Start adjusting your cat to his carrier well before your trip. Put it out so they can see it and check it out. Just like it took my Shadow a little time to get used to his bed on my desk this process will take some time, too. Play with your kitty near the carrier, put treats like Meaty Tender Sticks inside and give her lots of pets and cuddles in or near the carrier. Cat’s tend to be naturally cautious, but curious, too. So with enough patience, you will have them comfortable with it.
  5. Make sure the carrier is large enough for them to stand and move around in. It’s tempting to get a small carrier, which can be ok for a vet trip but not long travel time. You would not want to be crouched in a small space for hours and neither do they.
  6. Don’t feed your cat before you leave or in the car. Kitties can be nervous or even get car sick. Nobody wants him to get sick in the car.
  7. Find a pet-friendly hotel in advance. If you are spending the night before you arrive at your destination there’s no need to cause extra stress by trying to find a pet friendly hotel while on the road. Do your research beforehand and make the reservation.
  8. Once at your destination keep kitty in one room. Cat’s are easily stressed and the easier you can make it on her the better. Especially if you are only spending a few days at your destination keep him in the room you are staying in and make sure to check in often for some cuddles and purrs.


So, there are eight tips to help make traveling with your cat less stressful. Have you ever traveled with your cat? Make sure to leave any tips you might have in the comments.



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    These are wonderful travel tips. So helpful! #3 and 6 and super important. They are easy to forget but a must for sure. My dog actually gets sad when he sees luggage because he usually knows he’s not coming. :( Great post! #client

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