How To Get The Most Out Of Our Coupon Database!

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save25Have you checked out the coupon database yet? If so.. are you a bit confused on how it works? If so here’s an easy tutorial to help you get the most out of it!

The coupon database lets you find most any coupon available from printables to inserts to possible tear pads, if it’s out there it will probably be in the database! So don’t waste your time thumbing through your inserts or googling just check the database for a product you’re looking for!

Before I go into explaining how to search for your coupons you need to know what all the database includes!Coupon Source: This is a drop down to select which particular source you’re looking for, insert, printable, etc. You can select a specific insert or leave it as it to include all of them

Source Date: This is the same the coupon came out, typically helpful if you’re searching in a particular week’s insert. You can leave this as is to include all dates.

Expiration Date: If you’re looking for a coupon that expires within’ the next 3 month, 6 months or 12 months you would use this option. You can leave it as is to include all dates.

Value: This is if you’re looking for $1/1,, $.50/1, $.25/2, etc etc. if you’re searching for a particular value to lessen the search results. You can leave this as is to include all values.


How to search for a coupon:

When you first check out the database you need to enter a product name. This could be the whole name like “Dove Deodorant” or you can do a broader search for “Dove” to see if the item pulls up under that.

Just click “search” once you enter the product and you’ll see a list of all available coupons with Dove in the name, this will contain the Dove candy, shampoo, deodorant, etc. Just scroll down the list to see if there’s one for the product you’re looking for.


In this case there is one for Dove regular deodorant for $0.75/1 Dove Go Sleeveless or Go Fresh 01/29/2012 RP Insert (exp 02/26/2012) – As you see this is a coupon from the RedPlum Insert released on 1/29 and t expires 2/26/12. All the info. you need to know if you can use it is included and easy to see!

If you find a coupon that is a printable coupon simply click on the “Coupon” row and the link should take you directly to the printable coupon source. If you click on the “blog format” option it will actually copy the text for you.

So head over and check out the coupon database to make the most of this free resource for readers like you!

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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