How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

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How to Eat Healthy on a BudgetHow to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Sometimes I watch people at the grocery store and I notice what they put in their carts. Many times I see a lot of cheap junk foods like ramen and I wonder if they buy those foods just because they like them or if it is simply because they are inexpensive..

It could be both.. but it could be because they simply don’t know that they can eat better than that.

I have 10 tips to show you How to Eat Healthy on a Budget:

1. Eat in season. This is fairly obvious with produce. Mid summer strawberries can be as low as $.99 a pound, but mid winter they are $5 a lb. I recommend buying them in the summer and freezing them. It not as good a fresh but they are great for smoothies. Also take notice of the Holiday sales- buy and stock up on BBQ meats around the Fourth of July or buy extra turkeys at Thanks giving.
2. Shop at outlet stores. I find at many grocery outlet style stores that many gluten free and organic items often make their way there. No nitrate lunch meat simply doesn’t have as long of an expiration date so if a store over orders these product often make it to the outlets. Check you local area for these type of stores. I love them.
3. Shop Farmers Markets. I have found great prices on organic produce at my local farmers market. Get to know your farmer. They may bring the best produce for you if they know you are coming and you can even haggle and maybe get something thrown in (and score.. this can double as a free family outing)
4. Use coupons. Check for online coupons from and from your Sunday paper. Clip the ones that you know you will buy.. it’s like extra money in your wallet.

5. Buy a cow. As around at the farmers market or look online (a tip is to check Craigslist- you need to be careful, but there could be some good options) for organic farmers that will let you buy a cow. This could be organic meat at a much lower cost than you will pay buying it at your local store. Plus you know it’s fresh.
6. Get to know a Hunter- know this is grass feed meat at it’s best. If you know someone who hunts ask them if they are willing to let you split the cost of butchering, maybe you pay extra.. since they did the work of catching it.
7. Grow your own veggies. Research easy to grown fruits or veggies and plant some. Even a herb garden can save you money if you use a lot.
8. Shop the clearance at the health food store. It’s generally in the back, but you can find ½ price breads, dairy and produce. (I love this tip.. I do it all the time)
9. Shop the Deli markdowns. Now not everything in the deli is healthy (and don’t be tempted by the jello and potato salad).. but you can snag ½ price rotisserie chicken if you are there at the right time.
10. Shop your local ethnic food stores. My town has a large Latino population so we have many Hispanic grocery stores and I have found some real steals on meats and produce. Asian markets are great, too.. plus it expands your food options, there are so many interesting foods to look at.

I hope this gives you some ideas for eating healthy on a budget. What are your best tips?

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


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