How to Be Frugal Without Being Cheap

How-to-be-frugal-without-being-cheapYou want to save some extra money, but you don’t want to be seen as cheap. Whether you are wanting to make sure you save money while still getting quality items or you simply don’t want to be rude when you’re out with friends, knowing how to be frugal but not cheap is important. It is important to save money, especially if you have something important coming up. Here are some ways you can be frugal with your money without being cheap.

Buy From Thrift Stores and Sales, Especially Off-Season

Do you really have to have the very latest fashions? If you look in your closet, chances are you will not see much variation in clothing style from year to year. Instead of spending full price on summer clothes and the beginning of summer, buy ahead for the next year when everything is on the clearance rack. Purchasing off-season clothing is a good way to get brand new quality clothes without spending a lot of money. If you shop thrift stores in your area, you can often find nice clothing for a fraction of the cost. This is especially the case with single-wear items like evening dresses. If you know you will need a cocktail dress for the Christmas party this year, start shopping the thrift stores early until you find a dress you want to buy and hold onto.

Ditch Cable TV

How much television do you really watch? We often spend a lot of time with our TV on, but we spend little of that time actually watching what is on it. You can save yourself a lot of money by getting rid of the cable TV and using high-speed internet at home. With more and more shows and premium channels opening themselves up to online subscriptions, you can still keep up with popular shows that you enjoy and get all your news.
Do you and your friends rotate homes to watch sports or the big TV shows? Volunteer to be the one to bring the main dish for dinner or the primary snack. A homemade lasagna, chili, or pasta salad is still less expensive than a monthly cable bill.

Meet Up at Home

If you are planning an outing with friends and want to avoid spending a lot of money eating out as part of the day, offer lunch to everyone at your house. This has two advantages. First, you avoid the restaurant expense and rush. Second, you have time for everyone to sit and plan the day. If the outing is a shopping excursion, take a few minutes while everyone eats to go over coupons or pull some from the internet. If you are visiting a theme park or similar outing, search for any last-minute coupons.

Clip Coupons

Coupon shopping is a good way to be frugal without being cheap. Keep your coupons organized in a folder and remember them when you go shopping. Also remember that groceries are not things you can use coupons for. A coupon for an oil change is a money saver. So are coupons for back-to-school items, clothes, and events. Save those coupons and offer savings for you and for any family or friends who go with you on an outing.

What are your favorite ways of being frugal… without being cheap?

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  1. Jessica says

    I love thrift store shopping but I love shopping on eBay even more! I have a closet full of designer shoes and clothing that I paid next to nothing for. People sell brand new designer items for dirt cheap sometimes. Also, I will watch items that I like, but are priced too high for my pocketbook. If they have been posted for a few weeks without selling, I will message the seller and make an offer that I feel more comfortable paying. You would be surprised how often they accept!! I absolutely love Anthropologie’s clothing lines, but their retail prices are off the charts! I have purchased many pieces of their clothes, some brand new, for 75% less on average. I’m proud of my thriftiness and often brag to friends that most of my outfits cost $10-$15 on average :) My latest score was a gorgeous white leather Coach purse. It was up for auction at a very low price due to some dirt smudges and pen marks on the leather itself, the lining was pristine. I figured it was a store return or display that was tossed around in a warehouse somewhere. I ended up paying $25 including shipping. I then purchased some auto leather seat cleaner and restorer. With some patience, persistence and elbow grease, I restored it to its original beautiful ivory color (with the exception of a small marker stain on the back, but it’s barely noticeable). For a total of $36 I have a brand new looking $300 purse! I also restore furniture that I purchase on Craigslist, thrift stores or garage sales. I love antiques, but a surprising amount of people don’t see the beauty hiding in an old piece of furniture that may not be in the best shape. With some wood putty, sand paper and paint, I can work miracles. I have unique furniture, that has all been painted to compliment each other. I always receive compliments on my outfits and furniture, they think I’ve spent a fortune. So many people think I have a ton of money, when in fact I’m going to college full time and a single mother with very little money. People are shocked when I tell them the real deal :) I have even had people offer to pay me to find and restore things for them lol. I love the feeling of getting amazing deals and turning something old, broken, or stained into something fresh and chic!! There is no better high for me, I love this site and The Penny Hoarder because they give me new ideas for ways to save even more money!

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