10 Ways to Save At Least 50% Each Grocery Shopping Trip

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10 Tips to Save 40%+ at the Grocery StoreWant to save at least 50% on your grocery bill?  Follow these tips:

1. Prepare!! Know what’s on sale AND know what ingredients you will need for your meal preparation that week. Hopefully there will be a lot of overlap between those two categories.

2. Make a list. Tedious, yes, but you won’t remember everything you need, and then you won’t have what you need for your meal prep, and you’ll end up at the local takeout! Grab our Smart Shopping List Here.

3. If it’s on sale, don’t be afraid to stock up. The groceries I bring home often look really “lopsided” – I may have 6 jars of peanut butter one week, then 8 boxes of granola bars the next. By shopping this way, we are always using items bought at the lowest price.

4. If you have a coupon for an item, buy the smallest size you can. This usually results in the best per unit price. Of course, if a larger size is on sale and the smaller size isn’t, the larger size may well be the better deal.

5. Shop at a store that doubles coupons, nuf said!

6. Subscribe to your Sunday paper, twice! I actually get the Sunday Union Tribune and the Sunday Los Angeles Times. Twice the reading, twice the coupons. The coupons by far cover the cost of the subscriptions. (Buy your local paper here)

7. Get coupons online, from magazines, from the store circulars, from product labels, and anywhere else you might find them!  Make sure to visit the Frugal Living Mom Coupon Database.

8. Don’t be brand loyal. Buy the brand on sale that week, unless you are really attached to a certain item.

9. Try new products. When new grocery items are introduced, you can often get them for almost free for several weeks as the stores put them on sale and the manufacturer issues lots of coupons to get people to try the new item. I’ve been getting free Tava soda from Vons for about 4-5 months now!

10. Use your freezer! If meats, bread, tortillas, cheese, or other “semi-perishables” are on sale, stuff your freezer. For the next several weeks, you’ll be using these items at their lowest price.

It’s FUN to watch the checker run the coupons and then tell you how much you saved. The better ones will get excited for you if you do really well.

This is a guest post by Lisa Leete

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This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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