How I Save 50% on Fresh Produce

50-percent-on-produceSpring and summer are GREAT times of the year to get amazing deals on fresh produce.  I always stock up when I see that strawberries are only $.99 a lb! YUM.

Fresh and yummy fruits and veggies not only taste great but keep your body healthy, so eating as much as you can is super important.  That said, it can be easy to break the bank on fresh produce.

But you are in luck, because I have several tips that can help you save a lot:

Buy in season: Don’t buy strawberries when they are $5 a lb in the winter.  Out of season produce doesn’t even taste that great.  Pick the “in season” items (you’ll know them, they are the cheaper ones!)

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Buy whats on sale: If apples are 3 pounds for $1 and pears are $2 a pound, stock up on apples.  Much of the more firm fruits and veggies keep for a long time in the fridge you buy what you will eat over a couple weeks.

Substitute, Substitute, Substitute: Most recipes are not set in stone when it comes to produce substitutions.  A recipe that calls for fresh apples could sub in pears and you can use green beans in a stir fry that asks for broccoli.  Just experiment, it will save you a lot.

Freeze your extras:  If you come across a great sale buy more that you need and freeze the rest.  Not EVERYTHING freezes well but a lot does. Check out this article on what freezes well.

Grow your own:  Start a garden and try your hand at growing some easy produce.  Tomatoes, zucchini and green beans all grow well.

Use what you buy: Common sense, right?  If you end up through 50% of your produce purchase away… it cost you double!

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Check the produce clearance: Not all stores have this, but sometimes you can find reduced produce in the back.  If you don’t see it, ask the manager.

Do you have any great tips on saving money on your produce budget? Please share them below.

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