How I Save 50% on Cereal

How-I-Save-50-on-CerealDoes your family like cereal but it’s busting your budget?

Well, think about it. Cereal is actually a pretty inexpensive breakfast, but if you have a large family or teens, it still can add up. I have a few tricks that helps me save 50% or more on cereal purchases.

Check them out.

  • Coupons, Coupons, Coupons- This really is the best way to save the most on cereal.  Often cereal will come on sale for prices like 2 for $5 or 3 for $6.  So when you pair a coupon with it you can stock up on boxes for $2 or less a piece.  Make sure to check out our coupon database to search for current Cereal Coupons.
  • Stock up when on Sale- Make sure to check the sale ads for a couple of local stores for their cereal sales.  Even if you don’t have coupons you can probably stock up for a 50% savings.
  • Make your own- Pantry items like oats, cinnamon and dried fruits are easily combined into homemade granola.  The cost is very low but feels a bit gourmet.

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  • Pre-make Hot Cereal for the Week- Grains such as oatmeal (the cheapest), rice, cream of wheat and quinoa (truly a seed) are easy to make in large batches and can be ready for the week in the fridge.  Just mix in toppings like brown sugar, cinnamon, fruit and raisins and you have a great, inexpensive breakfast.
  • Check out the Serving Size- Serving sizes are often a lot smaller than we think they are. If you are finding that your kids are not eating their whole bowl of cereal (and it’s ending up down the sink) consider getting smaller cereal bowls or putting a scoop in your cereal box, the size of the serving.

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  • Don’t forget the Discount Stores- I know they are not everywhere but I LOVE Grocery Outlet for deals.  They often have cereal for around $2 a box as a normal price, no sales or coupons.  Check out the discount stores in your area for similar deals.

Are your family members cereal eaters?  If so, how do you save money?  And bonus question… How many boxes of cereal do you go through a week?

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