How I Keep My Girls in Cute Clothes- On a Budget

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HW1E7805bcAfter adopting our girls I realized that is pretty fun to buy cute clothes for girls and it can be tempting to come out of every store you go into with a bag full of stuff for your kids.

I also quickly realized that kids get really dirty and you can send them out the door looking great- but they will probably come back looking as if they have rolled in a pig pen (or a can of paint exploded on them). So spending a ton of money on clothes, no matter how cute they look in them, is not a good choice- at least in my household.

One of the things I do is check out the kids clothing bins at my local thrift store. Pretty much everything in there is .99 and I have found some nice Gymboree and Old Navy clothes that I have been pretty pleased with. But this method can be hit or miss. Sometimes the clothes are old and stained- not cute. But if you are up for it- you can sometimes resell your brand name clothes after your kids grow out of them on Ebay or a great site that my sister in law loves called (this site has a monthly fee but you can find some nice deals). But I find the thought of reselling (and photographing, listing and shipping) clothes makes me feel tired- lol.. Although I know many people, including my SIL, have great success with reselling.

Also see, Fun on a Budget: Little or No Money Can Equal a Ton of Family Fun.

Other times I just like to have new clothes for them. I have always loved the feel of new clothes and I think it is a nice treat to be able to have them sometimes.

So I found a fun way to get my cute, new clothes fix without breaking my bank and if the clothes get ruined the first day out I don’t have to care (too much). My secret is Amazon and ThredUp (for used and sometimes new).  If you keep your eyes open you can snag some REALLY great deals at these two places. With ThredUp make sure to sort by lowest price and buy out of season for the best deals.

My last secret is that I use Amazon Gift Cards from Swag Bucks to buy all these clothes. So in the end- I get free, new clothes. My girls love it- they are always (well, not always, I have only ordered them clothes twice in the 5 months they have been here) saying “the mailman brought me clothes!!”

PS- I also love to use my Swag Bucks gift cards to buy clothes for ME on Amazon.

Just my thing.. free clothes and no shopping stress!!


This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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