How I Fixed My $1000 Sagging Mattress for $9

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Sagging Mattress

Sagging Mattress

Update!! I am so excited about this!! I think I MIGHT have actually found TWO REAL long term answers for all you poor sleepers with a sagging mattress… because you are sleeping in a canoe of a mattress.

(and it’s not buying a whole new mattress)

You can still see my almost as awesome $9 fix below.

I came across a product called Mattress Helper.  It’s basically a long foam piece that you put under your mattress (kind of like my pillow idea.. but longer and more consistent in shape.  It has very good reviews on Amazon so you may want to check it out.  It is more expensive that that pillow fix (below), but you might find it is the right fix for you.

sagging mattress


Check out Mattress Helper on Amazon

The second is this
Glideaway GS-3 XS X-Support Steel Bedding Support System.

sagging mattress 2


Oh my goodness.  We ended up purchasing a new mattress and a few months later it was sagging more than I’d like.  So I started with the research again.

Our bed had wood slats and it makes sense that they would have more give than metal.  A lot of people reviewed the Glideaway GS-3 XS X-Support Steel Bedding Support System and said it helped the sagging problem.

Well… I bought this and it has helped a lot.  I highly recommend it.

I think the mixture of the either the Mattress Helper or my solution below paired with the Bedding Support System will help you.



Onto the $9 Solution!

how to fix a sagging mattress

So about 4 1/2 years ago we did a home addition and were able to get a king sized bed.  I was so excited!!  But not so excited when after only 3 years our mattress developed “cavernous” (felt that way) indentations where we slept.  It was horrible. You could even see the indentations when you made the bed, it would never look smooth and pretty- just lumpy.

Call about your warranty, you say? ..yeah we did that and found out the the indentations have to be almost 2 inches deep (with no one laying on the bed).  Um.. do you know how deep that is?  Needless to say the manufacturer did not care about our pain or horrible night’s sleep or our sagging mattress.

But my mom did care so she bought us a new mattress. We awkwardly tested the mattresses in the store (it’s weird trying to decide if a mattress is comfortable in a store where everyone is looking at you), told the salesperson about our problems and were assured that a new mattress would be fantastic. So my mom bought us one that was on sale for around $1000 and a few weeks later it was delivered.

I felt good.. so nice to not be sleeping in a hole…fast forward a few weeks, yes.. around a month:

Honey.. does it feel like we are sleeping in holes again..
Um, yea.. you noticed it, too?

That didn’t take long. So we call the store.. they referred us to the manufacturer.

Bed Lady: Thanks for holding, how can I help you?
Me: I tell her my story..
Bed Lady: Oh, I am sorry, ma’am.. but that is normal.. all beds “contour” to your body.
Me: So the holes would have to be almost 2 inched deep?..
Bed lady: Yes, ma’am
Me: sigh..

So we had the bed for only around a month and it was as bad as the prior bed that took 3 years to get “holes”.. $1000 wasted- why not have kept the old sagging mattress?

So we have been sleeping on terrible sagging mattress #2 for a year while thinking about buying a new one. But what if same thing happens again and we will waste another $1000 to get a mattress that doesn’t sag?

So I started researching a fix on “how to fix a sagging pillow top mattress“. There was not much, I mostly just found other people in the same boat as us, getting terrible nights sleep in lumpy beds (that they paid a lot of money for) with manufacturers not caring and not doing anything about it because of their iron clad “warranties”.

The only thing I found where these “balloons” that you can blow up under your sagging mattress to “pump up” the area that is sagging. But I read the reviews and although they were decent I think the ones that were not as good had some pretty valid points such as getting holes in them and losing air. This makes sense when you have a king sized mattress laying on top of a balloon all day and then add two people at night. So that is a no-go.

But it got me thinking, how to fix a sagging mattress?.. what else could go under the the mattress to boost up the sag? What about flat pillows? So I gave it a shot.. and you know what? It worked!! The flattest pillows in the house where the girls so we just bought them new ones (which they were very happy about) that cost $4.50 each (hence the $9 price tag on the fix).

Over the 2 weeks the pillows have been there I have had to work with them a bit, lifting up the mattress and shifting them slightly a few times for the best “fit”. But I think that I’ve got it now and it is way better then it was.

I can’t yet say it’s perfect, but I will take a significant improvement any day. And, obviously, from experience we are not guaranteed a perfect bed even if we go out and buy a new mattress, so for now, this works.

Have you slept on a sagging mattress? Did you just buy a new one or did you find a fix that worked for you?


I recently had someone comment below about natural rubber (nr) latex mattresses and how the are SO much better than the cheapo materials that most mattress companies use. So I did some digging and sure enough that is what I came up with, too!! The consensus is that nr latex mattresses wear much better and sag less than regular mattresses.

So do your own research on it, I found one place on line that sells them, Their prices are actually quite reasonable and they offer free shipping. (you can also get them on Amazon for the same prices)

Again.. no guarantees.. but maybe a nr latex mattress is your answer. It might be mine!

Sagging Mattress

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


  1. Justine DeBolt says

    We purchased an expensive pillow top mattress that felt like it was caving in the center. To say it was uber uncomfortable would be an understatement. We tried many things that did not work including a door, egg crate mattresses, down thingey, nothing worked. We even gave it away and my brother-in-law gave it back. :( We were just about to burn it when we decided to try one last thing: we flipped the mattress over. (this pillow-top is not made to flip, only rotate) OMG, it’s like a brand new (firmer) bed. We sleep soooo much better now. yay!

    • frugal jen says


      So glad that worked for you- we tried that, too, to no avail- it just sunk right in!!


    • Ed says

      I found a good free material to put under the sags between the mattress and the box. Free, that is if you have carpet scraps available. I used some about 15″ wide and 60″ long. They can be used single ply or layered to get more rise. So that gives adjustibility.

    • Joyce says

      thank you so much like everyone on here we have the same problem. But thanks to the pillows in the bed it feels so much better.We paid over $3,000 for ours and the sag and health problems are bad, it is all in the name of greed of the manufacturers, the more bad beds they make the more people have to buy. It sadly is a very dishonest and greedy world we now live in.

    • denise says

      We had the same problem with our pillowtop mattress. I too flipped ours over and made it instantly firmer. Although there were a few springs that were in sensitive areas lol. I purchased a 2 inch $65 gel infused foam topper and it has been just right. Saved a lot of money and if I have to replace the topper every few years it will be worth it. I might add that I flip the gel topper every time I change the sheets to prevent making sagging places!!!

    • Jackson says

      We have 2 beds made by a very reputable company that are both “back support” models. Our double sided pillow top mattress is 15 years old, and my wife and I shared that bed for nearly a decade…not an inch of sag to this day. When we went up to a Queen size in the same model, double sided pillow tops had been temporarily discontinued to make way for the “new and improved” never flip, single sided pillow top mattresses. Long story short, the sinking only took a few years to start. When I asked my best friend about this (a home furnishings store manager who uses the same brand), he said they had so many complaints that the company now offers double sided pillow tops again. I just tried the pillow thing though, and got almost instant relief. (I broke my back 5 years ago.) Thank you so much for the tip! I’ll never buy a bed that can’t be flipped again. I hope this helps someone.

      • Mary says

        I just tried the pillow option for our memory foam bed that lasted about 10 years before showing indentations. I used natural latex pillows which have similar support to beds. Sam’s offered a good price with free shipping. This worked just fine. Natural latex pillows are a little bit more than the $9, but seem to give the needed support.

    • Debbie says

      I bought two mattresses in the last year and they both sagged where I slept and where my husband slept…and we are not heavy people. Tried flipping the mattress but after just a couple days it started to sag in the same areas. My original mattress didn’t sag at all, just old and I wish I had it back.

  2. says

    Holy holey mattress. That’s us! We paid $800 for a queen of some sort 4 years ago. Fluffy on top, no flipping. Within a year it started sagging. We hate it but haven’t shelled out the money to replace it yet. We’re thinking memory foam next go around. I don’t think that mattresses 20 years ago did this? Is it a scam? Do they work with back doctors to drum up more business? We can’t even rotate it as we’re both really tall and use the entire length – it’s as if 2 canoes sank into it.

    The other thought that I had was to make our own mattress. I haven’t gotten much further than the thinking stage but… Rope beds were common 150 years ago – maybe they would be worth another look. Maybe that and some nice foam and it would be better than what we have now? Or, maybe we’ll go back to a futon mattress and top it with a memory foam topper. I don’t know…

    Really, I think that the mattress companies are doing this on purpose…

      • Christie says

        thank you, I tried the 2 pillows longways underneath centered from the top to the bottom. This worked very well and it raised the sagging part of the bed up to the normal height again. A free fix instead of paying $800 for another mattress. Well done frugal Jen!

    • cody s says

      for real my last mattress didn’t sink till i had it for over 10 years and it was cheaper this is bull!!! our community just doesn’t care about quality anymore

      • Sharon says

        We have a latex mattress, that we paid $900+ for and we have craters and cannot sleep. We have had it about 2 years. We are not heavy people but it doesn’t matter your body creates the mold and your heaviest spots are the deepest craters.
        I like your idea, we did a similar thing with towels but pillows might work better.
        Thank you we are going to do a fix and not get a katex mattress again.
        P.S. We have thought about making our own mattress, there is a place in Salt Lake that does that and maybe they are more reputable than the mattress manufacturers. I hope.

      • SkipDog says

        Try flipping the memory foam mattress & put a gel/memory foam topper on it. Worked like a charm for our MF mattress. Plus buying box spring for it, replacing a metal base. They say not to flip a MF mattress, but if it is sagging, it will not get better!

    • says

      Don’t do it! Memory Foam does the same as the other mattresses but at an a faster rate. We got one and I regret it. I should have listened to my husband and got a Sleep Number bed.

      • Vee says

        I have both a Tempurpedic, and a Sleep Number M7. My SN is less than 3.5 years old, and it’s killing me. My head is lower than my feet, it sags horribly… the M7 was 5800.00 and the TP was 5K. DONT get sleep number thinking the ability to air it up will help, the air bladders stretch and so they also get a sag.
        I have just come to the conclusion that I need to buy a 1000 bed and replace it every year or 2. It’s cheaper than buying the six thousand dollar ones and replacing in 3.

        • BruceS says

          I have to back up Vee on this (hope you haven’t gone Sleep Number in the meantime). I got to this page looking for a solution to our badly sagging SN. I can’t tell you how long it took, but it started sagging in the middle where we tend to sleep the most. I switched the air chambers (there are two in our queen, one on my side, one on my wife’s) so the “low” spots would be at the edges, and that worked for a while, then it started sagging in the middle again. I then flipped the chambers upside down, so the stretched parts would be on the bottom, and that worked for a while, but now it’s sagging again. It looks like it will be pretty expensive to replace them, and that will just put the problem off for a while again. Sleep Number beds sag badly, though as noted other bed designs do too.

        • Donna Radovich says

          We also have a sleep number bed that have a caved in area on my husbands side and was less than a year when this showed up. so dissapointed ready to get rid of it.Don’t think we can buld up the caved in area because it doesn’t have a box to set anything on.

    • Saundra says

      Our expensive Tempera Pedic king has 2 troughs were we sleep….do not buy a memory foam! Will try the pillow or afghan trip in the troughs to see if it works. We put a 2″ topper on the mattress and it just sunk into the troughs too. Good luck, I’m still trying to fix this super expensive ^)$*_%& bed!

  3. Teresa says

    Every king we’ve had did this. I sacrificed my big, fluffy beach sized bath towels to pad under the mattress like you did the pillows. Lasted for a while, but they flatten out, too. I do believe it is on purpose. Now the couch feels great!

  4. says

    Oh my goodness we have been there 3 times and back. We always ended up paying thousands on new mattresses and knew this was not right. Only when we have Cal King beds. They told us it’s because we sleep close to the sides, I love me some space! One of our mattresses had a huge ridge in the middle my kids literally rolled off of! Argh.

    We have a mattress that is a LITTLE better but we just live with it. So glad your pillow idea worked for you!

  5. barbara says

    that is why I will ONLY get a mattress at Costco. We got a king and after less than a year I noticed the little rut. They replaced it no problem. They did a return (they picked it up) and a new purchase. It is a Sealy Posturepedic. Costco is the only place to buy a mattress with a REAL guarantee. When we were shopping around prior to our purchase to try the various types I noticed that neither Penney’s nor Macy’s had a brochure with specs you could take with you (so that you cannot comparison shop) and when I read the guarantee I realized it was not a guarantee at all!

  6. J says

    mattresses indeed. After years of bad ones, we finally got one that was ‘just right.’ The bed was an antique from the days when a ‘full’ was a big bed. Not an easy size to get a mattress for and always made the salespeople gag. THEN we moved to a new home with a bedroom large enough for a ‘king.’ Treated ourselves to a Sealy Posturepedic pillow-top. And of course, a few years later, we have that lumpy mattress syndrome. Our antique bed w/comfy mattress is in the guestroom. (lucky guests)

  7. Dwayne says

    We bought a stearns and foster set at Sit and Sleep $2400 out the door. My wife complained right away. I thought we should wait and test it out. Well you get busy and now 24 months has gone by. we have a giant dip where we lay. they have sent a guy out twice to measure. But with no one laying on it it only has a 1″ sag. Sorry need more than that! Every year we will call them out till the 10 year do nothing warranty expires.

  8. Marilyn says

    What is going on with mattresses these days, I bought a Serta Perfect Sleeper, top of the line, and in 1 month we felt like we were sleeping in hammocks. Called store for warranty and they had someone come out and measure. He said sorry it’s only 11/4 in. and it has to be 11/2 in. deep, so had them come out again 2 months later and now it is 11/2in and can be replaced. Now you go to the furniture store and try and get a replacement, they don’t carry the exact model and everything comparible they want another $300 to $500 more, what happen to customer service, and they really don’t budge at all to help you out, I think it’s a way to keep you coming in and spending more money each time. What’s my choices sleep with a sagging bed or pay out and try again?

    • mo says

      put cement blocks in the hammock and then call them, it will measure over 2″ Leave them on during the daytime and the day before they come out. It works!

  9. K says

    I’m with you! My full size pillow top lasted 1 year, until the concave got so bad I had to call in my warranty on it. I got a new mattress 1 WEEK ago (full size, pillow top) and it already has an indentation! I rotated it today, and I think I’m just going to have to deal with it. I refuse to spend another minute in a lousy mattress store while they hack you with fees and erroneous charges for replacing something that shouldn’t need replacing in the first place! Very frustrating.

  10. jeff says

    I’ve been sleeping in a sagging mattress for over a year now and was really sick of being in pain, so as I lay here in my bed, I though to myself, “I wonder what the internet says about this?’.

    I stumbled across this page and after looking at the 5 pillows I have on TOP of bed bed, I can now say I am in heaven! Of course I am out 2 pillows, but I really don’t care! Thanks for the information. I will now ‘rest easy’.

    • Rita says

      Been sleeping in a trench for a couple of years. Bad hips and back and could barely dig myself out of the hole to turn over so I bought a Tuft and Needle. Slept on it one night and felt like I was laying in a vat of mush. Read about the pillow solution and tried it this morning with my OLD mattress. Feels wonderful and I’m very happy to have been able to save all that money I spent on the new one. Thanks!

      • helen says

        Maybe try the mattress topper like a twin or heavy old blankets or sleeping bags under that sink area- decent plywood under that. On the older sag area have used thin pillow or blankets in that area and done a topper over it but you can sometimes flip your mattress over too. Put a little topper over that- sometimes can make your mattress feel brand new.

  11. Jacqui says

    All mattress seem to sag in the middle. Sales person at the store said that is normal, it’s called nesting. I have terrible pain on both sides of my hips every morning. My chiropractor said my pelvis was out of alignment. After his adjustment I felt great. Then as soon as I slept on the saggy mattress the pain came back the next morning. For the last two nights I have put a large flat king size pillow under my pelvic area. What do you know!! The next morning I woke up with no hip pain. That proves that the mattress is the problem. Why can’t they make comfortable beds that do not sag anymore. It seems to be a problem for the majority of people. Consumers should have to buy extra products such as mattress toppers on a brand new mattress. What is going on??

    • vickie says

      My mattress is only one month old and it is sagging. I have hip pain too and at first it was so wonderful to sleep because I was getting full support. Now it is sagging and I am not sleeping well again.

  12. MG Lopez says

    Wow, I had no idea this issue was so prevalent! Our Serta w/pillow top has been sagging for some time and we ran into the same issues with the warranty reported here. This is seriously impacting my wife’s sciatica. I will try some of the suggestions reported here and hopefully have a good nights sleep soon. Thanks for the wealth of information provided ob this site.

  13. JDJ says

    I am so happy to have heard all of the similar horror stories about sagging mattress after only several months. Ours is a queen with a pillow top and it has the middle indentation. Our backs are killing us and we have gotten the runaround at the store re the 1 inch rule without anyone on it. I will try the pillow fix and hope for the best Thank you!

    • Michael says

      No wonder there are so many mattress stores everywhere….these people are scamming the hell out of us and everyone is looking out the window!

      • Shellie says

        I agree, “no wonder there are so many mattress stores” just like new car lots, how many brand new cars are actually sold each day to keep so many in business? The answers, sadly, things just are not made as well or last as long as they used to!
        My mom got a brand new GE can opener in 1967 when she got married. 40+ years later she still has it and it still works like brand new. It is stored in a cabinet instead of on her counter top because it looks old and ugly now. She will swear that in 40 years she threw that many away because they quit working or something “broke”. One reason being plastic parts instead of metal and don`t even get me started on my trusty 60+ year old made Singer sewing machine. I will also swear I’ve thrown that many away because they quit working or something “broke”. Simply said, sometimes older is better, used is better than new.

  14. col says

    wow my bed is a real pain in the ass i thought i was the only one that had been ripped off.never buying a pllow top again 1 year old and cauces bad aches .sags so much have even tried to turn it over but does not last long ..hope the pillow thing works…

  15. Dan says

    I have gone through several different mattress’s over the course of 6 months and let me tell you , this was by far a very unpleasant and frustrating experience. All of my mattress’s purchased have been a disappointment and sagged. I have noticed that overly advertised and mass produced mattress’s such as Seally or Simmons (both of which I had purchased)are constructed poorly. Shopping for mattress’s during this time was extremely stressful and inconvenient for me being that I kept searching and ended up with a disappointment every time and best part is NO RETURNS, MONEY CONSTANTLY BEING WASTED . Mattress shopping shouldn’t be this stressful and I have come to the conclusion that a mattress is the most essential part of furniture in your home. I wasn’t going to purchase any low end mattresses any more and decided to save up and get one of the best high end luxury hand made mattress that money can get.


    • April says

      Dan, so happy that you were able to find something that worked for you.. could you please share what Brand it was? I am not against paying more for a well made product.

    • eleanor sewell says

      the best is not the best anymore.they are all the same.your problem is not solved and the matress people will make sure of it. they want more money.

  16. sharlene says

    so sorry to hear that we are not the only people with canoe rental space! we had ditched our first set after 18 years, wish i had it back! bought the new”top of the line” mattress which would hold two canoes in a very short span of time. we did call because of the “inferred” warranty and the finally sent out a rep. , only to have them say that there was a stain on the box spring and that the warranty was void, even after we told them that their delivery people are the ones who put it there! we did like everyone else has done , purchased a new mattress and not long after were right back in the same “boat”. i have done the pillow thing and it does work, what a shame though that we can no longer rely upon companies to stand behind their products and produce a quality product. i would happily pay a fair price for something i believed would last and be of good quality. or do we not do that anymore , build a great product? cutting corners and making a buck and ripping off the consumer seem to be the norm.sad!

  17. Kris says

    You all are hilarious!! I have never laughed at our predicament until now! Thank you for the entertaining stories, but I too am sorry we are all experiencing the same horrible thing with mattresses. My hubby and I also have indentions on either side of our king pillowtop mattress, which appeared within a year after purchasing even though it is years old now. We rotated ourselves (yes, we slept side ways in the bed) to see if it would help and it did. After a while the mattress leveled out. Of course, this isn’t an ideal situation and we have since returned to the normal sleep position only to see the sides dipping again…go figure. We knew something had to give when we were lounging in bed one weekend and our baby girl rolled into me as she turned during her nap! Yep, it’s like Mt. Fuji in the center. And bedding is a whole other story. Pretty bedding draped over a tent-like frame simply looks like a pretty tent. We have tons of unused pillows, so I’ll try that route first. If that dosen’t work I’ll try flipping our mattress and adding a thin foam topper for comfort. Again, thanks for the tips and best of luck to all of you!

    • Shellie says

      Kris, love, love, love your comment, my mattress is also Mt. Fuji! It is Dec 26, 2017 right now and I am Looking for free or cheap fixes for now, will try the pillow thing tomorrow it seems to be the best temporary fix I have found on the websites I have researched and this is about my fifth so far. However, when I do buy a new one I think your suggestion is best. Buy the firmest damn thing you can find!

  18. Mattresses are generally horrible says

    Same, same same here….How in Gods name are mattress companies getting away with selling these $1000+ craters disguised as mattresses!?! One thing I’ve learned….pillow tops, doesn’t matter what king or how thick or firm are EVIL..they WILL sag towards the middle. Mine is almost comically bad and it’s a $1300 Serta. Lesson, even if you don’t think you like a FIRM mattress, get one anyway, get the firmest damn thing they have , short of a board. In fact, don’t buy it UNLESS it feels like a board, because after 8 hrs a night, 7 days a week , 365 days a years of laying on the thing, it will become soft and comfortable over time, which is so much better than gripping the edge of the bed to pull yourself out of your current sagging crater/mattress.

    • Michelle says

      I have always sleep on a firm mattress and just recently bought a ultimate firm mattress from one of the decent brand. Now it’s 8 months later i wake up every morning with constant pain in my upper back and middle back. Went back to the store to complain and yes, they sent someone to inspect and of course they blamed on my bed frame which also brand new as the mattress. So far I bought a back stretcher at the fair and stretch my back every morning or else I would look like a cripple every morning. I too think the mattress industry does this on purpose so we consumers go back and buy more mattress frequently instead of every 10 years. in that case, they should have changed the 10 years warranty to 1 year.

    • mssr from Texas says

      We bought the firmest pillowtop that was available because it felt good IN THE STORE. It started sagging within the first three months. I’ve tried adding blankets under the mattress pad, inserting pillows between mattress and box springs, and sleeping on a soft comforter. Nothing has worked. During the night, I will wake with something hurting and/or feeling a lack of circulation in a limb or two, further waking to aching muscles and ‘sagging’ moods.
      I am currently looking for yet another alternative to buying and trying a new mattress. Tried the yellow pages and could not find anyone listed under ‘Mattress Whisperer.’ It may be that one of us will have to become one.

      btw – I think all mattresses (in Texas, at least) are made by the same people, using the same materials, constructed in the same warehouse and delivered by the same truck. It is a racket, for sure.
      Bring back the good ol’ days when quality was common!

  19. Baby boomer says

    Whew !! What an idea. I could not afford new mattresses for 2 bedrooms and this idea using pillows was remarkable for both appearance and comfort. Thank You…….

  20. What a pain [in the hip]! says

    I just stumbled across this website and while I’m glad my hubby and I are not alone, I’m really annoyed that mattress companies are basically running a scam!! He’s been having hip pain and recently got an x ray and now we are convinced it’s the mattress. The pain is on the side he sleeps most on and his side of the mattress could hold a canoe. Mine is not as bad but there definitely is a noticeable peak in between us.

    I would appreciate more suggestions on how to buy a better mattress in the first place from anyone who has had success recently. Dan, what brand did you buy and where did you buy it? We want to be able to stick with a king, has anyone had better success with California kings over regular kings?

  21. Mattress Misery says

    Does anyone know how to cut open the top of a no-turn mattress and then restitch it? If so, I would be willing to try a self repair by redistributing or adding material where the sags are in our mattress. Has anyone tried this?

  22. Bri says

    BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!! I just tried it and I can already feel the diffeence in my body. You can always tell when your body is in its’ correct posture. THANK YOU!

  23. Valeria Commons says

    How true. It is such a misery to sleep on a lousy mattress (particularly when you are getting into 40 something years. It destroys an entire nights sleep and the pressure points are AGONY. I also agree that a bunch (and I do not mean this to exaggerate) of companies or shops (even Ikea, Target, Sears Outlet, The Bedding Experts, Mattresses USA and 5 many…including Walmart and Overstock…more) YES we have been to every one on the websites and in comparison , the mattress business is as BAD as the auto business. NO mattress should ever cost anyone more than 200.00. Your bed is your most central need next to your toilet and your air conditioning. If you cannot sleep, you cannot think, if you cannot think, you become crabby and your entire life is down the toilet and your whole quality of life is truly shot. Moreover, Mattresses (when any retailer offers this “pick up your old mattress green song”) is absolutely bogus. I say, just as in the auto industry, if you are going to give any retailer anything of yours for free (even if it is on its last leg) they ought to knock off 20-30 for this. I am with so many of you on this topic and I would also keep searching for mattresses that are in a reasonable price range because it makes no sense to pay for over 300.00 for a mattress. Take the time and compare prices before you purchase a mattress and please do not let these dealers (in the mattress stores) press you into buying ANYTHING. They are desperate and they do not care what your budget is. I have found some fantastic deals on Craigslist for mattresses and box springs (just be careful on Craigslist and use sense. Make sure that you ask a lot of questions (because an honest person will not have an attitude when you ask questions that they should know the answer to). Ask them everything that you need to ask as NO “silly” question is ever a “silly” question. Negotiate with anyone you are dealing with. Used mattresses aren’t always filled with “bedbugs” as you can fumigate an attractive used mattress yourself if you are uncomfortable with the idea of purchasing a used mattress from another which is in excellent condition and which was only used for maybe a couple of years. I have found that articles like this is what will help you from shoveling so much of your hard earned money for a windbag who does not care how much you spend. Not everything that is “the best” is not worth what they are TELLING you to spend. Be vigilant and read articles like this. There is always another way for you to save your money in economic anorexic times like these. Remember, retailers will use any means necessary to part you and your money into their hands.

  24. Valeria Commons says

    Right now, Sears is having a very reasonable sale on mattresses this month of July, 2012. Go to their website and locate one in your area. There are the regular Sears store that will deliver and there is the Sears Outles that will not deliver and that will only allow you to to pick the mattress up for yourself only. If you are willing to pick up the mattress for yourself and pay for a more reasonable mattress set, the Sears Outlet is the best place right now and for the future. The Sears outlet has everything at a lower price and it is just like new and they have a lot of refurbished and recycled mattresses which have been treated and fumigated and restored into a higher quality. Some mattresses at the Sears Outlet are from their overstock over flow which they could no longer sale at that price and the prices from the Outlet (Sears) are ridiculously slashed from its original price. This outlet is a God send for anyone who is in shape or who is not marred physically (as I am) to pick up mattresses (or most anything that you need). Please check out online the Sears Outlet for better deals (they do not deliver) but you can rent a Home Depot truck for such pick ups and summons your friends, neighbors or kids to help you pick it up yourself from your local outlet. But please go to the Sears Outlet for mattresses on sale. They DO have the Sealy, Serta and most top of the line brands for a much better price. If you are using your credit card, make sure if you are on a program with earning reward dollars back for the items that you purchase, be sure to double check if Sears is part of your credit card’s reward program (Bank of America Credit Cards and Discover have this program where you can earn nearly on the dollar-as dollar for for dollar or 64 cents for every dollar you spend). Also look for promotionals and print out coupons if they will allow you to apply a coupon towards your mattress or any other item. I hope that this helps some of you. I am counting down the days when my mattress (purchased at 149.00—Queen Sized from Sealy) will arrive here. Right now we have 3 days until our new mattress from the regular Sears store will arrive and I cannot wait until we get this mattress and begin to sleep decently again. Also, I ordered a bed frame for 49.00 or so (maybe slightly higher 10-12 dollars) with my mattress. I will order the box spring next month because this is already stretching my budget. The shipping is 69.00 and the taxes got me at over 13.00. But for those who cannot physically pick up their mattresses or boxsprings, Sear will deliver from their regular online retail store. The Sears Outlet will not deliver, but check it out because the prices are very good for the able bodied folks.
    And that’s my 9 cents on that topic. Thank ALL of you for your helpful comments and thank you for this article. Very, very helpful!!!

    • Lavender rose says

      I too went to a Sears store paid over $1000.00 for a Sealy pillow top Midnight series .. Less then one year it was hollowed on both sidrs..I called..they sent me to 3 people & finally the last person didn’t even answer..just picked up & hung up.. #$^^%%$$## on Sears.. They have been going out of business for years & should already be gone..I will NEVER buy from them EVER again… Add to this my hubby suffers from Alzheimer’s & I am trying to make ends meet & care for him so I just don’t need this stress from Sear’s. The ‘has been’ Company.

  25. Lisa says

    This is one of the first hits for fix lumpy pillow top.

    Thanks for the idea! I’ll have to go buy some cheap pillows & try it. Our mattress is 7 years old now & despite turning it several times, is really bad. I’ve been trying to sleep on the raised parts near the edge & in the middle, but am waking up stiff and sore from half rolling into the dip in my sleep.

    Interesting to read at least one person has slept on their King the wrong direction. I’ve considered doing that but my husband wiuldn’t fit. I was going to see if we had a warranty, but it sounds like they won’t do anything. I was a little reluctant anyway, since they actually delivered a more expensive mattress than we bought & just left it with us.

    • Mary Immel says

      We also turned our king sized pillow mattress but did not turn ourselves. Not quite square on the bed, but no one sees our bed but us anyways…just put a body pillow under ours now…looks better will try it out tonight…

  26. Mattress Misery says

    Sorry, one more time. Has anyone cut open their mattress and done a repair by fluffing up the fill material or adding addition fill to make the mattress more comfortable? If so, how did you restitch the mattress and where and how did you cut it open?

    • mssr from Texas says

      Believe it or not, I have thought about doing this very thing (all the while feeling angry for even needing to consider it for a mattress that is less than a year old). Personally, I don’t think I’d care what my handy work would look like, as long as I could get a comfortable night’s sleep, afterward. Knowing what to stick inside the opening is the problem. I’ve been thinking about purchasing some foam (which I hate the thought of using) from a fabric store and sleeping on it in different positions, later to insert into a self-made opening. I’ve also thought about velcroing the opening so an adjustment can be made to whatever product I choose to use, periodically or as needed. There just HAS TO BE a solution.
      I’m grateful for the roof over my head, food in the fridge, a car to drive and a family to love me —- but, I’ll be darned if I don’t still want a comfortable and healthy mattress to sleep on.

    • Shellie says

      It is Dec 26, 2017, I’ve seen your post twice now, if none ever figures this out please let everyone know, I’ll even help stich it back up!

  27. Teri says

    I am looking for pillows right now to put under my mattress….I can’t believe how many of us have this problem no matter what price range or age of the mattress…. Also some of the most enTertaing reading I have had the pleasure of laughing to. Good luck . Will let you know how the pillows worked.

  28. Cindi says

    Sorry MattressMisery, I don’t have a proven answer, but I’m in the same boat and thought about calling some local upholstery shops to see if what you are asking is possible.

  29. Barb says

    I, also, have a sagging in the middle pillow top mattress. I put the blankets, folded into a triangle, under the mattress. It took the sag away. Now, I will sleep in it tonight and see if this worked.

  30. says

    I have a foam topper, amnd a eg crate on my bed.. I wake every morning with hip pan, I can hardly walk.. Is the egg crate supposed to be on top as a crate or smooth side up>?? is the memory foam supposed to be under the egg crate?

  31. says

    To answer MattressMisery – there is a needle you can buy any place you buy your sewing notions. The needle is a loop and is sharp as heck…it’s an upholstery needle – I’ve used to fix couch seam or pillows…never a mattress. Well, I bought my mattress 2 1/2 years ago – it was heaven. I woke up every day and said “I love this bed” – well, it isn’t a love story any longer. My mattress is memory foam/latex – I hate that everyone else is suffering but misery loves company. I’ll try the pillow tonight.

  32. Miss J says

    Thank God for this site. I think I win the most spent on a POS mattress that is sinking in the middle. I bought my Kingsdown mattress (Sleepy’s top of the line brand) in May of 2007. I spent $3500 on a queen mattress and box spring. I wish I was kidding on the price. For the past year or so it has been sinking in the middle to the point anytime me and my boyfriend re sleeping on the bed, we both start rolling into the center and end up almost on top of each other. (Okay, this isn’t always a bad thing, but it is when it’s 3am and you’re trying to sleep!) Granted the bed has a lifetime warranty, but they won’t replace it because it has to be sinking 1 1/2 inches and also I have a small tear on the underside of the mattress from moving. Any stains or damage automatically void the warranty.

    I was just talking to him last night about possibly just biting the bullet and buying a new mattress. But it looks like from the stories here I would just be wasting my money to end up in the same boat all over again.

    I’m going to try the pillow trick tonight. If that doesn’t work, I may be tempted to get a 10″ futon mattress and throw a memory foam topper on it or something. I was also curious about the sleep number beds and memory foam and wondered if they also suffer the same sinking fate as the pillow top mattreses?

  33. Anna says

    I’m sooooo happy to have found this site. About two months ago, I began experiencing acute pain in my right hip and the entire right leg upon getting out of bed. The pain would become less severe as the day wore on and I just assumed that it was part of the aging process. It has taken me several weeks of observation to realize that it was not my age or body conditioning but my mattress that is the problem. It is a seven year old Serta Pillow Top set with a 10 year warranty. And yes it is sagging in the middle. Last night I removed not only the top mattress but the matching box spring. The main middle (vertical) slat had come a loose at the bottom and many of the horizontal slats had come a loose from this middle frame. They were just stapled not nailed together. I took a hammer and nailed the loose planks back together. The sag is gone and the bed is feeling much better. I am not in a position where I can purchase another bed set right now, but when I do it will not be a pillow top. There is less to a pillow top than the tradition mattress design and you can’t flip it when it starts to get indentations from laying on one side too often. Another thing I’ve learned is that with the right type of support, I won’t have to purchase a box spring.

    Agree with many who state that mattress companies are starting to make them to be replaced more often. There is a commercial that says that mattress should be replaced every 5 years. Their reasoning bed bugs, mites, dead skin cells, and bacteria from sweat. I grew up in a household where every time we changed the sheets we were taught to clean/disinfect the mattress as well. Mattress prices have become so inflated in the past decade, it cost almost a thousand dollars to buy a bedding set now whereas 15 years ago you could a set for a couple of hundreds.

  34. Miss Vicki says

    After 4 spinal surgeries and at least 5 beds in the last 10 years, here’s my take. NEVER buy a pillow top, that’s a sure thing to cradle. Ive bought a bed called East/West/ It was so hard ( doctor said by a very firm mattress) that it was returned in 3days. The sales rep said it was called East/West as most Asians purchased it because it was like sleeping on the floor. Yep, floor hard. The bed will NEVER be cradled enough for these bed people to take it back. Ive flipped one sided beds over and slept on the side thats not for sleeping. Actually that worked for a while. At least it was flat. The tucking/puckering on the top of the mattress also start to cave in adding to the depressions. On looking for a new mattress 99% have deep puckers which will add to quick disintegration. I did find a site, saativa online mattress that will return and REFUND. Im looking into that but you can’t try it before, sort of scary but the reviews are excellent as well as their customer service. Ive got a board under my bed, it’s still not working. I just ordered online tonight, a bed wedge to see if I can place that over the depression and raise it. I KNOW that these mattress mfg are scamming all of us. The quality, foam, and latex in these beds are breaking down quickly. My mom just bought a very firm Simmons and in 2 wks it’s conforming?? TWO weeks! Told her return and exchange. Like that’s going to help??? When you have to spend time in/on your bed due to back issues it’s a serious issue with any difference in the grade/angle. I don’t trust any mattress reps and with good cause. FYI these mattress Ive purchased have all been top tier, that’s pretty telling. Wonder what happens to cheaper brands? These bed manufacturers need to be taken to court so we have some recourse. Sorry for the rant but I’m in pain and it’s bedtime. Here comes trouble…..

  35. John says

    Same story here folks! Thanks for the pillow support tip. I wake up every morning with numb arms and hands in addition to the onset of right hip pain since my 4 yr. old king size pillowtop began sagging. As I was laying here aching and sleepless I googled “sagging mattress, hip pain” and found you guys! I also thought I was the only one. Just put two pillows between the mattress and the box and feel an immediate difference! Thanks for saving me a lot of money. Opportunity for a better mattress design is knocking. I miss having real box springs that beds used to come with in the days of my youth.

  36. Anna says

    Followup to last week’s post. The hammering of the box spring did not hold. Came apart throughout the night. I considered purchasing slats online. But all were too expensive and none matched the measurements of my older bed frame. I finally measured my bed frame deducted a quarter of an inch and went to my local hardware to purchase eight 1×4 boards. They charged .25 cents to cut them. I came home and placed them throughout my bed frame and reattached the box spring center slate. I can happily report that the sagging is now gone. And the bed lays great. It is one inch higher than originally. And it took a few days before the soreness left my body. But the bed lays wonderfully now. Interesting thing, with so many wood choices I was unsure of which one to purchase and the hardware associate pointed me to the one he said that was purchased most often to make bed slates. Each piece of cut wood cost me less than 2.00. Much cheaper than a new bed set. Good luck all. I hope this helps.

    • Shellie says

      I am only replying so that hopefully later I can find your post and use your ideas! It is December 26th 2017 and the problem of sagging mattresses still continues!

  37. says

    so glad to have found this fix, the pillows are ready to go, and Lord willing, tonight, I will not be sucked up into the vortex of hell better known as the middle of the bed! I laugh at the comments about being perched on the edges. When I stretch in bed and lose my balance on the edge I roll into the middle, flailing like a turtle on its back and am pretty sure I have torn every tendon in my neck and shoulders trying to get out of it. I have rigged up an advanced pulley system in case I really get stuck in there, also have stored 3 days of water close by in case that doesn’t work. I say no to an America where millions of us are rolling into the middle of our beds at night! Have a good day all :)

  38. Jamie says

    I bought a queen-sized Serta pillowtop mattress in 2006. I only noticed the sagging once I got married and was no longer able to sleep right in the middle of the bed. Now I am one of the “side perchers”. I feel like I am sleeping on the edge of a cliff. I want to kick my man out of the bed JUST so I can get some RELIEF!! For the past week straight I have woken up with middle/upper back pain, neck pain, and a CONSTANT headache… and I KNOW it’s from this awful bed. And I am only 29 years of age… too young for all these pains!! I used to love my bed (still do, when I’m the only one in it!!) but now it’s just miserable. Will definitely try the pillow trick, and potentially the wooden slats. Thank you all for your input. While I don’t wish this dilemma on anyone, it is nice to know I’m not the only one. I thought I was going crazy and just imagining the dip…

  39. bobbo says

    The beds today suck. Period! They are definitely not made as they were 20-25 years ago. To get a bed with a foundation made like years ago in a place far far away will cost you a minimum of $3500. There’s only two companies making foundations with springs. One is in Michigan and the other is in California. I’ve spent over $12,000 in the last 10 years trying to find a bed my wife and I could sleep on. They all sag with very little support. I don’t know how the sales reps at the bedding stores and furniture stores can look you in the face and lie to you that whatever bed you are looking at will be perfect for you.

  40. Julie says

    I am telling you, I had a double sided pillow top Cal King and put it into our Cal King water bed frame and it was absolutely the most comfortable bed with no drags whatsoever. Only got rid of it because it was huge As well as the waterbed frame. I regret it and as soon as I can I will look for a waterbed frame on Craig’s list. No box spring needed. This is the answer folks. Mattress costed around $700 and we had it 11 years.

  41. ron says

    To fix a pillow top, I cut the pillowtop off of the bed and found it was the quilt topping at the very top that had the dips in it . I removed this and added a topper and its like new

    • mssr from Texas says

      Interesting. Something I hadn’t thought of. How might one determine if it IS just the pillowtop vs. the mattress below it? And, can you give instructions for those of us who might like surgically remove the pillowtop (what to consider; what to do; what not to do; etc.)?

  42. Mike says

    After reading many posts about using pillows to correct king size mattress sag , I realized I had a king size pillow topper lying around. I took the pillow topper,folded it in half. and centered it in the sagging area between the box spring and mattress. It instantly boosted the bed in the center, and felt very comfortable to lay on. We’ll see how this works for a few nights. Thanks to all for posting tips since I’ve been dreading dropping a bunch of money only to have the same problem again.


  43. Jaime says

    Same here but I have a 2″ dip on both sides of my mattress and have only had the mattress for 5 years they always find a reason to get out of replacing the mattress!!! Such bs!!!! I have to do something bc Ive started seeing a chiropractor bc my bed is so messed up!!! Thank you all for your suggestions…..I will be trying them all!!

  44. Jaime says

    @ Ron I just read you cut the pillow top off and added a new topper? I thought about doing this, just wondering what kind of topper you bought and how it is working out?

  45. Linda says

    I am on my 3rd mattress in the last few months and it is sagging also. I started with a king size Therapedic which was comfortable, but noticed about 6 months in that it sagged on each side where my spouse and I slept. After dealing with my husband’s health issues and eventual death, I was finally able to call the store and got a replacement a few months ago. Unfortunately, after a few months, it too started sagging in the exact spot where I slept, just on my side. I was able to replace that mattress with a different brand altogether, trying to avoid the same issue. New mattress was delivered about 3 weeks ago, and after the first 5 or 6 days I noticed the side I slept on was starting to sag already, so I have been switching sides every 5 days and now both sides have indentations in them. This mattress was $500 more than the orginal one, and I was told that this one would not sag like the previous two, which were pillowtops and more prone to that type of problem. Guess it will be time to call them again.

  46. Alice says

    Thank you for posting this! I just tried it and it feels like a brand new mattress. Glad I found your site before wasting a lot of extra money.

  47. Roni says

    Well I’m reading since 3:30 am I roll, turn over
    All night long. This mattress went bad right away.
    Year old and expense wise “was top of the line”
    Suppose to be firmest built. Husband had cancer and we were gone to Houston for treatment for months. I rotate this thing, I say prayers over it.
    NOTHING HAS WORKED. Call on warranty today. Also start the pillow thing, ours appears the center higher. Neither of us is heavy. I had a horrible auto accident yrs ago and Surg . Husband had horrific cancer Surg past July.
    This is awful.

  48. Suffering Sabrina says

    Thank you all for sharing your stories. I now see a light at the end of this terrible tunnel I have been walking through for 2 years. My pillow top mattress I bought 4 years ago was the most expensive bed I have ever purchased. I am plagued with a bad back and knees. Six weeks ago I had a total knee replacement and have been in hell trying to get comfortable on my sagging mattress. It has slowed down my recovery and I was getting seriously depressed. To solve this problem I thought, I bought a 4inch Memory Foam mattress topper. The first night I slept on it, I thought, “Thank you LORD!”. It was so conforming and I had no pain anywhere, well that only lasted one night. The dip in the mattress is “tricking” the Memory foam into just helping the sag suck me in more. Although my neck and back feel better from the topper, my legs are in terrible pain. I do recommend the Memory Foam, but the your sag will still need to be addressed. It is not the problem solver. I am trying the pillows under the middle of the mattress tonight. I will let you know. Thank you guys again.

  49. Suffering Sabrina says

    Update. It’s a miracle! Thank you guys a million times! Who would have thought 2 wafer thin pillows would fix a $800 problem!

  50. Kiki says

    The problem isn’t only with larger mattresses or pillowtops. I purposely bought a twin mattress for a platform bed that was extra firm with no pillowtop as my chiropractor suggested (he’s really back-to-basics). This was after I slept on a queen memory foam for about a year. For me, the memory foam started contouring into my body shape (sagging!) within the first few weeks. Horrible back aches! With the twin extra firm, I started to feel the sagging within the first month. I thought I was the only one “sensitive” to the sagging, but my daughter slept in my bed one night and couldn’t believe how much it sagged. I flipped it over and discovered that mattresses these days aren’t meant to be rotated. When did that start? It was rock hard so I threw a comforter on it and had the best sleep ever! I slept on it like that for about 4 days and then felt silly, so I flipped it back over. The sagging was gone and it felt like new, but that only lasted for about 2 days. I considered flipping it over every other morning, but that would hurt my back even more than the sagging! I had been thinking about getting an expensive queen mattress to replace my twin, but now after reading all of these horror stories, I don’t think I want to buy another mattress ever again. The floor is starting to sound awfully good to me, although I did see online where someone made their own mattress by rolling and braiding rags together tightly. Maybe I’ll try that. :)

  51. Karen says

    It’s simply amazing how many people are going through the same nightmare as we are. We bought a Serta iComfort mattress in king size complete with boxspring for a final cost of about 4,000.00. It sagged almost immediately (within 10 days of purchase) and hilled-up in the center. We were rolling off the sides nearly when we both slept in the bed. It was horrendous. I put up enough of a fuss with Mattress Depot so that the manager came out and lay on our bed himself ( I made sure to lie in the bed for an hour before he arrived so he would experience what WE felt when he lay down.) He was shocked that the mattress was so saggy and felt completely different than the floor model felt. He assumed that a king size was saggier than the queen size and allowed us their ONE TIME comfort exchange. We exchanged for a Simmons Something or Other (notice my indifference now) which was terrific at first, but within a month we noticed the same thing happening. I sleep with a pillow stuck under my hip. Its horrid. As bad as our experiences are, I have noticed something…we sleep in hotels a lot as we travel to see my boyfriend’s daughter on a regular basis. As such, we noticed their beds do not sag. With so much sleep-traffic, one might guess a hotel mattress is made differently…maybe more stuffing, stronger supports, I don’t really know. Perhaps its that they use box-like (waterbed-like) foundations instead of cheesy bed frames. That may be our next purchase. It stands to reason that more support UNDERNEATH will make the mattress better allaround. For now…I will try the flipping and the pillows beneath the mattress in the sag area.

  52. Lee says

    AHHH HAAA!!!!! Read all your post yesterday, Stuffed a pillow under my $2600 POS and it’s a whole new bed!!!!! We will see how long this last, My wife was so used to the crater on her side she actually didn’t sleep well this the first night. I will update everyone after a couple days. I do wonder if there is a commercial mattress out there? Maybe I will try a sleep numbers? Anyone have any experience with those? Thanks

    • Joyce says

      We tried a Sleep number bed for 30 days. It was horrible, We had the 2 canoe thing going, with a hump down the middle. We would roll into each other if we crossed the center hump. I had my air chamber replaced during this time, because I thought it was leaking air. I would pump my side up at night to go to sleep and during the night have to crawl out of a pit to get out of bed. It cost $200.00 to send the bed back. It was a lot of work to keep adjusting the air during the night. That was exhausting enough. I was so glad to see it go out the door even though we still don’t have a comfortable bed to sleep on yet.

  53. Louise says

    It is 3 a.m. And why am I awake? Because I can’t sleep on this *#^% mattress! I replaced a 15 year-old Queen set that was sagging a bit with an $1100 Serta “Perfect Sleeper” (yeah, big quotes) pillow top that was sagging within 6 months. After 18 months, I gave that to my daughter (who can sleep anywhere on anything) and bought an $800 King Koil firm set, thinking the pillow top must have been the problem. I have this set two months, and already I am sleeping in a hole. I think the issue is that you can’t flip them anymore! My queen mattress was heavy as hell, but at least I could flip and turn it every couple of months and it would feel like a new mattress. You can’t buy a flippable mattress anymore! All you can do is rotate them, make two holes, and either spend hundreds of dollars every year on a mattress or go sleep on the couch!

  54. Bob Lynch says

    Found this site while searching for something to replace my 5 year old top of the line Dormia 25 year warranted memory foam mattress. It started dipping within 6 months. Since you can’t flip it over as we had done in the past, we just rotated it 180 degrees. That worked for a short time until we had sag’s again were we slept. Got so bad that the center started rolling us off to the sides of the bed. To correct this I have started using various thicknesses of different density’s of foam purchased at Jo-Ann Fabrics. Just cut and fit into the areas of the dips to re-level the mattress. It’s a shame that there isn’t a manufacturer out there that has the technology to provide a product that will stand up to normal use. We can get men to the moon but can’t come up with a good mattress.

  55. Jon says

    Sorry but the long and short of it that people can’t pull together for some reason is:

    Mattresses are soft and pillowy.
    Humans are dense and heavy.
    Humans lay on a soft mattress and get upset when it looses resiliency.

    The commenter who mentioned the “East / West” mattress hit the nail on the head!
    Harder (firmer) surface will not give way as easily to external forces (sag).

    The whole pillow / towels / etc… jammed under the mattress is ridiculous, as the mattress will eventually give way and require yet more “fluffing”.

    If you must lay on a pillow (probably causing the majority of your back problems) then you must bring the thing outside regularly and beat it with a bat to settle all the innards of the mattress back to square one.

    You can learn to sleep on a very firm surface and marvel at how great your back feels.

    But wait! First we must loose the generous love handles and bellies and chins – as the pillow-top is more about accommodating our extra high calorie lifestyle girth comfortably when you think about it.

    Then it’s settled! Lay off the Twinkies and Western Diets.

    Rant over.

    • RL says

      You’re kind of ignorant, Jon. Mattresses didn’t used to go this bad this fast. I’m all of 5’4″ and 120lbs. I’m not fat, like you suggest is the problem for the mattress sagging, yet mine is sagging. You’re whole post was ignorant, arrogant, inaccurate, and just plain unnecessary. Stop acting like a high school mean girl.

    • David says

      Here’s the straight dope, people. My wife worked for a marketing company that represented the coalition of mattress manufacturers, so these are the facts:

      1. Mattresses are DESIGNED to fail within the first couple of years. Mattress manufacturers want you to buy a new mattress every five years. That’s their target. If the mattress is causing problems in 3 years, most people will suck it up and deal with it for another year or two. So there’s your five year number. Quit saying, “Why can’t anyone build a good mattress anymore?!?” They can. They CHOOSE not to. Haven’t you ever wondered why car bodies aren’t made of aluminum or plastic, which doesn’t rust? It’s because they WANT the car to rust, so even if you keep it repaired mechanically, you’ll eventually have to buy another one. Mattresses are no different now.

      2. Mattress companies go to great lengths to make sure you can’t comparison shop their products. Within a geographical area, they will deliberately label the same mattress a half dozen different names, so you can’t go from store to store and compare. It’s the same mattress, but you’ll never know that, based on the label.

      3. Mattress companies have largely quit making double-sided mattresses BECAUSE they don’t want you flipping it over and extending the life. That’s by design. It’s a win-win for them…they save money on manufacturing, because only one side is finished. You have to buy a mattress twice as often.

      4. Turning the mattress (or yourself) 90 degrees will not accomplish anything in the long term. Most people are heaviest around their waist…which is near the middle of the bed. If you rotate, the heaviest part of you will still be in the middle of the bed. Yes, you’ll get a little relief for awhile where your shoulders are, but eventually it will sink in again.

      5. Mattress warranties are utterly worthless. They’re completely unenforceable, and again, this is by design. Pay no attention to the warranty when you shop for a mattress, because you WON’T be using it. Just pretend it doesn’t even exist, because for all intents and purposes, it doesn’t. UNLESS, you buy from Costco…because Costco will let you return ANYTHING. In this case, you’re not at the mercy of the mattress manufacturer, because you’re not dealing with them. You’re dealing directly with Costco. Of course, you still have to find a way to schlep your 300-lb mattress back to the store…

      Now, damage control: If you want your mattress to stay comfortable, you only have a couple options:

      1. Fix it yourself, using any of the methods mentioned here. If you have an innerspring mattress with a foam top, it’s very likely the foam top is the only thing that’s deformed. Slice it off, replace it with another foam topper. Try the OP’s pillow solution. Whatever. If you have a fully foam bed, you’re not going to be able to remove the top layer. You’ll just have to add something to fill in the depressions.

      2. Buy a waterbed. A waterbed CAN’T develop depressions where you sleep. It’s physically impossible. Now, whether a waterbed is comfortable for you is a question only you can answer. But whatever comfort it starts with, it will keep.

  56. Mike L says

    I really thought there was something wrong with me and so did my wife! (started calling me the princess and the pea)! She feels the difference but doesn’t effect her as bad as me. I have spent well OVER $10,000 in the last 2 years on every bed imaginable! Tempur-pedic, Sleep Number, Simmons, Seally, King Coil, Fosters, stuffed with horse hair….. been there, done that and they ALL do the same thing. I do believe that its the material they make the top cover out of that breaks down and starts to sag first. My Sleep Number bed was awesome for a couple months then the cover started sagging so I unzipped it to expose the air chambers and sure enough the cover broke down and was flat where we sleep on each side. I even made my own foundation out of plywood and 2×4′s, so that takes out the foundation sagging equation! All of them claiming the same 2″ rule on the warranty BS without anyone on the bed! If your spine is sagging more than 2″ with your weight on the bed your going to have back pain! If ANYONE finds a mattress that doesn’t do this I would really appreciate a post on here!~! Only sleeping 3-5 hours a night for years and waking with back pain every day is really effecting my health and I cannot find a solution!~! Again, on every bed, when new, I slept great but they don’t least long at all…….!!!!!!!

  57. Layla says

    Thank you so much for your post on how you fixed your $1000 sinking mattress! OMG! Immediately I took my pillows and put them under my sagging mattress (center) and OMG what a BIG difference. My lower spine is screaming with ecstasy and my hips bones are moaning with thankfulness. Ha,ha. Seriously this is an answered prayer and God bless you! You are the best!

  58. says

    I thought we were the only ones with this problem. we decided to flip the mattress even though they claim it should only be rotated. after it was flipped I went to the dollar general discount store and purchased a $12.00 queen size foam, sculptured, mattress topper that covered 90% of the mattress. yipee!!! you can tell the difference and it sleeps wonderfully, and the flip side is so much firmer the first night my husband said he felt like he was going to fall off the bed, that was because he was sleeping in a “hole” for so long.

  59. Mike says

    so, i’ve been dealing with lower back pain for 6 months and narrowed down the cause to be my sagging mattress. from this past november to february i slept in our guest room as that mattress did not have any noticeable sag. i noticed my pain go away after about 3 days of sleeping in the guest room.

    from that time, my wife and i spent some time testing out new mattresses. we tried a memory foam from costco which neither of us liked because for me it still didn’t fix my back pain and my wife thought it was too firm. we tried a Simmons firm mattress next. i loved it although in place of my lower back pain came an acute hip pain associated with where the majority of my weight met the mattress. this was not bad though and was my favorite option. finally, my wife hated the firm mattress and we returned that mattress and bought a plush Stearns and Foster mattress. for the first 2 weeks it was the best sleep i have had in nearly a year. then overnight, i woke up with the same back pain once my body impression was noticeable. now – for the jerk who claims this is due to twinkies, i am 5’7″ and 150 lbs and play sports year-round. so don’t throw out that it’s a fat problem. it may be a sensitive back problem, but it’s not due to weight necessarily.

    so, last night i put a pillow under the area where my back sleeps and i noticed an improvement. it’s not perfect, but i did not have back pain all night or this morning. so, i will stick with this remedy. Thanks!

  60. Brooke says

    Yep, i read this a couple weeks ago in my search to save my mattress and not have to buy a new one, and the pillow trick totally worked. Thank god! Now my side is level with the center again! lol

  61. Jenn says

    Thank the Lord I finally comes to my senses and googled “how to fix a sagging mattress” and wow I am not alone. I paid $400.00 for my euro top mattress just 2 years ago and I have the valley of sleep hell in the middle of my bed. I have been sleeping on the far left side just so I can have some firmness. And yes I rotate that pos every other month but all that does is enlongate said valley. A month ago I had a sciatic nerve flare up for the first time ever in my life and ever since then I keep an achy feeling in my hips and I know sleeping on that sorry mattress does not help. I am going to try the pillow trick…I mean if it’s only temporary fix, I will take it until I can rig up something permenant. And my box spring is total crap as I have come to find out it is made from pieces of cheap hobby wood and therefore makes the most awful sounds when getting in and out of bed since the whole framing is broken all the way around. I shouldn’t be able to move a bedspring with ease…that should’ve been my first clue! I am looking into a platform bed with either a futon mattress or a cheap firm NON pillow top/eruo top whatever on it.

  62. says

    I have given up on my king size memory foam bed. I was tired of not being able to move when I woke up. I now sleep on the floor next to the king size mattress that takes up most of my bedroom. I want to just throw it away, but sometimes the kids watch movies in there. Even if they sleep with me, on a rare occasion, they wind up on the floor with me too. It’s a sad, sad sight. All of us on the floor next to this gigantic empty bed! LOL

  63. karl says

    I am a Independent mattress retailer. I’ll tell you why they are sagging. The foam that has been used in making the mattress is to low density for the intended use. Large mattress companies are reaping massive profits by using cheap low density foam and dressing them up with fancy branding and lifestyle images, stories to convince people to do 1 thing and 1 thing only, buy cheap foam. Good foam that lasts a long time is expensive and the profits will be less if they use good foam. You want to be safe? look for smaller local factories that specialize in latex bedding. ask for proof that it’s NR Latex certified by Oeko-Tex or Eco Institut. This way you won’t have ANY sag. The mattress will last 15, maybe 20 years. You need to make sure there is no other foams other than latex in the mattress, if there is, this foam will sag and the latex will follow it downhill:(. There is some great quality memory foam and even polyfoam but there are too many things to look out for with these materials, easier to just stick to certified latex.. People in the mattress industry sleep on latex. Complete latex or latex on innerspring are both good choices, as long as it’s not from a big brand.

    • Polly B says

      Karl, thank you! I knew something was up with the materials used. Meanwhile I will try the pillows between the mattress and boxed springs. We loved our cheap foam mattress for about 5 years but now out hips ache in the mornings fro the hole we each sleep in. I may try to search out a 100% latex mattress. Do you have the name of a company that makes such a mattress?

    • says

      Karl is absolutely correct. 100% Dunlop Latex will last for many years and never get flat spots, sags etc. But if it is glued to a foam layer, the foam layer will indeed fail like all these other poor designs and the latex will dip over the dips.

      Real natural Dunlop latex is expensive but it is the only good mattress. No foam base, no pillow top, just the latex from top to bottom.

  64. Drupea says

    For those of you that used the pillow under the mattress trick, how long did it work? And have you had to add more or newer ones later?
    I’m trying it now! Curious as to long term-ish results :)

    • jlpenner says

      For me it was kind of a short term fix for me.. but really I think it depends on if you get the right pillow. Come back and let us know what you think..

  65. Sleepless In Slumberville says

    WOW!! LOTS OF PILLOW TALK!! First, thanks so much for the great tip, as I am also one who finally came to their senses to search for a fix. Gonna share it with my friends on FaceBook. Wonder how many are in the same boat – LITERALLY!!!! Also, thanks to KARL for educating us on LATEX. If I’m ever in a position to purchase a new mattress I am definitely going to remember that info. I also have a King-Size and had previously thought maybe next time I would just buy TWO TWIN-SIZE MATTRESSES and then TOP WITH A KING-SIZE MEMORY FOAM – the kind with the COOLING TECHNOLOGY, so may still do that, but also making sure that the mattresses are latex. In the meantime, it’s pillows for me.

  66. best bed ever says

    little over 3 yrs ago I bit the bullet and bought a tempur pedic BEST THING I EVER DID. $1800 . The only complaint I have is it hold body heat. I see that there are some cooling mattress pads out there, going to pick one up. Wish I would have got the I-comfort that has the cooling gel but it was the first yr it came out and I wasn’t sure and neither was the salesperson about it staying cool.. I LOVE THIS BED NO MORE BACK PAIN AT ALL-well worth the money. If you are a side or stomach sleeper its hard to get use to, best to just sleep on your back and get rid of any thick pillows you have. I notice if I don’t use a pillow and sleep on my back I don’t even move for most of the night. They come with a 90 day trial period.

    My best friend has had a latex bed for over 15 yrs and her and her husband love it.

    My boyfriend bought a good quality bed and boxspring at Costco about 3 yrs ago. Its up at his vacation property and gets very little use. It is crap, I hate trying to sleep on it, ok for one person but not two. Heading up there this weekend, will try the pillows and maybe get some wood slats too to try.

    Thanks for all the info.

  67. Evan says

    Wow. I feel everyone’s pain!! I had a $1000.00+ Serta Queen size, very deep pillow top mattress. It was around 8 or 9 years old, but had been sagging for years. My husband and I rolled toward the middle every night. We finally threw it in the dumpster and bought a new one. Some off brand, not as deep, a firmer pillow top and several hundred dollars cheaper. Guess what? Sagging after a week!! I cringe at the thought of all the money wasted on the one we threw away, even though I don’t think anything would have helped it. We tried flipping it over which was uncomfortable to sleep on, but once it was flipped back over it was like new for a few days. I am going to try the pillow thing under this new mattress and cross my fingers. We had an old fashioned cotton stuffed mattress (the blue and white striped kind) that was soooo comfortable. We were moving it and a container of motor oil got spilled on it. *tears So it got tossed in the dump also. My aunt used to have one also and I cannot tell you how comfortable it was! I wish they still made them.

  68. Kelly says

    I don’t have a flat pillow so I took an old towel, made a long rectangle…. placed it in the right spot… and I will find out tomorrow if it worked! Thanks for the idea. :)

  69. Anita says

    Omg! I’m in shock reading how many others have the same problem. $2500 for a Stearns & Foster and less than a year before I’m sleeping in a crater on the side of a small hill. We slept on a cheap futon for 10 yrs without any problems. I dread to think what this one is doing to my spine as I wake up cranky and in pain EVERY day. I even try to avoid going to sleep as I know it will hurt.

    After days of googling, I found this – just put a pillow under my 15″ deep mattress – totally skeptical but desparate and now I’m laying here in bliss! It feels incredible and I can’t believe it could work under such a deep mattress. We too had rotated it and are sleeping on it sideways but after a couple if months it sagged. Tomorrow it will be returned to its correct position and I will be shopping for a more solid pillow to put under it. I could hug you for this fix! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  70. Abby says

    Bought an $800 mattress 3 years ago. It sagged the first month after purchase. We wake up tire and with back pain. We are trying to decide which mattress is best to buy now, but all these comments make us hesitant to even try. My uncle has worked in a furniture store for the last 10 years. He says they buy mattresses from the manufacturer from $150 to $400 and mark them for sale in their store for $800 and up. So that $3000 mattress probably only cost the store $400 and is probably made out of some cheap material that will sag soon too. He also said to always buy an extra firm mattress because if it sags it’ll by like a newly purchased soft mattress. I don’t know what to think. Maybe we’ll just try the pillow thing for a while and see how it goes.

  71. Gert says

    We bought a memory foam mattress. We ordered from and it came rolled up in a big box.
    We had to let it fluff for a day or so, but it’s nicer than any mattress we’ve ever had.

  72. Naomi says

    Tripped on to this page looking for a solution to sagging mattresses. We had a Sealy Posturpedic for 17 years and yes it sagged at about 15 years but it took a while to get it to buy a new one. Went to the Pure Sleep store and was measured on their ridiculous thingy and sold us a Kingsdown that we returned in one week because we slid off of the edge when we sat on it. Next was the King Koil Natural Responce Pure Indulgence, doesn’t that sound wonderful. Well it started to sink in 6 months but we only measured 1″ with his silly string. Why didn’t he lay in it and sink the 8-10″ we did. I was not going for it so I bugged the mattress salesman so much and so long he finally got King Koil to give us a $1000.00 credit paid ($2000.00). I knew they would do something to just get rid of me. Mean while I did over 60 hours of research while nagging this guy. I really did not come up with much. I know Nick Robinson personally, well almost. You know the Sleep Like The Dead review guy. When I went back in the store the salesman took me right over to a mattress made by Kluft, half inner spring, half foams of different types, a west coast company. I called my daughter from the store and asked her to research it, couldn’t find a lot about it since it is new to this area, (michigan). I even called the company in California and talked to customer service. Oh yah great mattress. 20 year non prorated warranty. First night…Amen finally found the mattress for us. Slept all night and was very proud of myself. Second dang night it sagged or what they call body impression. I weigh 130, how much impression can I make. I am sure he will not deal with me now because I got a credit from King Koil and had to spend another $1200.00 for the new one. I was desperate. Now I am just sick. What did happen to the mattress that lasted 10-15 years. Like I have read in these reviews I do think they are making cheap mattresses and really don’t care. I don’t see how putting pillows under a mattress that weighs to much to hardly pick would work but I am willing to try anything. I may try putting something under the mattress cover and sheets. I never write comments but just couldn’t help but add my horrors to this site. I have bought a car and a riding lawn mower since I bought these mattresses with no complaints. WTHECK is going on. I could just cry thinking I may be stuck with this mattress. I will call him but I am sure nothing will happen and if it does what then. From all my research and what I have read here none of us stand a chance. I will revisit this sight to see if any new solutions pop up. “Sleepless in Michigan”

  73. tera says

    Forgot to mention i have a serta perfect sleeper king size and returned it once for a replacement and the replacement sagged within a month. The pillow between the mattress and the boxspring has really worked. My husband weighs 175 and i weigh 135 so i dont think we have a twinkie eating problem. I tried flipping the mattress sleeping on the backside and turning it and sleeping on it sideways with no relief but the pillows made it new again. Makes me wonder if the metal coils are made of cheaper metal and break down easier. Cars are made cheaper they are weak and the metal bends easier and also rusts faster.i work in collision repair. I quess everything is cheaper today. I think ill get a sofside waterbed next time around. Thanks for quick fix.

  74. John says

    I bought 1″ blue foam insulation. I used two pieces 2 foot x 5 foot to fit just about where the mattress sagged and then used an electric knife to taper the edges of the foam to avoid feeling the edges.

    That was just after the first year of my premium Sears mattress that they refused to replace. After 10 years, i added another layer that laid on/withing the first layer. So far so good.

  75. John says

    FYI, we are trying very hard to stretch out the life of our old mattress using blue styrofoam as posted earlyier.

    We do not want to buy into the scam of “no-flip” mattresses. They should be called Can’t flip mattresses so they will wear out twice as fast.

  76. Deanna Smith says

    My husband and I bought our first King mattress less than 6 months ago and our backs have been killing us for the past week. We talked about trying to sell the mattress (taking a huge hit), but before we did that, we wanted to google some options. We are definitely going to try the Pillow Technique. I’m really hoping this will help. Thanks so much for all who shared their results.

  77. Ljpete says

    The pillows -under -the -saggy -mattress idea has made our nights comfortable again! It really works. My side has two pillows under the saggy parts and my husband’s side only needed one. We used 2 Memory foam pillows and they quickly went flatter but they did raise the sagging area and add much more support. Try it, it could save you thousands, if you are fed up and going to buy a new mattress. It is obvious immediately and the bed looks better and certainly sleeps better. As for the manufacturers, if one company would make a flippable mattress that lasts 10-15 years like they used to, the public would reward them by stampeding to buy those mattresses. I know they think they are making more with this planned sagging after a year, but this will backfire and no one will buy their crummy mattresses for 1000-3000.00 anymore. Put pillows under the sag, as many as you need to boost the holes up, and you will sleep like a baby! Thanks for the suggestion! I am even considering the 1 1/2 inch thick foam swimming floats that cost about 100.00. It seems like cutting one 6 foot long float in half and putting one half under each person’s sag would work too.

  78. sugarpie says

    Wow! I am so glad that the pillow trick might work.
    I thought of this and tried it myself…but wasn’t bright enough to try it UNDER the mattress. DUH!!!! I used the pillow under my sheet. OUCH! I thought the pilllow would flatten out too much under the mattress I am so glad to have found this website. I AM going to do this tonight! Hallelujah! wow! I am actually excited about sleeping tonight!
    (I also slept on the other side of the no flip…..ick).

    It’s so sad that we have all spent so much $$, had high hopes and then been let down.
    My Sealy posturepedic firm Roseshore is a piece of crap. Sagged after 1 month. Unbelievable!!

    Thanks to many of you for making me laugh so hard that I had tears coming down my face. :-) !!!!!
    I’m in the same boat (canoe) as the rest of you. But, hopefully after tonight…no longer.

    PS: a message to jerk Jon: (Jon says: March 13, 2013 at 10:19 am)
    I’m 5’5″ weigh 115 and don’t have a double chins or eat twinkies .

  79. Kristin says

    I have a 9 month old double pillow top mattress (that I flip and rotate often) that cost about $700 and took about 3 months to start sagging. I’ve been chronically ill for 2 years and much of it is aggravated by my poor sleep. This tip works so well! I have a bunch of old flat pillows that I never use and now they might help me get back to school and my life. I cannot thank you enough for posting this. You should create a product or something :)

  80. Kait says

    My husband and I have a Tempurpedic which we bought 6 years ago. They are pretty expensive but we got it at an outlet so was really pretty reasonable. It is exactly like it was the day we got it. Super comfortable, no indents of any kind. I recommend Tempurpedic to anyone. I’m not so sure a cheaper brand of memory foam would be as good. This high quality memory foam rebound when you get up immediately.

    • says

      Well we had a Tempurpedic, and besides it being very hot to sleep on, softer in summer and firmer in winter, it lasted a few years, But then it got the two valleys. I actually cut it up so I could put it into the trash over the course of a few weeks, (it was too heavy to carry downstairs and out) and then I discovered that it was only memory foam for the top third and the bottom was failed urethane foam, which formed these same two depressions that everyone is mad about.

  81. Jennifer says

    We just purchased a new $1800 pillow top set. I was pressured by my husband who just couldnt take our old set anymore, but I hadnt had a chance to do any research. Now I look forward to the inevitable sagging. We don’t even have the bed yet, but at least now I know how to deal with sagging when it happens. I’ve read about people completely cutting off the pillow top when it starts to sag and just replace it with a latex topper. At least I’m prepared now for when this happens. It makes me wish we bought our set from the local mattress company in Maplewood MN that makes their own mattresses. They still make mattresses that are meant to be flipped! Like they all should be made!!!! Lesson learned.

  82. t arm says

    So, we have struggled with this “saggy mattress” problem for years as well. Here’s my go to fix for a king (because its almost a square…) rotate it so you sleep on it sideways. I KNOW, it sounds weird. Here’s why…your box spring is in two parts, side by side, the support being around the edges and right through the center BETWEEN the sleeping parties. Rotate the box spring a 1/4 turn so the middle support is horizontal to your body instead of vertical between you, and place your mattress head side to the headboard. It’s oddly comfortable with extra support under your bum and waist ~ and weird at first if there was too much sag to begin with. Now rotate every few months like you were told to do years ago. It will make your mattress last twice as long. Even if its not as long as it should :(
    The store did replace our pillow top bed because of sufficient sagging once, but the upgrade replacement didn’t last as long as the first one so we got memory foam, sadly, to find it was not much better. We kept the old king in the guest room and when its had a break from sleepers for a week or two, its great to sleep on again.
    We have discussed, in jest, leaving bowling balls on the mattress for 24 hours before the service mean came to measure the second time but thought better of it, and just sprung for the mem foam instead.:)

  83. tera says

    Ok its been 3 months with the pillow trick and its still working and i didnt have to add any extra ones. Im guessing the cheap memory foam went flat. Just bought a serta icomfort genius mattress (comparable to temperpedic) its the firmist foam they sale ill let u know how it goes!

    • Jen says

      We bought the Genius to replace the Insight of iComfort. Our iComfort Genius has been replaced once at the 1 year mark and needs it again at the 3 year mark. I wake up every day with hip and lower back pain. Going to try the pillow trick tonight. Hope yours is holding up better than ours.

  84. shauna says

    This TOTALLY fixed my problem. I put a thin body pillow along the center of the mattress between the mattress and the box spring. My mattress is 6 years old, spent 1K on it but it was on ‘mega sale’ from 3k (probably cost 500$ tops to make)…. Anyways I don’t want to buy a new mattress just yet (I know how important they are- especially with having chronic back/nerve pain) but when I do buy a new one sooner than later I will not be purchasing a faux fancy pillow top.

  85. Rick says

    Ditto everyone else’s experience. T arm made a great observation: the split box spring for a king has support in the middle between the sleepers but not where the sleepers are. This is a major design defect, possibly intentional, by the mattress manufacturers. A new box spring design would be an easy fix — just add some slats. It sounds like a great opportunity for a class-action lawyer to get everyone on this list a new, better-designed mattress (or money damages maybe).

    In the meantime, I’m about to try the pillows. Maybe slats if they don’t work. And in the future will look into the small mattress company “dense foam” products.

  86. Karen says

    If you are looking for another option to the mattress problem, you may want to try out the slats sold at Ikea. We purchased a new RV and the bed has what was new to me, European slats for the base (instead of what used to be a flat slab). I think it makes a great restful mattress, and it gives but has great support. Ikea has 2 price ranges right now. Type in bed slats.

  87. Michael says

    ….This whole time I’ve been blaming our POS $1400 year and half old sagging queen size pillow top bed on my wife’s natural sleeping arrangement of sleeping in the middle of the bed, now I love my wife and I would never say that to her…now I’m starting to wonder if she’s a victim of the bed… So the truth is these really are just POS beds…I’m glad you guys out there have found some ways to fight this…there are some great ideas that have been tossed around, stuffing pillows, cutting off the pillow top, even getting a water bed frame…I will definitely look into trying these ideas…I don’t know about sleeping on hard boards, I’ve had the expensive firm lumpy futon…I hardly used it…I slept on the couch…and sleeping on the hard ground sucks when camping…wake up with stiff back… I refuse to sleep on this thing…..thanks for all the suggestions and good luck.

  88. Bunny162 says

    I have this problem with my bed and mines is a simmons Beautyrest mines started sagging about 6 months after a brought it I thought. I whould be able to flip it over I found out I couldn’t after three if having it I was so upset cause I didn’t know they made mattress. Like that this was my first time seeing this anyways I had got tried if my mattress sagging I put a mattress firm pad on it and used pillowss where it was sagging under the pad and put my fitted sheets on my bed to keep them in place and it works very good I see it like this it don matter how big or how small you are these mattresses. should not be sagging as fast as they do I feel like. They do within the first five years they should replace them with no problems. They costs too much for you to have to by a new one every year

  89. MatrixZero says

    I just came across this site and it is a Godsend. After less than a year my mattress started sagging and being a pillow-top could only rotate and not flip it so now I have sags on each side and yes, I am heavy. So I bought a $100 thick mattress topper egg crate memory foam thing and now mount matrress-more wants to roll me out of bed onto the floor!! And if I put anything on my bed it just rolls right over to me so, so much for eating in bed (I am in bed a lot due to spine issues). I don’t have any flat pillows so I just put a folded comforter under the mattress and already so much better. I am going to buy some pillows tonight. Seems like manufacturers should be able to make some mechanism to fix this. My sag is about where my hips are from getting into bed and out of bed, a full body width towards the edge. I wonder if a wedge pillow would work? hummmm Thank you original poster for this wonderful idea!!

  90. Electralily says

    I had the same problems with a king sized bed and wasn’t ready to spend money on a new one yet. I tried folded blankets between the mattress and box spring, which helped somewhat, but not for very long. The fix I finally found was more than $9, but it does really work. I was skeptical, but the sag has not returned. It’s a contoured padded board that slips under the mattress and it’s easy to move around to the perfect spot – much easier than the blankets. Here’s the link

  91. ann says

    my answer would be to have a pull on or zip on removable pillow top that can be replaced as necessary with a firm long-lasting mattress. so much less hitting the land fills too. but no mattress company is going to do that when they can sell you a whole new mattress.

  92. Arembe says

    i used bubble wrap. this was under 3 foam mattress pads as well. fixed the dent and the bubble wrap (small, thats all i had) worked really well. before that i was using a sleeping bag in the bed and when it needed fluffing, the dryer was called into play.I used 3 layers of the bubble and it seems pretty good so far. if that fails, im going to walmart and getting the beautyrest air mattresses. gotta do something :)

  93. Lynne Barker says

    Wow!!! How long is this page!!! We just bought a new mattress today, with great trepidation, on sale for €1400, with a 4 year old equally as expensive mattress in our bedroom!! My back is destroyed!! I’ll have to wait the 4 weeks for delivery now and keep my fingers and toes crossed! It is the be all and end all of firm mattress (I am reliably informed by the sales guy…. )

  94. ralekato says

    We have been married 21 years and we are on what I believe is our 7th King size mattress. (some were exchanged right away) We now buy from a small independent mattress seller we found on Craigslist and get can get a King for under $700. I was hoping to get 5 years out of it but we are back to visiting our local mattress seller to fix our backs after less than 3 years. We have the canoe divots again. We are thin and in very good shape so weight should not anything to do with it. So glad I found this site. It’s good to know we are not alone. We will try the pillow idea tonight. Thank you and pleasant dreams that is if you actually sleep :)

  95. Miguel says

    I must say my wife and I are a bit tough on our bed we put wear, however it should not give way so soon. We purchased an extra firm bed from the Serta Iseries (expensive line). What a rip off….we should all get together and file a class action law suit against these bed manufactures. I am pretty sure the majority of these mattresses are built by the same manufacture. I know because I am an engineer that the fault on these mattresses is the type of metal used to make the coil the design of the coil is poor and created to fail. Other wise the bedding industry would only sell a bed to one person or couple only once every 10 or 20 years as you would like them to last. This will crust the industry. So they use soft metals that are designed to take what ever shape within a short period of time. The heavier you are the less likely it will last. If a couple sleep on a bed that is double the weight. There is a solution that is pratical…remove the skin of the mattress and sew on a zipper a metal one is best choice an industry quality zipper. Then you support each coil with styrofoam depending how firm you want it there are different types of foam. then you place the skin back on the mattress zipper it up. Voila!

  96. Bertie says

    My expensive 2006 model Spring Air Back Supporter Swedish Cashmere sagged in about 4-6 months. For a while we got by with turning it 1/4 turn and stuffing the gap at the headboard with blankets. NEW FIX: I have an old and new mattress pad on this bed. I stuffed the sagging parts with handsful of polyester fiberfill between the two mattress pads and smoothed it out. Try to make it level. So far it is working great and for less than $4.00. When it shifts or flattens out I will readjust or refill. (Purchase at Hobby Lobby with the 40% off coupon even cheaper than $4.00).

    We are no longer trying to roll uphill out of a hole to turn over in bed.

  97. H says

    Thank you so much for sharing your story and fix! I have struggling for six years with almost the exact story and finally I am sleeping soundly. Walmart $6 fix for two pillows. You saved us another $1000 bed. Have a great day!

  98. Debbie says

    We’ve had a Sealy memory foam mattress for 12 years now and it only has a tiny little sag in the center but it’s not a problem. I’ve been very happy with it.

  99. Linda says

    I came across your website yesterday while searching “what to do with a sagging mattress”. I went right home and put a couple of pillows under the mattress. What a difference! Thank you for coming up with such a cheap solution.

  100. Barbara Jones says

    Hi, I am so happy to find this page. I spent a 1.000.00 for a great feeling pillowtop set. After one year I noticed a dip and I will try the pillows under the mattress. But…..I also seem to drag or scoot to change position and the memory foam is in waves now and very uncomfortable. Anyone have any ideas on that???

  101. Prev says

    I recently returned a Serta Queen bed to QVC. Four months and waking up in extreme back pain daily. I went Saturday to Macy’s and bought what was on sale for the’ Columbus Day’ Sale Very Firm. Sealy. As the salespeople at Macy’s were terrible. The first one walked away just after I said I was ready to purchase this one… the other did me ‘the favor’ of ringing me up. I knew next to nothing about the bed and kept goggling the name of it. Up came a note of ‘reconditioned’ or refurbished then a disgusting article about dust mites, urine, mold etc. in mattresses pulled off the streets and refurbished. I called Sealy and representative assured me that the don’t refurbish and Macy’s doesn’t sell refurbished. I have to wait a week to get delivery. Thanks for the advise. I will do whatever I have to not have to buy another mattress so soon. I was on a Queen Air Mattress called Never Flat for two years and never had pain ever. A little embarrassing to sleep on but will do again if I have to.

  102. Michael D says

    I had the same problem with my six yr old, thousand-dollar mattress so i decided to investigate. I removed the mattress and box spring. I noticed the bed frame’s center bar was sagging. Fortunate for me, the bed frame footings are adjustable. The other two bed frame bars were sagging as well. When I pressed down on the bars, I noticed the footings sank into the carpet about two inches. Bingo, the bed frame footings had settled into the carpet / padding causing the mattress to sag. After releveling the bars, the footings make solid contact with the flooring and my mattress is no longer sagging. I just saved myself from having to replace my mattress. Try this and see how it works for ya. If your footings aren’t adjustable, shim the footings up with thin strips of wood from a hardware store.

  103. Helen says

    I’m so relieved to see I’m not the only one with this problem! I’ve been experiencing back and hip pain for weeks now, although we have had our Serta mattress for longer (4 or 5 years). It wasn’t long after we got it that it started to sag where both my husband and I sleep. It’s also one of those that you rotate and don’t flip (but let me tell you, we will be flipping it tonight regardless because I’ve had enough of this BS!).

    I’m now sleeping on the bed in the spare room because it’s firmer and I can actually get a good nights sleep on it! After the third night, I woke up and found that my back and hip pain was almost gone completely.

    Thanks for all the tips posted here, I’m going to make it my life’s mission to fix this mattress because there’s no way I’m spending $1000+ to replace it with something that will do exactly the same thing again in 6 mos time. If anyone else out there is currently shopping for a mattress, I’ll reiterate what others have said already which is to buy a mattress that’s firmer than you’re comfortable with. I wish we had bought the firmer version of our mattress, I don’t think we’d have these problems right now if we’d done so.

  104. Amart says

    We bought a top of the line sleep number bed in 1999 and are still pleased. I hate leaving it for holidays and vacations. It has a layer of memory foam that may account for less sagging and it doesn’t have coils. We sleep with it inflated 100 percent. I don’t know if the current models are the same but I expect to get many more years out of this one. On the other hand I have a vacation rental with 3 king beds and found that most issues arise with mattresses over 9 or 10 inches thick. I wonder if the mattresses everyone complains about are those in the thicker 15 inch range. I now plan to stick with the thinner mattresses and buy several layers of comfort items.

  105. Grimm says

    My husband and I bought a pillow top mattress 6 years ago. Our first real “new” mattress since we got married. It was nice and comfy til I had a car accident a few months after my daughter was born. Ever since I was rear-ended I can not sleep on that damn thing! My husband never had any issues with the mattress so I suffered in silence. Last year he was rear-ended and now he can’t stand the mattress either. We both want a new mattress but my husband keeps whining that we just bought it 6 years ago- even though I haven’t had a good night sleep on it for the last 5! For now we will suffer til he has had enough and we get a new mattress (one I pick!).

    One a happier note my parents just bought their first new mattress in 35 years. Their old one was just starting to sag the last few years and my mom has been having issues. So they bought a bed from a place called Custom Comfort Mattress. They paid 3x what my husband and I did BUT they get to try the bed for 90 days free! Every 2 weeks the factory salesman calls them and asks how the mattress is. If it is too soft he sends a new firmer one out to them. If it is too low on their frame they send a box or platform lift to go under the mattress. My dad has been having a ball fine tuning the bed with the salesman. THAT is how buying a mattress should be regardless of how much you pay!

  106. Bob W. says

    I too agree that the quality of the mattresses on the market are designed to fool people into believing that they have the answer to a great product. I have had two memory foam king size mattresses. The first I bought off ebay for only $500 delivered to my door. I slept on in for 8 years and got my money’s worth from it, but it too was sagging in the middle and I had to keep rotating it 180 degrees every 3 months so I could switch sides. Yes I sleep alone and I am a full grown man at 200lbs.. So, after doing some research I bought what I thought would get me quality sleep for another 8 years of rest, a $1000 new king size Sealy Posturepedic Gel Memory Foam that feature the exclusive Core-Support Center™, which provides additional support where you need it most. The center third of the mattress (the area that holds the heaviest part of your body) is power-packed to maximize support and enhance durability for the life of the mattress. This selling point pulled the cash out of my wallet…….Well after only sleeping on it for one year it too started to sag right where the company said it had the extra support built in. I then again started rotating the mattress and have now done this for the 2nd year. After keeping my chiropractor busy seeing him 2-3 times a month and under going a complete knee replacement, I started to seek a solution. I have been looing at mattress toppers when I stumbled upon this website. All I can say is after putting a pillow under one side of mattress ( I have a platform bed with no box springs) I immediately noticed that the sagging area had raised up. I have slept one night on it, and I can attest that this WORKS. Thank You, Thank You for this fix and it is so cheap. Even if I have to replace the pillows a few times a year, what a bargain.

  107. stacey says

    So glad I found this, the pillow idea worked perfectly! I’ve bought two expensive memory foam mattresses in the last two years, I replaced the first thinking it was faulty and the same thing happened again as it started to dip. I’m reluctant to buy another mattress because it would have to be another memory foam (regular spring mattresses wont fit up our narrow stairs) so really happy to have come across this. So annoying that a mattress can do this after just one year but at least it feels comfortable again now x

  108. Wendy says

    We had the same issue that everyone else is having with a sagging mattress. We had purchased what we thought was a good quality, good brand of mattress. We slept on it 7 years with several of those being very uncomfortable. 6-7 years ago we decided to try a Sleep Number bed. We will never buy anything else now. We have a king so it has dual air chambers. You can set each side to be comfortable for the sleeper. If you realize that your spot has lost a little air and needs to be firmer you just add air. No affiliation with Sleep Number, just a happy customer.

  109. says

    Well, its almost midnight and I’m tossing and turning thanks to my $1,000 bed I bought less then 2 years ago. I have a massive dent and it’s been killing my back, seriously the couch is more comfortable some nights. So I thought I’d check online and see if anyone had a solution and came across this blog. I have a few extra pillows so I gave it a shot…oh. my. gosh. A world of difference. I’m going to sleep so well tonight, thank you so much!

    *lights out*…..zZzZzZz

  110. Sleepless in South Hill, VA says

    We are on our 3rd Sealy King Size Mattress under the warranty. Each time the body impression got to 3″. BAD!!! Every time we needed to change the mattress under the warranty, Sealy clipped us another $100 for delivery. Yes they must to this on purpose. I do believe the bed frames made are not properly designed for king size beds and that body sweat contributes to the impression…but 3″ is a DEFECT. I wonder if it has been storing them on their sides contributing to the break down? Time to now lay out $2700-$3200 for a new mattress and I am flat out scared.

  111. Grace says

    Wow – I read all the above comments and I’m pretty flabbergasted that so many people out there are having the same issue. And the comments here only represent a tiny sampling.

    We had bought a “Sleep Better” bed (you read that right – Sleep BETTER, not Sleep Number) for around $1600 in 2004 (a knock off of Sleep Number). It was great at first but then developed body grooves in a few months. We spent some serious money on layers of foam, foam toppers and feather beds to make it so-so. In Aug 2014, my husband’s dual air chambers could no longer hold their inflation, so to the curb it went. (We were lucky because that very week the trash company was doing their annual pick up for bulk items.) Then we went and spent HOURS laying on mattresses at IKEA, thinking they had a great warranty, reasonable prices, yada yada yada. Bought one for $500 ish and hated it. It started sagging within only a month! We returned it within their stupid 90 day window and they only give you a gift card to their store for a refund. What a joke! Now we have to try and spend $500 bucks at IKEA somehow. Ug.

    After dumping the mattress back to IKEA, we went straight to Costco, where they were having a mattress sale and we bought a replacement, king size for $200 off making it around $500 again. It was great for the first few weeks, but here we are 3 months later and my back and hip are aching and I have been losing major sleep. It’s the kind you can’t flip and I’m in total agreement with much of the consensus here—mattress companies are running a scam. They must be raking in the money hand over fist for the cruddy products they’re selling us. I’m SO glad we didn’t waste our money on a fancier mattress. Sounds like they all sag eventually and often much too soon!

    So fast forward to today and after reading the blog post about the pillows, I could NOT believe I hadn’t thought of this before! I went straight away to the bedroom, unshammed two extra king size pillows and voila! instant comfort again. I’m looking forward to trying out my newly renovated mattress. I hope my husband likes it too. It just might save us from another mattress fiasco!

  112. Beverly Reed says

    Thank you so much for this advice! You really did save me over $1000. I spent all last night researching mattresses, but every mattress that I found seemed to have this sagging problem and I couldn’t decide which one to go with.
    I told my husband about this site and he said, let’s try it until we get the chance to pick out a new mattress. We used 2 big floor pillows from out living room. We were shocked to find that it actually worked! The sagging went away immediately and we could no longer feel any springs poking us in the back! Crisis averted- we don’t need to blow a bunch of money. Thanks so much!

  113. Linda French says

    OK… I read each and every one of the posts on this thread. I’m excited to report that I shopped at Walmart today and bought the $4.77 pillows AND a king sized package of quilt batting AND I’m sharing it on FB. I have a full size bed with a $475. mattress. I bought it exactly 1 year ago and it took aprox 6 months to start sagging. Not that bad compared to some others here. It’s a super soft pillow top and the mattress is pretty squishy too, sooo, I bought firm pillows. One of the posts described opening the pillow top and adding padding. That’s what the quilt batting is for. I really like a super soft pillow top. I’m going to open that top and add the batting in layers. Trying the pillows first then I’ll go there. At first it looked like I was trying to hide a body the way it humped up in the middle. So rather than getting flatter pillows I filled in the low spots around the edges with towels and the like and now it’s only humped up a little. Like I said it’s a really soft mattress. I need a ladder to get into it but I don’t care. I will post again when I sleep on it. I can’t thank enough the author of this post. Mattress manufacturing is a disgrace in this decade and I feel lucky that I only spent a little over $400. Thank you and thanks for all the posts. It was a godsend

  114. Teek says

    DO NOT buy the natural latex mattresses. We bought one. After a year and a half the mattress is so sagged that you can see the indents where we sleep under TWO duvet covers. Definitely going to try the pillow thing. THANKS!

  115. Lee says

    do not buy KINGSDOWN
    starts to get body ompressions in less that 12 months.
    first mattress they exchanged as dents were so bad after 2 years, but second mattress mattress got dents quicker. They aren’t 2″ yet, but I am suffering with body aches and no sleep. I don’t expect any help form the mattress store or the manufacturer.
    Foam is HOT no matter what anyone says and I think I’m just melting my bed.
    I am more comfortable on the floor at this point.
    Sleeping sucks and not sleeping sucks more.

  116. Bernie says

    We have the same problem. 6 month old $2000 matress with the sleep craters! Funnily enough the matress is called a “spine align ” LOL.

    Spine misalign is more appropriate. Currently doing the warranty tango with the manufacturer but as ours has only sagged 20mm not the 35mm stated in the warranty it is not looking hopefull for any kind of solution.

    As one other poster remarked the trouble purely the CHEAP foam used in the top. The pillows underneath as many have experienced will help for a while but the top will sag more and the pillows will as well after a while – but at least you can replace the pillows or put more in.
    Maybe a lump of wood would last longer .
    If I get no joy from the manufacturer I’ll cut the top of mine and replace the saggy foam with a replaceable matress topper.

  117. Darkoshi says

    Thank you for this brilliantly simple idea. After putting some pillows under my 3 and a half year old sagging mattress, it feels much better now. The pillows make it somewhat uneven, but I’m sure if I experiment with different types of padding, I could get around that too.

  118. Marcelo says

    I used a couple of yoga matts under the mattress and it seems to work well. Had to try different folding options to find the perfect shape and thickness to fix the shape of the sagging, but i think it works!

    Thanks for the tip!

  119. asa says

    your solution with the pillows is great. i’m a structural engineer that a friend asked about this problem. i like that your answer came right up on google. :) the fancy version of the pillows that you link to in amazon merely allow some extra load spread side to side while conforming to the sweep of the body. the latex thing spreads the load horizontally while preventing the negative aspects of sleeping on a latex board with the mattress elements above and below. any strong element will get that job done. the latex is a bullheaded approach, as it is semi-rigid in and of itself. it is both difficult to stretch and compress. good quality construction achieves this goal without having a latex board. when i bought my last mattress i made sure that it could spread the load over the coils. mine got the job done with high density foam on the top and a layer of multiple bound/stacked sheets of cotton textile below (think old school futon mattress), all over the box springs (which had a relatively stiff top element anyway). i preferred this to the latex because the latex doesn’t breath, and is a serious long term allergy concern. remember, you need compression and tension strength on both sides if you are having 2 ppl in the bed, otherwise compression on the top only should be fine.

  120. Dawn says

    This is AWESOME! I used a body pillow that is rather full and it levelled out the sag perfectly! THANK YOU!

  121. says

    After replacing every King mattress found two answers.
    1. When the manufacturer agreed to replace our mattress, instead of getting another King that would do the same as the others, we opted for two twin X Long mattresses with twin XL box springs (this equals regular King mattress size). Only negative was the small space b/w the top mattresses which we ordered the poly sheet that fills it in perfectly. The other plus to this solution is that my husband doesn’t wake up if I have to get up and run to the ladies room and visa versa.

    2. Stayed at a really nice hotel with the best mattresses we’ve ever slept on. Checked them out and the hotel manager said they order lots of mattresses made specifically for hotels and most reputable hotels (the better ones) are more than happy to order you one too. The next time we need to replace a mattress, that’s exactly what we will do, have the hotel order and sell us one. Great price too.

    Maybe if enough people quit buying the non-flippable junk the mattress companies are selling, they’ll smarten up and sell better quality.

    • David says

      Here’s the straight dope, people. My wife worked for a marketing company that represented the coalition of mattress manufacturers, so these are the facts:

      1. Mattresses are DESIGNED to fail within the first couple of years. Mattress manufacturers want you to buy a new mattress every five years. That’s their target. If the mattress is causing problems in 3 years, most people will suck it up and deal with it for another year or two. So there’s your five year number. Quit saying, “Why can’t anyone build a good mattress anymore?!?” They can. They CHOOSE not to. Haven’t you ever wondered why car bodies aren’t made of aluminum or plastic, which doesn’t rust? It’s because they WANT the car to rust, so even if you keep it repaired mechanically, you’ll eventually have to buy another one. Mattresses are no different now.

      2. Mattress companies go to great lengths to make sure you can’t comparison shop their products. Within a geographical area, they will deliberately label the same mattress a half dozen different names, so you can’t go from store to store and compare. It’s the same mattress, but you’ll never know that, based on the label.

      3. Mattress companies have largely quit making double-sided mattresses BECAUSE they don’t want you flipping it over and extending the life. That’s by design. It’s a win-win for them…they save money on manufacturing, because only one side is finished. You have to buy a mattress twice as often.

      4. Turning the mattress (or yourself) 90 degrees will not accomplish anything in the long term. Most people are heaviest around their waist…which is near the middle of the bed. If you rotate, the heaviest part of you will still be in the middle of the bed. Yes, you’ll get a little relief for awhile where your shoulders are, but eventually it will sink in again.

      5. Mattress warranties are utterly worthless. They’re completely unenforceable, and again, this is by design. Pay no attention to the warranty when you shop for a mattress, because you WON’T be using it. Just pretend it doesn’t even exist, because for all intents and purposes, it doesn’t. UNLESS, you buy from Costco…because Costco will let you return ANYTHING. In this case, you’re not at the mercy of the mattress manufacturer, because you’re not dealing with them. You’re dealing directly with Costco. Of course, you still have to find a way to schlep your 300-lb mattress back to the store…

      Now, damage control: If you want your mattress to stay comfortable, you only have a couple options:

      1. Fix it yourself, using any of the methods mentioned here. If you have an innerspring mattress with a foam top, it’s very likely the foam top is the only thing that’s deformed. Slice it off, replace it with another foam topper. Try the OP’s pillow solution. Whatever. If you have a fully foam bed, you’re not going to be able to remove the top layer. You’ll just have to add something to fill in the depressions.

      2. Buy a waterbed. A waterbed CAN’T develop depressions where you sleep. It’s physically impossible. Now, whether a waterbed is comfortable for you is a question only you can answer. But whatever comfort it starts with, it will keep.

      Oh, and with regard to hotel beds being better, hotel chains replace their beds often. More often than you probably want to. They accept that their beds will degrade, and that’s with LESS use than yours. After all, your bed gets used every night, while a hotel bed may not.

      Marriott properties all use the same beds, whether they’re Fairfield Inns, Marriotts or whatever. And they’re super comfortable, all foam. But they expect to replace them every couple of years. You can buy them…next time you’re at a Marriott, just ask at the front desk. They’ll give you a company to call. But keep in mind, they’re as expensive as what you’d buy anywhere else, and they only last a few years.

  122. Dennis says

    For those comments about Latex, I think you should go buy one and sleep on it. 7 years ago after reading everything I could find on mattresses I decided on an all natural 100% latex and purchased a king for $2200.00, and guess what within the first year we were sleeping ruts, but of course they weren’t deep enough to replace the mattress. But now I can barely walk because of hip pain. I use to play tennis 3 times a week and golf a couple of days per week and now I can’t do either. A couple of months ago we finally gave that piece of crap away. Now we’re in the market for a new mattress, but afraid to try.

  123. Donna says

    I too have had many years if mattresses sagging causing back and hip pain. I finally bit the bullet and got a Temperpedic – have had it for 5years and it is still the best night’s sleep I have had! No sagging – absolutely the best!

    • B. says

      Temperpedic are the real deal – my daughter has one. But jeez – I can’t begin to afford one. I hate modern mattresses, I sleep in a little hollow curled up like a squirrel now in the mattress-box spring combo I paid a $3000 for just 4 years ago. I weigh 120 pounds, BTW – I can’t imagine how it is for larger people. My back hurts. Curses.

  124. Robyn says

    Best and cheapest fix is an egg crate foam pad on top of the mattress (like the ones used in the hospital). Works like a charm and is very comfy. I used one for years till I bought a memory foam mattress that I adore.
    P.S. I’ve had several major back surgeries so I’m very picky about my mattress!

  125. Linda says

    I bought a queen-size bed for over $1700 in 2010. By 2012, there was noticeable sagging/dipping. In 2013, I bought a replacement mattress. The salesman told me I would have no more problems. Such bull! It’s now October 1, 2015 & I’ve had to buy another new bed!! I regret giving my old beds to friends & relatives for free & being told by them that they absolutely love the beds I gave them & would never part with them (one must be near 25 years old)–the kind of mattress you can flip over & rotate. I will never give away my Simmons Beautyrest I bought in 2001 for my guestroom. I won’t be buying any more beds. I should have moved the Simmons bed into my bedroom & put the hated saggy bed in the guestroom (saved myself some money). If the guests didn’t like it, they can take a hotel.

  126. Dan says

    I came upon this website after a Google search for “How to repair my sagging mattress”. When I first read about the simple pillow solution, I thought to myself “this is too good to be true”. Then I started analyzing the basic physics behind it all and began thinking that putting something under the mattress could possibly resolve our 1 1/4″ sag. First I tried a pillow and found it to be “too high”. Next, I folded two large beach towels into 3 and put it under the mattress. Incredible! The mattress was flat! I’ll see how I feel in the morning, however, I believe I’ve got a good night’s rest ahead of me. Thanks for the incredibly simple solution!

  127. Patty says

    I googled sagging mattress and your tip came up. Already put two pillows under the mattress one under each side of the sinking hole.. and I can already feel the difference. I hope it works cause this bed is killing my sides and back! Thanks so much!

  128. Rachel says

    I work at a mattress store. If ur having dips in a memory foam mattress I would recommend trying this- stand the mattress up vertically and run your hands up and down it. Will help to smooth out any dips. Leave it that way for a few hours. Also it’s recommended to rotate all beds head to foot every 4 months. As most beds are not double sided anymore. Hope this helps.

  129. Tiffiany says

    I wonder what mattresses are being purchased ?.
    I bought an Englander less than 2 years ago and it’s junk , sinking on either side with a hump in the middle. I dread going to bed.
    What are others buying? I’d like to avoid those mattresses that sink quickly.

  130. Jacquelyn says

    It is amazing to me that this thread has been going since 2011. You are not going to believe this but I had my last mattress 25 years. It took 25 years for the poor thing to give it up. I loved that mattress. We bought a new one ad have only had it 6 months. I feel like I am sleeping in a fox hole already! I can hardly walk I am so stiff in the morning. I wake up in the already exhausted. I dread going to sleep because I know I have to wake up and stretch and crack. I think my husband could sleep strapped to a jet in the air but I look at him laying there and he just looks as miserable as I feel.
    I am going to take the bed apart and start from the bottom and work up to the phone where I call them to come get this thing out of my house.
    It is a damn shame that this thread has been going since 2011 and it is now 2016 and this many people have spent hard earned money for a true necessity and we have all been taken by a bunch of lying, thieving companies. It is truly sad. What happened to our country?

  131. Tracie says

    Kinda nice to hear that I’m not the only one with this problem. I just attributed the sag in my mattress to my recent weight gain…which made me feel horrible.

  132. Linda says

    I am on my fourth mattress since 2014. Yup! My 4th!! Thank God for American Express and their dispute system!! (Did not work for every mattress, almost though!) … I was about to switch out my current one #4, a 100% Dunlap latex mattress tomorrow with one of the three others I still have hanging around because this very expensive 100% latex mattress has compressed/sagged so badly where I primarily sleep (single woman) after only 18 months or so. If I scoot much more to the edge of the bed, I’ll be picking myself up off the floor :D … After reading this thread, I am uncertain what I will do. I suppose I might try the pillows under the mattress. I’ve already been sleeping on top of my feather pillows where the compression is most severe. So, as you can tell, total pure latex IMO, and based on my actual experience, is not the total answer. However, understand, the vendor is telling me, my issue is I may need to exchange the soft or medium piece with a more firm piece. With this mattress, after all my dreadful experience, I did gain some wisdom .. Or so I thought. It came in three pieces. I ordered firm, medium and soft, which can be moved around in any order. I’ve tried all variations per the vendors suggestions and I’m still compressed; i.e. I feel like I’m sleeping on the ground and my back feels like someone beat me with a two by four .. Even with acupuncture, massage and energy work (Reike, etc). The vendor has said if these variations don’t work I need to order another more firm piece to replace the soft or medium … Even though! based on my honest weight at time of order .. They told me what I ordered would work!!! Of course, they’ll give me a discount. How nice. The only redeeming option is mattress #3 was a custom mattress so I’m hoping I can fit pieces of the latex from mattress #4 into mattress #3.
    The moral of my saga … Buy from a vendor that offers a 90 day warranty. Purchase a mattress that allows you a lot of flexibility (no pun intended) … I.e. One where you can adjust the mattress pieces. Use your American Express card, although I am finding AmX is not providing credit on disputes as readily as they use to. Not that I dispute often. I actually don’t.
    Btw, I also had an Englander prior to this and I loooooooved it. I was disappointed to read one person here did not like it. Maybe they changed it? We all know this happens.
    If my situation doesn’t resolve I plan to go back to Englander, which I was told by a tempupedic vendor was discontinued (tsk tsk). Good I found it on my own. The Englander vendor is actually the same vendor I purchased from back in 1995 and he said it’s the mattress ‘all the chiropractors use.’ Shoulda woulda coulda … Good luck to all.

  133. Mike says

    I found that 6 foot by 4 foot ( standard size ) cheap fleece blankets fold up perfectly and unlike pillows they are already flat so it stays pretty firm longer, unlike a pillow that squishes over time. You can find junky cheap ones on ebay, The ones I found at a petco for 4 bucks a blanket, im sure everyone has an old afghan or two laying around, those worked well too.

  134. Rb says

    I bought a latex mattress almost a year ago. Big splurge, very excited. But few months in I was climbing out of a hole in the morning. Finally got the warranty inspection and he verified 1.75″ impression. Report said 1.5″ indent.nonetheless they are honoring the refunds but use same amount mobey previously spent. It was suggested to get beauty rest hybrid. I am so concerned same thing is going to happen. I loved the latex bed but fear if it indents in first few months, what will happen years in. What if new one does same thing?
    I had my previous mattress for 15 years, same company. Any comments on which way to go? Claim is foam wont provide same comfort level as hybrid.

  135. Diane B says

    You basically told my story, except I had purchased 3 mattress toppers, then 4 different mattresses (2 of them did get replaced by their manufacturers because they sagged over the 1 1/2″ in their warranties), in 4 years time. I then finally bought a latex mattress. Well, guess what? Besides being hard as a rock, it sags too! I have had it a bit over a year now and have bought 3 more mattress toppers for it, all of which also get body impressions. My husband is much heavier than I am do I know it has nothing to do with weight. I wonder if it has to do with he way we sleep? I sleep on my side- almost in a fetal position. I’ve tried to change but can’t. Thank you for letting me know I am not the only one suffering with this problem. I would do anything for a really good night’s sleep! That only happened for 2 nights when I stayed in a hotel.

  136. Kay says

    I did try the Mattress Helper several months ago after seeing it on Amazon. In case of having to return it, I ordered it from Bed, Bath & Beyond so I could return it to the store. The Mattress Helper helped initially, but as the foam block is not as wide or long as a mattress, I had trouble keeping the blankets tucked in. I could live with that, but the foam is thick and the mattress wobbled on top of it, so I felt as if I was going to roll out of the bed. After a week or so, I started feeling the springs in the mattress sinking again, so I returned the item to the store. I will give the pillows a try

  137. Tom says

    I had no idea that this problem was so wide spread, and that it’s not just me. Before reading this blog I was ready (3) days ago to go out and purchase our 3rd new bed in 6 years. On the (2) previous beds, I went through process to receive warranty, it took 3 weeks, with pictures, measurements etc., and the manufacturer covered up to what was previously spent. As both were on sale at the time. As the new beds weren’t on sale at the time, and I was progressively buying higher end beds to supposedly eliminate the sagging problem, I had to top up each time to the tune of hundreds of dollars. All of them within months started to sag. (2) nights ago, I inserted a folded blanket under the sag on the 15″ mattress , problem solved. Best sleep I have had in months, with back ache in the morning. Thank you!

  138. Bekki says

    I would like to thank you so much for this article. Following an injury to my back in 2012 (DIY – lifting heavy plasterboard. If I could turn back the clock !) I have been in pain ever since and using strong medication was the only thing that could help. The injury has affected the quality of my life to such a degree I have spent 100′s on @things that could help, but didn’t.

    I bought a lovely mattress topper, but alas have a genetically large tushi and was left with an awful dent and a rought night’s sleep and still a bad back.

    Well, after putting the pillow under my bum on Monday and ever since for the past 5 days I am ecstatic to say that something so simple has revolutionised my life !!

    It is like a miracle – no more pain on waking.

    I can now get up straight away and get active. No stiffness, no back spasms where I was lying directly on top of my protruding nerve.

    I have come off the medication completely (with its many side effects of sluggishness and slow or non-happening bm’s, unable to think clearly).

    And I feel hopeful again. I can get my life back to normal again.

    Thank you thank you thank you for taking the time to make your post. Words cannot describe what a difference this has made to my life.

    And as you say … for less than $9.


  139. Kim says

    THANK YOU!!!!! Holy cow! I couldn’t believe how much they wanted for that mattress helper. ($60 at the places I was looking at) and nobody had them available for pickup today. I went to my local “everything” store and bought a body pillow for less than $10! I actually had to remove some of the stuffing but otherwise my bed is so much better!

  140. says

    Glad I read all this, I think I will for sure stick to my soft side water bed. If it starts sagging just add some more water. For all of you with pillow top problems looking to find something different, give soft sides a look. Fits on regular frame, no sloshing around, can’t even gel it’s water until you sit on it. Good for aches and pains. I’ve had one for 26 years, only thing they are a pain to move.

  141. Lisa says

    I can’t believe how many people have been writing about the exact same problem with their beds. My husband can sleep anywhere, he thinks I’m exaggerating and making it up….but I’m so F**ing uncomfortable in bed at night because of the sag in the bed, and even in our new bed. At my witts end. Thanks for your website, I now know I am not making this up – the problem is real.

  142. Amanda says

    My sag is right in the middle. Which was fine when I was single. Really comfortable even. But when two people can’t help but wake up mashed together it starts to create some problems eventually haha. I have a body pillow I don’t use, I’m trying this right away

  143. Lisa Ruper says

    Thank God for the internet! I have bought 3 mattresses in five years thinking all this sagging was my fault. I too tried the pillows 3 days ago and I don’t even want to leave my bed. Best sleep I’ve had in forever it seems. Save money try the pillows adjust if needed. Good Luck and Happy sleeping.

  144. pat says

    I finally found a mattress that doesn’t sag and I want to share my findings with the world of the interwebz.

    Check out – they have come up with a mattress that doesn’t sag, and if you don’t believe me, just check their warranty. They have one of the best anti-sag warranties I ever had seen, which led me to purchase the “luxury firm” model.

    It’s been 6 months since I’ve been sleeping on the bed with absolutely no sag. Best of all, I know that if it DOES sag that the warranty will cover it. They’re a new company, so I was hesitant, but if you check out some of the other reviews and info online you will see that they are doing it right.

  145. Pops says

    Wow, i can’t believe i didn’t think the idea of using pillows, i have a mattress for 4 year that i regularly flip over since beginning, at first at about six months, then 4 months, until recently at almost every week, got really irritating, i almost think to find a new mattress like my parents have, all foam mattress that used for almost 20 years with no trouble, i guess sagging bed is only happened in a bed with springs?, so recently i put a couple of cheap rectangular pillow that originally used as sofa decoration, it work perfectly as a support, my mattress now almost level and it just feel great.

  146. Pria Alicea says

    I honestly can say “I love you” right now at this moment. I’ve been sleeping in the dent for over a yr. And since we have a king we would just rotate it clockwise every few months…until finally all 4 sides were completely dented in. We were even starting to fight over the middle hump in our sleeps lol. We could not afford a new one so we just gave up. Last yr I woke up with such pain, and found out that I had a bulging cervical disc (no clue why). So I started noticing more that when I was trying to get better laying made it worse. So I’ve tried mates toppers of all sorts….nothing worked. My back has been hurting so bad when I woke up that I just starting taking my memory foam pillows and filling the dent with them, then laid on it. It was a tiny bit better, but I kept rolling off. So right now I was like the Internet has to be able to fix this…Im fat but can’t be the only one dealing with the. Came across multiple sites complaining but never really explained how to fix it. Then I found urs and I had high hopes cuz so far it was the only one that offered a diy solution. I read it through and was like I did that. But starting thing about it and realized I put the pillows on top of it, then put my sheet on. I decided to try it ur way…even though I thought it would feel the same way as what I did. But what a difference it made from just that. It’s a bit firmer now, but I like it better now than when we first bought it lol. Thank u so much for putting this out there. I mean it’s so simple but very effective. And so far as much as I had seen…no body had thought of it. It’s like that moment u go to the store and see the simplest invention but can’t figure out why u didn’t come up with it…”I could’ve done that. Come on, really”. Thanks a million!
    Pria Alicea

    Now if someone comes up with an easy diy cell phone holder while ur laying in bed…that swipes or scrolls for u. I would never leave this bed.
    Thanks again!

  147. No name says

    I’ve had my mattress for not even 2 weeks and it already has a dent where I’ve been sitting on it. Not a memory foam or pillow top one but a gel foam type. At least my other mattress took 9 years to start going bad, geez. Also glad that I’m not the only one experiencing this.

  148. No name says

    My bed is still pretty sleepable though, I didn’t know how sleep deprived I was until I got it..hopefully it doesn’t get any worse.

  149. Mel Berman says

    I have an expensive latex mattress that has sagged about an inch where my wife used a heating pad for a number of years to relieve her back pain. The salesman said latex would not sag with a heating pad–not true. Anyway, I used your flat pillow idea and the sag is completely gone! Thanks
    for your super idea!

  150. Maria says

    How is pillow placed – length of pillow head-to-foot or side to side?

    I used two small travel-size pillows; woke less achy this morning but pillows pressed too much on lower back. Will try regular sleep pillow that’s less dense.

    Also, trying out: on the other side of bed, placed two pool noodles, lengthwise head-to-foot. These are $1at Dollar Tree.

  151. Jrm says

    Thank you so much! The pillow fix is instantly better. After 4 years of a sagging $3000 king mattress and the warranty being denied because a quarter size stain – we are super excited! We almost trashed the mattress and bought a new one! Thank you so much. Pillows are so much more affordable then a new mattress.

  152. Annette says

    I’m going to try the pillows under the mattress first and go from there. I woke up so many times last night feeling the hollow I was sleeping in. I kept moving around trying to get out of the saggy area.
    Thank you so much.
    I feel so bad that pride in workmanship is gone and greed has taken over.

  153. kim T says

    Thanks so much for this site! When I went to try the pillow method I found the wood slats in the platform under out bed had become displaced and the mattress was bulging out underneath creating a dent in the top. When the mattress was once again fully supported by a flat platform it went back to like new! I would recommend putting the new style mattress on a completely flat surface. To test put it on the floor and see if it returns to its proper shape. Good luck to all!

  154. says

    I was finding a resources about the reason behind the sagging mattress and how to fix it. I think i am on the right place. Nicely written

  155. Laura says

    Oh my gosh! Me too! We bought a euro top mattress in 2011. It failed miserably! Total collapse of the foam layers on top of the pocketed coil springs, 4″ indentation to be exact! It was replaced under the warranty thankfully. We have owned the replacement for 2 weeks, 3 days. It is already sagging. We are rolling to the middle. There is a pillow between to prevent us rolling into each other during the night. That being said the actually sleeping space on the right and left of the bed are presenting with indentations as well. We wake up stiff through the hips and lower back daily. So frustrating! Hate to go out shopping because I feel like this,unfortunately, is the new norm. I truly don’t know how to proceed. I need sleep.

  156. Tamara says

    I have the same issue bed sagging hurts to sleep on it, i paid almost 3000.00 and you cant flip it because its pillow top one side memory foam, warrenty what a joke 1st it was. The sag has to be 1 inch, calked bk now it has to be 1.5 inch, the waterproof mattress protectors are a joke too 100.00 and my bed isnt even as year old has water mark from my kid spilling his glass in it, oh its covered to be cleaned but do it urself if the water mark dont come out ur warrenty is void. Yea im gonna put 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch plywood under mine. Im so pissed at gardner white and the dream company its not even funny

  157. Sandra says

    Oh my goodness we thought something was wrong with us…..super expensive mattresses just hopelessly hammocked!!! Bought $9 pillows yesterday and had best nights sleep since we bought the mattress. What a lifesaver you have been.

  158. says

    I’ve read almost this whole entire list of issues people have. Of course, I say the same things. The sagging is awful. I have back pain, knee pain, etc. If I sleep in the middle there is an indentation. If I sleep on one of the sides, I roll. If I sit on the end of the bed, it sags and I feel like it dips and I’m going to fall off the edge. I’ve tried the pillows. I’ve tried boards. I have stacked quilts, blankets, and just about anything I can think of. This bed is less than 2 years old. It is a Simmons Beauty Rest Queen. Not super expensive, but not cheap either. I’ve been thinking of mattress toppers and have read up on them. I’ve also thought about maybe some kind of platform frame. I’m at my wits’ end. It’s not an option to get another mattress. This was maybe $800, but on sale. Don’t remember the final cost though. Would be nice to be able to sleep. I don’t think I would ever get another pillow top. My first one was 2 sided and I flipped it regularly. It lasted many years and it was a lot cheaper. This is one sided and it’s a waste of money! It began to sag not even 3 months after purchase!

  159. Kat says

    I’m so glad to see that this is a common problem. I thought I was losing my mind. But the back pain and leg cramps from our expensive but sagging mattress had gotten intolerable, we need to do something, so I’m researching the problem.

    We were given a queen mattress several years ago that sagged terribly – so we bought a slab of 1/2″ plywood to support the box springs. It really helped.

    2 years ago we bought a new ‘firm’ mattress that started sagging in a year. It’s killing my back. I’ve told my husband that it’s time to go back to Home Depot for another slab of plywood.

  160. kathy says

    We live in Canada. Shopped Sears as they offered to exchange the mattress if we didn’t like it. We paid around $2000. 00 for the first one and ended up with 4 in total ! They all sank within weeks. I weigh 113 pounds. We even bought Twin XL thinking it would prevent it from happening to no avail. The first one was exchanged due to a fault by the manufacturer and we now have the replacement that sank within weeks. We folded a towel under the sagging part as the pillow was a little high. I am a stomach sleeper so struggle more than my husband. I dread having to buy another mattress but my sleep is now so poor and backache an everyday way of being . Does anyone know of a good one Canada?

  161. Ynot says

    OK, already flipped over the bed. I have a SUPER PillowTop and was using the bottom. Still sagged. Didn’t have any thin pillows so I tried an old blanket. The sag is gone! Taking a nap to test now…

    • Ynot says

      OK, the verdict is IN. I took an old blanket and PUT IT BETWEEN THE MATTRESS AND BOXSPRING. After a couple of adjustments, it’s now convex instead of concave!. Setup my Sunbeam mattress pad heater and it’s NIRVANA!!!

  162. Lucie says

    It’s the slat base you have! You have to change to an ensemble base and your saggy mattress problems will be over. I promise! slats cause you to roll into the middle whereas ensemble bases support the entire mattress evenly.

  163. Katie says

    Thanks so much for recommending the pillow under the mattress option. I am currently on a really really bad sagging mattress. We have a new mattress on the way but it won’t be here for four days. I was looking for a quick fix without having to migrate to the couch. Thanks again!

  164. Julie A. Powers says

    Thank God for finding this thread. The hip,neck & back pain are horrible. I’ve been trying out mattress stores to hopefully find another new mattress as I can’t take it anymore. My husband has moved to the spare bedroom day bed as I can’t tolerate the canoe syndrome side of the bed anymore. I have to sleep on the hump in the middle or sideways. What a nightmare. All previous posts apply. Am putting pillows under today & pray it helps.

  165. joe naab says

    I’m hoping a good class action attorney finds and reads this blog. We have had the same problem, and each time the sales rep comes out the sag isn’t deep enough. Now we’ve had the pos so long it has stains on it just as the sag is finally 2” deep. Just as the manufacturer had hoped would happen as we got jerked around for the past 12 years sleeping in a 2 row bathtub w/ a 25 yr ‘full replacement non prorated’ warranty. I still have my receipt and would like nothing more than a refund to donate to charity or even to the lawyer who steps up to the plate for jeez sake! I’m getting my next one from Sam’s club and plan on just paying the delivery fee and returning it as often as necessary until I get a good one. Truly sad that a retailer must take the hit b/c we make cr@p in this country. :-(

  166. Judy says

    I had my husband build 2 long, size of the bed, 1 short end of bed, book cases, like
    . How ever high you want. Lay down. On top we put 1/2″ plywood. I covered. Then we went to the Denver mattress co. bought cheaper bed. Make sure it’s one they make. It’s not pillow top. Has to going on 10 years, just starting to sag, but I use it as a sofa, too. No box spring. Could not be happier.

  167. Lauren says

    I had a king sized Simmons maxopedic matress that was PERFECT for 30 years, but due to the movers breaking the box spring, I threw the whole thing out in the garbage (what a huge mistake that was to do!) Then I went to a local matress store, for a so called “better deal” and I bought a Simmons pillow top mattress, which I hated; the matress co. allowed me to switch it out for a more expensive Simmons pillow top, that was a bit firmer ( but it is still too soft with not enough support, gives me aches and pains and it gets too hot and is not even close to the comfort of my circa 1984) old “Simmons maxopedic” mattress that did not give me any of these problems! I am unemployed & I do not have the money to buy a new matress and this mattress is only 1 & 1/2 yrs old. Are there any cheap solutions?

  168. John Barker says

    I have had the same problem. Folded blankets, pillows, plywood, etc. all work but cardboard is a lot cheaper. Just add enough layers to force the sagging area up level with the ridge down the middle. The king in the condo we rent annually is getting pretty bad, so this year it was off to the recycle bin for some good cardboard about 24 to 30 inches wide and 5 to 6 feet long. Sleeping great again. Cost – about 45 minutes.

    • Mo says

      I used foam – the egg carton type with the bumps on it. Like everyone on this site, I too have been plagued with ‘saggy mattress.’ I think, thanks to this website and a new slat-base system, my problem has been solved. I am set to take my $200 mattress topper back to Costco next week!

      The first night with the new slats I followed the suggestion here and used 2 pillows – 1 for each crater (from flipping the mattress regularly) It was ‘better’ but felt too hard. The next morning I cut pieces from the foam egg-carton mattress topper and put them in the appropriate spots and I can’t believe it!! I have a flat, comfortable mattress again!!!

      So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! For mostly the mattress ‘fix’ but also for the pure entertainment value of reading this assortment of emails. Was somehow reassuring to know we were all in it together!!!

  169. dancerwriter says

    We have had a Sleep Number bed for many years, and after about 8 years I am noticing a hump in the middle and indentations on one or both sides. We tried pumping it up more but that doesn’t help. It seems to form wherever you last put pressure (i.e. if you sit on the foot of the bed, one will form there; if you get out of bed after lying in it, it will appear somewhere near your shoulders or butt.) I find myself rolling into my husband when I’m on my side or, if I’m in the middle cuddling with him, sleeping on top of a hump . The way the indentation moves around makes no sense.
    FYI: these beds are on a wooden platform (no slats or springs), then 2 air bladders with a baffle in the middle, then a waffle-kind of topper and then a zip-off pillow top. We just took it all apart. I may try the pillow trick but am skeptical given the way the bed is constructed.
    My solution is to sleep in the confounded thing for as many hours as I can stand it and then, for the rest of the night, move to a recliner chair that is outfitted with a sleeping bag. I sure would like a better bed.

  170. Tawana Kinney says

    Thank you so much for sharing this article. I have been sleeping on a sagging mattress for about a year. This is my third mattress within 10 years, each time I have had my mattress replaced by the manufacturer and with each time mattress the sagging began. Your method of placing pillows under my saggy mattress brought me immediate relief. I needed three pillows for my side of a king size mattress. Funny thing my husband’s size of the mattress is fine, no sagging. So happy that I’m not the only one and so happy that you shared!!!!!
    Thank You!

  171. Karen says

    I got a piece of foam poster board and put that on the mattress and than 1 in memory foam on top of that and it solved the sagging. It is like lying on a backboard so if you like a very firm mattress than this solution of a 1 in memory foam should work for you but if you want more cushion than that than add a thicker piece of memory foam.

  172. Karen says

    I got a piece of foam poster board and put that on the mattress and than 1 in egg carton foam on top of that and it solved the sagging. It is like lying on a backboard so if you like a very firm mattress than this solution of a 1 in egg carton foam should work for you but if you want more cushion than that than add a thicker piece of memory foam.

  173. Josh says

    You, my friend, are a life saver and a genius! We too have the Seally Icomfort and sleep in holes. UNTIL NOW! I just put a throw pillow under my side and it worked like a charm! It feels brand new! Been dealing with this for years! Problem solved! THANK YOU and God Bless you!

  174. Kathleen says

    Guys, it’s 2017 now. Buy a 100% pure LATEX mattress topper or a pure latex mattress. I went though the same thing with an innerspring but no more. Go to Makeover your bed. Next bed I buy will be one of theirs, for now the 2″ soft topper on this crappy Beautyrest is fine. Don’t waste money on memory foam that sleeps hot and loses it’s shape anyway, plus it’s toxic! look for Pure Green/Sleep on latex on Amazon and if you have prime you will be set in a few days. All for about 200 bucks, (you don’t need a protector for the topper). Hope this helps.

  175. Sierra says

    I cannot begin to describe my relief after reading this post and all of your comments. We’re not the only ones! And seriously wth is up with the non-flippable mattresses?? Our current one is a pillow top on one side because there were no double pillow top mattresses to be found! I couldn’t believe it when we were shopping for our current one. Paid $1000 out the door, not even a full year later, damn thing is sagging on both sides with a bump in the middle. One side is lower than the other, so the blood rushes to your brain and you wake up with a wickedly bad headache. I’m a side sleeper, so I wake up with awesome hip joint pain, and my spine is curved all night, like the most boring roller coaster ever (screw my 60s right? I can just live in a wheelchair!)
    We started rotating it, since it had only one pillow top( because why not use the pillow top side because you f’ing paid for it, right?), so it can wear evenly. Waste of time. We got fed up so we flipped it. Was okay for a while until it sagged on the bottom too. We flipped it back over. Again, felt okay for a while….until the sag came back. We then realized that we were going to have to keep flipping the frigging mattress over periodically to combat the sagging that would eventually develop, while still having an “okay” to “crappy” sleep experience in the meantime. But knowing deep down the sagging will come back like a gential STD.
    So before looking online, I tried pillows because for some reason, my b/f can’t let go of old, thin pillows, so we have an abundance on top of our bed (ratio of 40% bed, 60% pillows). Worked out! But the fact that we paid all that money for a piece of sh!t mattress still ticked me off, so I looked online for any other diy solutions anybody else may have found. And I saw these pads you can place under your mattress to help sagging. Same thing as the pillow solution, but might last longer? Larger price tag for sure, but if it lasts, could be worth it. I may look for a soft topper to ease my hip pain though, but the sag is at least fixed. Can anyone recommend a good, plush topper?
    Thanks for these solutions, and sorry for the long rant!

  176. REALLY? says

    I had like a 2″ dent right where I slept on a 3 year old mattress (yeah, guess when the warranty ran out). Not flippable, and rotating it only works for about a day. I didn’t understand how putting a pillow under the mattress could flatten out the top of it. Tried it. I am shocked. This works. This really really works. And it was free because I have extra pillows. Bless you and bless 10 generations of your family. May the mattress executives burn in eternal hellfire.


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