How Has Frugality Improved Your Life?

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Photoxpress_4077023bSo often we think about saving money and frugality and equate it with deprivation. I know I have done it. I often feel sad when we can’t replace something that is usable but on the outs or when I am tired of my wardrobe and can’t run out and buy a new outfit.

But what I would like to focus on today is how practicing a frugal lifestyle can give more fulfillment, pleasure or joy. These can be small or large.. I just want for you to share your experiences.

Two of mine are homemade popcorn and not eating out as much.. and I will tell you why. To save a bit of money we switched from microwave popcorn to airpopped. In the end I don’t know what the savings works out to, probably not a lot- since we use real, grassfed butter on it. But here’s what I love for sure.. the taste.. it is so amazing. I can’t figure out why we haven’t always done this- even our dog won’t eat the microwave popcorn, only the homemade. It really isn’t any more trouble than microwave and it is about a million times better!! I love it!

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The second is mixed for me.. because I actually love eating out.. but my body does not. When we do I suffer for it. Whatever preservatives or ingredients that restaurants put in their food hurts my body.. down to even getting congested after eating at several places. About 10 years ago I was nauseated for a whole year and no doctor could pin it down, I simply had to live with it. Part of the problem, I have discovered, are just the foods I put in my body. So not eating out as much and preparing high quality food at home improves my quality of life and in the end.. gives me more joy.

Please share.. we would love to here your experience.

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


  1. says

    I run a small business and a home on a tight budget. Many of my bookkeeping service clients are in the same position, so they appreciate my frugality and the hints I pass on to them. Since my income is average, frugality has helped me to afford some extras that I might not ordinarily be able to afford. It has helped me to remain debt free for years. But mostly it has helped me for entertainment value. I don’t have a lot of hobbies, but this is one of them. I truly enjoy shopping the sales ads for the greatest bargains and passing those along to friends and family. Its a natual high to me to get such quality items that I need and use for a fraction of the normal cost.

  2. Lacey says

    Frugality has helped lower my stress. I have never been able to live on so little with so much. I was raised to shop sales and use coupons but I have taken it to a whole new level. I am learning to watch the flow of sales and score some great deals. It has become a new hobby for me. How many people can say there hobby saves them money?

  3. Glamma says

    Being frugal(not cheap) has helped in my life because it keeps me from being an impulse buyer. I had to learn early on how to pinch pennies when I was a single parent for a couple years, but even when I got married we didn’t have much in the beginning, so knowing how to shop at the grocery store and department stores is key! Always have a plan before you buy!
    grocery-always have a list and a budget. shop the outside perimeter of the store first. then work your way in.
    department store- have a plan. price compare before you buy if its a bigger ticket item. shop the outside of aisles. some stores put things on clearance in limited supply. if they are clearing out things like back to school items or getting ready for the next holiday or whatever season is coming next, you can find some great deals on home decor, appliances, clothing, personal care etc.
    don’t be afraid to ask for a discount on items that are “damaged” like a shirt with a makeup stain. most stores will give you at least 10%off even if its on clearance!
    electronics- we bought a floor model surround sound stereo system and a tv from best buy and saved a couple hundred dollars.

    I love shopping for the best deals. I’ve gotten some of the best items by shopping smart.

  4. Earl says

    Over a year ago, I was stricken with an illness that completely debilitated me. I have spent months in and out of the hospital ICU, have a tracheostomy, and have to use oxygen 24/7, although I am mobile and love going to the grocery store with a little help. I am unable to work, so my frugality helps to stretch the money we have every month. The fact that I am doing that allows me to feel like I am still contributing to the family. My daughters are even into it now, calling my attention to coupons they find in their magazines or for their favorite things. God has blessed us greatly and we have the responsibility to be good stewards.

  5. Amber says

    Being frugal has made me be able to stay home with my kids. I love not working outside the home and being with them everyday. However, me being frugal, is a touchy subject between my husband and I. He is a spender and it drives me crazy when he just goes and buys thing that I don’t think he needs and it drives him crazy that I never want to buy anything. Oh, the joys of marriage.

  6. Kandy says

    Being frugal helps me feel more creative and productive. I am a stay at home mom that loves to spoil my kids. Coming up with creative ideas make things so much more meaningful.

  7. April says

    Being frugal helps me stretch the bucks since I lost my job. I can relate to Amber with the husband that spends money on things on I don’t think we need..


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