Help Me Out!! So What is Flynn Rider???

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Flynn RiderAs some of you know our 15 year old Sheltie, Miranda, passed away in November.  And in our minds “the time of dogs” was over.  But it left a little hole in our hearts, so I started looking for a little doggie.  We thought we might like a Sheltie again, because that ARE adorable, but none were coming available.

We wanted a full grown dog, this way I would know if it would be great with the girls (ie let them carry it around) and we wanted to keep it on the small side.

Friday night I looked on the website of a local shelter and I saw the cutest face.. not a Sheltie, but definitely the “cuteness” of one.  It said Pomeranian Mix, 15 Lb, friendly and the life of the party.. perfect!!

So Saturday morning they were going to open at 11 AM and it was about a 45 minute drive.  So at 10:30 we hopped into the car.  We  get there and it was love at first site.. what a cutie (plus he did give us the Rider Smolder!!)

He is a handsome and polite boy (needs a little help in the potty training dept.) and we love him.

But WHAT IS HE???  Is he Pomeranian? or just another dog in the Spitz Family?  What are your guesses?

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


  1. Katie says

    He looks like a chow Pomeranian mix of some kind. Does he have black spots on his tongue and mouth…if so, that would indicate the chow :)

  2. Jenny says

    - Black spots don’t necessarily mean Chow – It is also a genetic trait that can show up in pups without in Chow background – (My dog has spots on her tongue without any Chow-Chow in her)

    He looks like he’s got the coloring of a Pom and the body of an American Eskimo – You can do a DNA test (don’t do the home kits – they are never accurate) but I have found them as cheap as $50-$60 at some vets.

    It’s an odd pic to look at body shape but he does look to long & tall to be pure Pomeranian, also his snout is too long for Poms! But that is where (my guess) the Eskimo bit would come in.

  3. ravzie says

    He’s adorable, that’s what he is!!!

    I lost a beloved pooch in Sept, so I know how you feel. We went the puppy route this time. I’m a little frustrated with her at times and occasionally wish I’d gone for an adult too.

    Best of luck to you!!

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