Get Paid to Watch Online Ads and Shop with Jingit

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

jingit-300x200Sign up for Jingit to start earning cash instantly online, in-store, and on the go with participating brands. You’ll also receive personalized cash back offers when you shop with Jingit on your mobile device!

Plus you’ll have the chance to check out new products like Dr. Pepper TEN’s new products,  The folks that brought you Dr. Pepper TEN are at it again with five more TEN products to choose from. Try all five products: 7UP TEN, RC Cola TEN, A&W Root Beer TEN, Sunkist TEN, and Canada Dry TEN!  And lots of other products from Xbox, McAfee, Saving Star, Dean Foods, Wisk Detergent, and with Retailers like Target.

How to get started:

• Download the Jingit mobile app – it’s FREE!

• Check your phone or online to start watching a new engagements and give feedback to get paid cash!

• Check In at your local retailer- Scan certain products and give feedback to get paid again.

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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