Get Even More Out of Online Shopping with Amazon Secrets

Save-moneyWho doesn’t love shopping at Amazon? You can find just about any item in the world at lower prices than conventional stores, you can get anything shipped right to your doorstep, and most of the time you don’t even have to pay for shipping. Shopping with Amazon is probably already saving you quite a bit of money, but you can save even more if you know these Amazon shopping secrets.

Use the Amazon Credit Card
If credit cards are bad idea for you, then this may not be a good way for you to save money. However, if you are committed to using a credit card to boost your credit and enjoy a little bit of money back, the Amazon card may be a good choice for you. You automatically get money back on your first purchase and earn money back every time you use the card.

Sign Up for Prime (Best Savings!)
Amazon Prime is quite possibly one of the best membership programs you can invest in. While you do have to pay $99 per year to use it, Amazon Prime gives you free two day shipping on most Amazon items. In addition, you get access to free streaming music and free streaming video as part of your membership. Get a 30 day FREE Trial of Prime here.

Take Advantage of Warehouse Deals
Amazon does offer warehouse deals for products that have been sent back and are opened or have damaged packaging. If you are not super particular about the packaging of your item, you can save quite a bit this way.

Subscribe and Save
Lots of common items in the Amazon store have Subscribe and Save options. When you subscribe, you get the same items sent to your house at an interval of your choosing. You are automatically billed and you receive a percentage off the item. If you know that your family needs toilet paper, macaroni and cheese, or shampoo every month, why not save yourself a trip and save a little bit of money at the same time?

Amazon Mom
This program is hugely beneficial to moms of little ones or expectant mothers. As part of your Prime membership, you can get 20% off of all diaper purchases through Amazon Mom and get a discount on baby registry items.

Amazon Student
College students can enjoy additional Amazon discounts. With an eligible .edu email address, you can get a six-month trial of Amazon Student. After your six month trial is up, you get Amazon Prime at 50% off. Amazon Student allows you to get free shipping, student-only deals and promotions, and photo storage. Plus if you refer other students to it.. you can earn $5 each!

Amazon is already one of the best places to get good products at affordable prices. With these helpful hints, you can get even more out of your online shopping.

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