From Satellite to Streaming: We saved $528 a Year!

From Satellite to Streaming: We saved $528 a Year!When hubby and I (this post was originally by Laura) bought our home 2 years ago live streaming never crossed my mind, we had Netflix but I didn’t consider any other options out there. So we set up a horrid two year contract with a national Satellite company. As always the first year was bliss and then the big charges stated rolling in after that. For a simple package we were paying $60+ per month with DVR and junk fees thrown onto our bill.

After a few months into it we decided something had to be done, it was just a waste to throw that much on TV for us! After calling the Satellite company to see when we would be able to cancel and check on any early cancellation fees I realized it was cheaper for us just to bite the bullet and finish the service, so we did.

Once October hit (our two year mark) I called them up to cancel. I didn’t want to hear any big speech about discounts or lower rates because I knew any rate they would offer was going to be more than we wanted to pay, period. So after repeating myself 10 times that I wanted to cancel (seems I had three reps. who were hard of hearing…?) We finally had our service cut off.

Great, we were free of $60+ a month charges! So we started to think… we already pay for internet and we already pay $8 a month for Netflix… what other options are there so we could still watch some of our favorite shows? We decided to check out Hulu Plus for $8 a month and it lets us watch all the shows we love for cheap! You can see a list of all the shows Hulu Plus offers here.

The only “investments” we needed to make was a Roku device for our bedroom since we already had a Blu-Ray player for the living room that streamed. So we checked out and found a Roku device for $70, basically the same as one month’s worth of Satellite service. (You can find it for just $49 here!) So we still get to watch all our favorite shows, keep Netflix and pay way less than we were before!

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Let’s add it up just to see how much this process REALLY saves:

Satellite Service at $60/month = $720 per year

Hulu Plus and Netflix service at $16/month = $192 per year

Total Savings = $528 per YEAR! 

And if you want to get technical, we already had Netflix in our home so we are really saving $624 per year! When you look at it in a year’s prospective the savings really hit hard. So if you’re considering making the move and dropping the high priced satellite or cable companies live streaming is a fantastic option!

Now if you’ve done the “bundle” or talked your provider into offering your services super cheap (or you’re married to the cable guy) then this route may not be for you. But the average family pays $60 per month for TV service and has internet on top of that! So why not lessen your monthly cost and make use of the internet you’re already paying for?!



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  1. Ali says

    My qustion is…can you do the live streaming (Hulu + for example) as a trial? say give it a test drive for a month to see if you really like it…this way I could try the live streaming out without cancelling my cable, and if I like it well…bye bye cable, but if I decide it is not for me, well then, I still have my cable to fall back on…AND I didn’t get hit with ant cancellation fees or new contracts.

  2. Kimberly McCullers says

    Sadly, I live in Missouri & am married to a Dallas Cowboys MEGAfan, therefore for 6 months of the year I pay over $150 to our satellite company for the “privilege” of seeing EVERY football game. After the season is over, our bill runs about $90.00 a month!! Oh how I wish I could drop that service, but then I would have to drop the hubby too. :(

  3. Kirsten says

    This sounds like a great idea to lower cost. We already stream netflix and have the internet. This may sound like a silly question but do you still have access to your local stations? I also watch CNN and award shows. Would I still be able these things?

    • says

      CNN and award shows no, not that i’ve been able to see. That is the one downfall you lose local stations and big news stations but you can get a digital box (free) for local stations and watch CNN online which is what I do now.

  4. JessieMomma says

    @Ali- Hulu+ does offer a free 2week trial. I have never done it, but have seriously considered it, especially when I saw all of the other great channels on Roku.

    Right now we have a bundle that has phone, cable, and Internet but we still pay for Netflix $9 as well as GBTV $5…. It’s ridiculously insane how much the cable companies charge! but I don’t know of any other Internet or phone companies in my area that can do what we need. Time to look into it again.

    • Ali says

      Thanks Jessie! I am thinking I will have to buy one of the Roku boxes before I can do the trial, but…I guess the only “problem” I need to figure out is if the Roku bix works on OLD tv sets…My tv’s were manufactured waaaay back in the 1990′s…old CRT (tube type) tv’s…so I need to find out if I will be able to use the Roku box on my tv’s or will I have to buy new tv fist…If it WILL work then I am all for the Hulu trial but if I must repace all my tv’s then I don’t think it will really be a good dal for e (yet)… :)

  5. says

    My question – on Hulu Plus can you get all the shows you’d be able to get on cable? And things like ABC, NBC, etc. How long after a new episode airs do you have to wait until it’s on Hulu? Thanks!

  6. Cosette says

    We have not had cable in a few years. Where we live, Houston, we actually get a lot of channels through the antenna, which is plenty for us (all the major networks and more). Then on top of that we have Netflix streaming through our Blu-ray, and my husband got a program for the computer that operates like a DVR, so we can even tape our shows. If we don’t, we just watch them online at the network sites (most are on quickly after they air, but some take longer, it just teaches us patience). We have been considering getting a Roku box, though. Also, my husband is a hockey fan, so this year for the first time we are paying $20/mo during hockey season for an online subscription for him to watch all the hockey he wants! He’s in heaven! It’s possible, and we rarely ever miss cable television!

  7. KG says

    I just use netflix streaming via a Wii. Sometimes I will watch a hulu show on my computer. BUT, please keep in mind that some internet service providers have a limit, and if you watch a ton of streaming you can actually hit that limit.

  8. says

    Thanks for reminding me that I love not having cable. We are cable free here at my house for 6+ years now. We have quite a few channels via the antenna and we eventually gave in and paid the 8 bucks a month for netflix. But even with this we save more than 75% on our home entertainment every month. That’s about 30 bucks to spend or save elsewhere. Just think over 6 years that’s $2160. Feels good.

  9. Christy says

    I recently had to give up cable and Internet. I have Netflix that i stream thru my Wii, box-e-box (like a Roku), my cell phone, tablet, and laptop. I had surgery recently, and went to a rehab center,and then to my parents. So for over a month, i have been able to use Internet and cable. Well now its time to go back to my home. I NEED INTERNET. I have an antenna box so i have enough channels in the living room. My bedroom i just watch dvd’s.
    My question is (sorry for the long story), does anyone know of super cheap Internet i could get? I work in an elementary school (make very little money), my 15 year old just moved to the next state over to live with his dad, so I’m loosing child support. And I’ve lost my side cleaning jobs because of my surgery. I cannot get verizon and brighthouse internet (even longer story there), so i need something else. Any ideas and help would be soooooo appreciated. Thanks for all the info you gave here.


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