Freebie Fail!!! My Worst Freebie in a Long Time

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Lol.. I LOVE Vitacost.. they have great prices on Gluten free items and Coconut oil and their $10 off a $10 purchase for new customers is the best.  But, I have the say, one of my worst freebies in a long time came from them :).

I received my order from them the other day, and I ALWAYS makes sure to order my free samples (you can get 2 per order).  So I had ordered this Chocolate Pea Protein for my girls.. who don’t do dairy and always want some of my protein shakes. I take it out and am feeling it.. and guess what?  It’s a totally empty package.. sealed and everything..

Open it up and..nope, nothing..

What is your worst freebie lately :) ?

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


  1. jennifer stewart says

    got busted keratin from pantene. but i contacted them and they sent a free one along with a free bag :)

  2. Tina W. says

    Cafe Escapes free box (12 count) of hot chocolate k-cups. First, they never arrived – neither mine nor my son’s (different addresses). Contacted them and they said they would send. When they arrived, they were a week away from expiration.

  3. says

    I ordered a sample of essential oils….you know the healthy kind. They sent me a perfume vial like the samples you get at Dillards with exactly ONE drop in it. Three different vials with one drop. Seriously, how am I to know what they are really like? Total fail and I wouldn’t buy from them because I have no idea what they are really like!

  4. Renea Greathouse says

    Got a free bic pen with no ink in the pen. lol. and I mean that little cartridge inside was completely devoid of any color. My son said “Maybe its invisible ink”

  5. Alisson H. says

    This is about Vitacost also. I did the $10/$10 because I have never ordered from them. I got 1 bottle of vitamins, 1 bottle of supplements, 1 bag of protein chips, and 2 free samples… The 2 bottles in the box broke open the bag of protein chips and I only got 1 free sample. When I contacted them about it they said they would credit my card… Great, since I didn’t pay anything I guess I am S.O.L….

  6. Chrissy says

    I think Vitacost needs better quality control. I got my order from them and got the info for one of the samples I requested except there was no sample with it. :(

  7. rachel f says

    Ok…seriously…I got a fly in my free sample from Walmart…GROSSSS! I REFUSE to shop there…grosssss!

  8. says

    LOL this seriously made my night!! And all your stories.. Omg. I haven’t had these experiences yet! There aren’t many freebies for canada though :;

  9. Angela Hartness says

    I ordered some things from VitaCost with the free $10. One of the items were the ear wax candles. They came smashed and broken half way up – totally useless. Total Fail it seems for VitaCost!!!! I definitely would not recommend them to no one even with the free $10!!!

  10. Rebecca L says

    I won the Jordana Back To Beauty Get The Tools Giveaway, except I never received the Styling Tool. I contacted them and the told me that it had been delivered, but I never received it! I wish I had asked them what I had won. Well, I guess I won’t win anything else from them.

  11. says

    It wasn’t free, but one of my samples I rec’d in my April Birchbox was a natural type of SPF facial lotion by Be Fine. I didn’t notice…but Birchbox sent out an email letting us know that some were expired & wouldn’t provide the SPF they claimed. They asked you to click on the email link & let them know if yours was one of the expired ones & they’d give you 100 Birchbox points. I’m proud of BB for taking ownership of the screw-up & making amends for it.

  12. kelly says

    I have had problems with sneakpeeq. I have placed 3 orders now (several were freebie items) and have yet to receive anything. I send emails and they say they are working as quickly as they can to fill orders. then I get an apology email saying they can’t fill my order but here is a $10 credit for your trouble. i order something else and the loop continues – 3 times now! fortunately, they haven’t been charging my card.

  13. HighwayMiles says

    I was supposed to get a freebie lip balm from a reputable company, but found a note in my mailbox a few weeks later saying I had to go pay for shipping on an item. I paid for it, because I had no idea what it was. It was the stupid lip balm.

  14. Sarah says

    I just got my free sample of k-cups from Tully’s. The box was totally smashed and two of k cups were a bit smooshed and one was beyond use with a gash in it. I was tempted to let them know, but figured it was USPS’s issue.

  15. Frin says

    Well..I won a car..yep a brand new 2012 Toyota Prius…I was so excited…exccpt that when I went to pick it up I had to pay taxes…title..license..fees…totalling over 8,000 dollars…yep…for a FREE car that I had WON….that was a tough one….

  16. Darrel says

    I’ve never had a problem with anything free at least I did not receive anything free that was empty, just not very full of the product, but you can expect that with free. You get what you don’t pay for these days with some companies, but all in all I have been happy with what I have gotten for free.

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