Grab Your Free Le Tote Trial (Month 2 and 3 Review)

Want a Want a Free Le Tote Trial? Yay!! I’m back again to talk about LeTote again.

I’ve been using the service for 2-3 months now and I still am in love.

If you want to learn all about Le Tote basics and check out my month one Le Tote review, click here. (You can also get a free box of clothing rentals to try.)

Free Le Tote Trial

So after my free trial I signed up for the service and I have not regretted it all. It is a great splurge when you don’t buy much for yourself. Personally, I LOVE getting my weekly (I have received 3-4 boxes a month) box of clothes to wear.

The whole thing makes me feel special and excited to look nice.

Now have I loved everything? Nope. There were a few items I really disliked for one reason or another but I’ve still enjoyed the experience as a whole. I’ve worn very different clothes than I would generally wear if I were purchasing them. So I feel as if it is expanding my taste!

Ok.. onto the clothes (the best part!).

Here are my totes, as shown on the site:

Free Le Tote Trial

Free Le Tote Trial

I was sick one of the weeks… so no pics with those. Although I did force myself to wear them!!

Free Le Tote Trial Free Le Tote Trial Free Le Tote TrialFree Le Tote Trial Free Le Tote Trial Free Le Tote Trial Free Le Tote Trial Free Le Tote Trial  Free Le Tote Trial


I’ve had so much fun with Le Lote. I highly recommend you give them a go!

Here is the detail recap from my first review:

  1. What the heck is Le Tote? Subscription box of rented clothing.
  2. How much is Le Tote? Starts at $59 a month (plus an optional $5 a month for insurance) and you can cancel anytime. Shipping is included to send and receive clothes.
  3. What You Get: Unlimited “totes” delivered one at a time that includes three clothing items and two accessories per month.  You get to hand pick each item that is delivered!
  4. Am I locked in for a long time?  No. Le Tote is a month to month subscription. You can cancel anytime. Unfortunately canceling is not as easy as a click of the mouse but it appears that you can contact them here You can also put your account on hold for up to 2 months if you need a break.
  5. Can I purchase any of the clothes or accessories if I love them? Yes! One item in your box will even be available to you at a discount price.  Just keep it and send the rest back and your credit card will be charged for the item.
  6. Do you have to buy the products? Only if you want to.
  7. Will I need to wash the clothing? Nope.  Just send it back in the prepaid bag provided to you.

How Can I Sign Up for my Free Le Tote Trial?

It’s super easy.  Just follow these directions.

1. Head to Le Tote and sign up for an account (it’s free).
2. Fill out a style profile.
3. Your free two-week box will include three clothing items and two accessories. (My box was styled immediately but I did not love the items. One of the best parts of Le Tote is you have full control over the items you receive as long as they are in stock. You can trade out any of your styled items for different ones.

Note: After your free trial you have the option of three plans.

•    Three clothing items and two accessories for $59/month
•    Four clothing items for $69/month
•    Five clothing items and three accessories for $79/month

Get your free Le Tote Trial here.

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