Freebie Fail #2.. Now THIS is the Worst Freebie Ever

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Maybe it is just me.. but WHAT where they thinking.. yes.. this is my freebie…

Yup.. an image of beef jerky spelling “most excellent”. It was my prize from the Oberto “GRAB & WIN!” game.

The version I won is actually animated.. but I could not get that to work here.. so you get the static version.. impressive, right? Apparently it is worth $1!!

Any bad freebies at your house this week..?

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  1. Rhonda mills says

    it only sends a message to the company that they are not giving or caring towin such as this!!!!

  2. Joanne Schultz says

    i think that they think that giving you an animated gif or an mp3 song is better than telling you that you didn’t win,
    I actually received a scratch & sniff sticker from their giveaway!!
    And my sister already received her coupons for free pkg of Oberto’s

  3. says

    Today I got an empty box from target (I think it was supposed to be that cute makeup bag with goodies.), wrapped in a clear bag, sealed by USPS, and a stamp that read this item arrived open and empty in Salt Lake City. Why would they send it through? I kindly wrote on the bag (without opening it) “RETURN TO SENDER”! USPS is a fail on this one!!!

  4. Suzie says

    I got some stupid “dance jerky” animation, that froze up my computer! :( Maybe another day I’ll get something good……

  5. Mina says

    @C. Maxwell

    They would send it through because they have no way to notify you that they received it empty.
    Maybe you ordered an empty box? They don’t know.
    Their job is to get the package to you regardless of the contents (or lack there of)

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