Free $5 Amazon Giftcard and Great Prizes if you have a Smart Phone or Tablet

Grab a  Free $5 Amazon Giftcard from Mobile Xpressions.

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  1. Emma says

    I am leary of putting an app like that on my phone. Scared it will cause me to get many spammy texts and such. Perhaps I need to be educated on the matter.

  2. Robyn Danielle says

    Visited the page for my 2nd entry. This (mobilexpressions) site gives me the heebie jeebies due to the warnings that popped up on my phone. At any time, since it tracks your calls and texts and internet usage, someone could hack your phone and delete things like texts or saved data that they wanted without your knowledge.

  3. katy more says

    hmm. i don’t like to put unknown stuffs of my phone. but thanks for the info. (hopping over from facebook)

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