My First Shopping Trip at ALDI (How Did it Go?)

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aldi-3smallA few months ago when I saw that ALDI was coming to San Diego, I was more than a little excited. In the online frugal community, ALDI is always one of the top talked about stores.

Even as the store was just being build my mom and I had to pull in front of it and take a look.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of trying it out!

And what did I think? I really liked it.

There are a few things I look for in a grocery store:

1. Low prices. It’s a good feeling knowing you are not going to come out spending more than you have to. ALDI fit this bill. According to ALDI you can save up to 50% on your grocery bill.
2. Not too big. My favorite stores are on the small side and actually have LESS choice. Personally, I like having less to choose from. It’s time efficient and less stressful.
3. A good selection of healthy options. I loved seeing all of ALDI organic choices at super low prices. Generally organics are expensive, so if I can get them at a lower cost, it makes me happy. ALDI carries a large selection of their brands, so this keeps the cost under control.

Shopping there was a fun experience. It was the week of the grand opening so there were lots of helpful employees assisting with the carts (Aldi has it’s shoppers use a quarter to release a shopping cart. Then when you are done you corral it yourself and your quarter is returned to you. It’s a genius idea that easily cuts costs) and answering questions about the store and products.

I loved the whole concept and would shop there again.

We came out with a HUGE haul of food for right around $75. This included meats, cheese, organic products and gluten-free.

I have to say; I was impressed.

If you are in the California area, too. ALDI is opening about 25 stores in Southern Californian. So be on the lookout in your city.

Check out ALDI on the web:

ALDI website:
ALDI Facebook:
ALDI Instagram:
ALDI Twitter:
ALDI Blog:

Oh, and be on the lookout for my ALDI Inspired Recipe.  Here are the ingredients.  Can you guess what I’m making?  Leave your guesses in the comments.





  1. says

    1st: Aldi’s is a Fantastic Money…Saving….grocery shopping experience! True it may be an inconveience for some, in having to bag or box flat you’re own groceries….but the savings is well worthy!
    2nd: Recipe guess; Italian Chicken Penne Caserole

    • Ann says

      I never bag my groceries in the store. I just take the shopping cart to the car and unload everything into three laundry baskets. Should it call for rain, I take a towel in with me to cover the groceries.

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