Extreme Couponing New Season Start Tonight- Is it Fun or Too Extreme??

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So it looks like tonight the new season of Extreme Couponing is going to start.

Will you watch it? or is it just too extreme for you?

It’s too much for me!! But here are some tips on How to Be an Extreme Couponer or just learn a bit more about couponing and try out “less extreme couponing” with your new knowledge.

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


  1. Emily B. says

    It is VERY extreme, but still a blast to watch. Although, I would like some of those high value coupons they seem to have many of…. hmm?!

  2. timmsa says

    I think both episodes so far are extreme. And I don’t remember there ever being a $1/1 Basic paper towel coupon. I believe that was off 2 or more. be prepared there are going to be more changes coming because of this 3rd season.

  3. michelle says

    more fun to watch here in chicago our stores rarely double, kmart does sometimes, though
    young smart men!!

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