Healthy Holiday Fruit and Veggie Trees

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fruit-4bsmallbThe girls and I put together these Healthy Holiday Fruit and Veggie Trees for you!!

I think this would great for a party or just an afternoon activity to get your kids to eat some more veggies!!

They were super fun, although I bit more work that I expected. But I learned a few tips I will share with you to make it a bit easier,

1. Cut you toothpicks in half (and inside of a bag so they do not go flying around the house)
2. If you make the apple tree, don’t cut tiny pieces, it it will make you sad. It takes way too long if the pieces are to small.
3. Squeeze Lemon juice on your apples so they do not brown.
4. Make sure to buy the size tree forms that I say, they get bigger than you think.
5. I think little cheese cubes around the bottom of the trees would be perfect “presents”

What you will need for 1 veggie tree and 1 fruit tree:

toothpicks (lots.. I don’t know how many), cut in half
1 9 inch foam tree form (veggie tree)
1 6 inch foam tree form (fruit tree)

1 large head of cauliflower (for the snow)
2 lbs of broccoli crowns
1 cucumber (you will not use it all)
About 20 cherry or grape tomatoes, red looks best
optional- you could cut out a cheese or yellow pepper star with a cookie cutter for the top.

5 apples, 2 Red, 2 Green
optional: Sliced star fruit for the top (I used a tomato)

Preparing the fruits and veggies

1. Cut off cauliflower stem and separate out florets. I found using a knife to do this make the edges too square, so the more you can do with your hands the better. Don’t make then too small, I like the larger chunks for snow.
2. Remove large stem from the broccoli and separate the pieces. Don’ make these to smaller, larger chunks are ok. Trim stems more as you go if needed.
3. Slice cucumber pieces about 1/2 inch thick
4. Place a half toothpick into a broccoli piece and then into the 9 inch foam tree form. Repeat all over the tree, leaving some room for cucumbers and tomatoes
5. Repeat with Cucumbers (you may need a full toothpick for these
6. Finish with tomatoes
7. Top with tomatoe or a cheese or pepper star.
8. Set aside

1. Wash apples and slice in half and then quarters
2. Core each quarter
3. Slice each quarter in half and then slice the 8th apple into 3 pieces (making 24 pieces an apple).
4. Squeeze Lemon juice onto apple pieces and toss.
5. Place a half toothpick into a green apple piece and then into the 6 inch foam tree form. Repeat all over the tree, leaving some room for red apple pieces.
6. Top with red apple pieces or a cheese or star fruit star.

Place trees onto a large plate or tray and arrange the cauliflower pieces around for snow. Serve you favorite sweet and savory dips on the side.
Optional: Cube pieces of Cheese and place around the trees for “presents”.



This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


  1. says

    These are so festive and what a great way to showcase a healthy appetizer compared to just laying on a platter.

    I like the idea of the cheese cubes as presents too, so cute. This would be a great centerpiece for the appetizer table too.

    Thank you for the idea!


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