Do you ever get tired of living frugally?

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IMG_0519-1Can I get an Amen!! I will be honest, although I have always been a frugal person at heart and love a deal- I love shopping, I love decorating, I love fashion and being frugal all the time is hard.

The hubby and I have been living with out carpet for two years because a major home addition (to prepare for our future adopted children) put us way more in debt than expected. It finally came to a place where we said- “no more!!”. So the result- no carpet for two years (you can see the carpet scraps on top of the concrete in my photo). We decided we don’t want to go more into debt and we have to save for our carpet- but that extra money is not available yet- due to paying off bills. And to be honest we are not sure when it will be available.

All this to say- there are days I just want to scream, “I need carpet” and just run out with the Credit Card and go get it.

So what stops me other than putting another $5000 on our Credit Card?

Well, reality..

Growing up in the US this day and age hasn’t really done most people much of a service in the “wise with your money category”. We are constantly bombarded with the message that we need more.. and more.. and more. It will make us healthy, wealthy and wise- and happy.

But it doesn’t. All it does is make us want more stuff. Better stuff, more expensive stuff. And I am not immune to that virus.

Let’s start a movement in filling our lives with better things than stuff. Let’s fill our lives with God, family, friends, time… Start or get involved with a Bible Study in your neighborhood, schedule a family night each week where you do something fun at home, get together with friends and have a potluck. Sit outside and enjoy nature while you pray and meditate. Start a blog and begin connecting with other mom- bloggers. There are so many blogging communities out there that can help you build friendship across the US with other moms who have the same interests as you.

Let’s make fulfillment mean so much more than looking back and seeing how much money you made and instead how rich in friendship you were and are still.

I still love all those things I talked about before, fashion, decorating, shopping and I think it OK to have those things be a part of my life- just not a consuming part.

When I really look at all that I have… I am a very wealthy woman.

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


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