DIY: Create Your Own Homemade Window Clings!


Looking for a cheap craft to do this summer with the kids? How about some custom window clings to make and decorate with! This is a super easy and budget friendly fun project to do with the kids!

What you’ll need:

Ziploc baggies (I use the large one)

Puffy Fabric paint in whatever colors you choose (you can find these for just $.99 at Walmart)

Step 1:

Lay out your ziploc baggie and open up your paint bottles and get to work! Start drawing whatever designs you want, make sure that the paint is not too thin as it will be hard to pull off.

Step 2:

Let it dry over night depending on the thickness of the paint lines, the thicker it is the longer it will take to try. You should be good to go within’ 24hrs though.

Step 3:

Peel off the paint and stick it to your windows! Create fun designs, scenery or let your child spell out their name. They cling to the windows easily and peel off just as easy leaving no residue.



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