DIY: How To Make A Redneck Wine Glass!

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Here’s a fun craft to do that is super cheap and easy! You can typically find these Redneck Wine Glasses on sale for anywhere from $8-$15 but you can also create them yourself or as little as $2 each!

You can also use these for more than just a redneck wine glass, get creative and throw some paint or other decoratives on there and make them into candle holders!

What you’ll need:

1 – Mason Jar (find then at Dollar Tree for just $1 or by the case)

1 – Small candlestick holder (find them at Dollar Tree for just $1)

1 – E-6000 craft glue (find it at Walmart for $2.)

1 – Sanding paper (find it in your hubby’s garage)

Step 1:

You will want to first sand the top of the candle stick holder and the bottom of your mason jar. This will help ensure the glue holds better as it can seep into the “cracks” made by sanding it.


Step 2:

Cover the top of the candlestick with the E-6000 craft glue, enough to ensure that it will hold. This is a clear glue so if it seeps out a little when you match it up it won’t be noticeable.


Step 3:

Align the top of the candlestick on the bottom of your mason jar so it’s centered and even. Let it sit for a few hours until it’s settled.


Step 4:

Decorate it however you like! I decided to go simple with this and just add some ribbon to it myself but you can add paint or any other unique decorative item to it you find in the craft section. They had beads at my store which I considered gluing and draping around the jar so I may try that next!

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  1. myrna kile says

    Thank you so much for sharing this DIY project! I have been wanting to make this for a while but didn’t know what to use to glue the jar and candle holder! Definitely I will be making it for my Fall decorations!
    Greatly Appreciated! ………..(Myrna)

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