DIY: How To Make A Decorative Chalkboard!

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Here’s a fun craft to do to spice up your kitchen, living room, hallway, wherever you want to put it! I’ve always loved the look of a decorative chalkboard but never wanted to pay the prices I saw online so I headed to the hobby store to get some material and make it!

What you’ll need:

12×12 board (you can use whatever size you like, if you have a large board that you can cut it comes out even cheaper) – $3.99 at Michaels

Wooden frames to go around your board – $.99-$2.99 at Michaels

Chalkboard paint – $4.99 at Michaels

Acrylic paint in your choice of color – $.99 to $2.99 at Michaels

Wood Glue


Total for this project = $12 with plenty of paint to spare

Step 1:

First thing you’ll want to do is paint your board with the chalkboard paint. You will need to do one coat, wait an hour and do the second. To ensure it was as thick as I wanted I added three coats to mine.

While that is drying go ahead and paint your frames you have to go around the board with whatever color you’ve chosen. You’ll want to do at least two coats with this and make sure to paint all the edges as it will be visible on the project.

Let all this sit for a few hours, I suggest doing it in the evening/afternoon and let it all thoroughly dry for the next day.

Step 2:

Next step is to cut your frames to fit your board properly. If you have a husband with a miter saw he will come in handy with this. If not, you can buy what’s called a Miter Box & Saw ($4.99 at Michaels) and cut it yourself, whichever method works best for you.

Start off by cutting an angle on one side of your piece of frame so it’s diagonal to set in with the rest. Once that is cut line it up on your board and mark where the board ends on the frame so you know where to cut next, make sure the second cut goes the opposite direction as the first.

Repeat this step until you have four separate pieces to fit around your board properly, as you cut each make sure they line up as you go so you don’t get to the end and have a mistake.

Step 3:

Time to glue! Add a streak of glue (preferably wood glue) to the back of the frame and line up your first frame on the edge of the board. You will need to clamp this on or set something on top so it will hold to the board and dry, let the first piece dry then go back and add the second piece.

If you don’t want to wait that long for the process you can add the glue and as you place the first frame down use a nail gun to insert short nails into the frame to ensure it will stay. If you or your S/O has a nail gun then it will work perfect, if not I don’t suggest going out to buy one just for this project.

Step 4:

Once all the glue is set and sturdy you will need to drill two holes through one piece of frame to tie your ribbon through to hang it.

Once your holes are drilled go back along the board and sand the edges where it’s been cut to smooth them out. You will need to do this to touch up the paint spots where it’s been drilled through.

Step 5:

Slide your ribbon through and tie it, you can tie it in the back or tie it in a bow through the front, whichever look appeals to you. Then hang it wherever you’d like, you’ve got a fantastic piece of homemade decor!



This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


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