6 Different Ways To Use Dawn For Household Needs!


Did you know that the little $0.99 bottle of Dawn dish soap can do more than the most expensive in store products and even pet products?! Over the past few months i’ve learned of so many different uses for Dawn dish soap that REALLY work so I wanted to share!

I recommend only using the original blue Dawn dish soap for the methods below.

  1. Use it to bathe your dogs and get rid of fleas! We tried some of the most expensive dog shampoo to get rid of fleas and nothing seemed to work and then someone told me about using Dawn so i figured.. why not? It did an amazing job on our pets and I just watched the fleas drop off them when lathered up with the soap! Now I don’t recommend using this weekly but every other week to once a month does a great job (using it too often can dry out their skin).
  2.  Use Dawn to repel ants! This is a unique and safe way to get rid of ants from your kitchen without leaving harmful chemicals on your counter. Simply mix and spray a mixture of Dawn and water on your counters where ants come to visit. Wipe it dry afterwards and it will leave a film on the counter that ants hate and won’t cross.
  3.  Use it for homemade ice packs! Ice packs typically contain a toxic ingredient that you do not want to rupture, so instead of using store bought ones try making your own! Fill a Ziploc bag with Dawn dish soap and freeze it. You end up with a gel type homemade ice pack with no worries of toxic ingredients.
  4.  Use it to get stains out of carpet! When we had our carpet cleaned by Stanley Steamers we asked the guy what was a good method at getting out stains in our carpet. I typically used Resolve and while it did a decent job, it never got everything up. He told us just to use Dawn and peroxide (to kill bacteria) to get the stain out because other products tend to leave the carpet area oily. So when we had our first drink spill (Sprite to be exact) on our white carpet… I got the Dawn out and it did an amazing job! The stain was job and the carpet looked great, no residue afterwards!
  5.  Use it to clean your bathroom! Dawn is a tough “degreaser” that is great at cutting through gunky build up in your bathroom! Use Dawn straight on your tub, sink or whatever else to cut through the nasty build up.
  6.  Use it to clean automotive tools! Hubby loves this one ;) soak tools in Dawn dish soap after use to cut the grease and grime off of them after hubby uses them on the car. This helps to of course keep them clean and prevent rust build up!

Do you know of any other uses for Dawn dish soap? Share below!

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  1. Linda Bell says

    Rather than buy expensive laundry degreasers, I just rub Dawn into greasy stains and wash as usual. It takes the grease stains right out!

  2. says

    Dawn is great for kid’s super bubbles……they last for a long time and they are big too!….use three table spoons dawn to a four oz. bottle….you can add a few drops of food coloring to each bottle for bubbles with color!!!!!! even more fun!

  3. Dorian C. says

    Saw it on Pinterest, tried it and LOVE it! Dawn + Vinegar + Scrubby soap/sponge combo = BEST BATHROOM DAILY SHOWER CLEANER

  4. Melissa says

    I used Dawn to clean my oven racks, simplest rack cleaning ever! Just soak in Dawn and HOT water for 5-10 minutes and the baked on gunk comes right off (my sink isn’t large enough to soak it whole so I soaked one side first then the other)…no more scrubbing!

  5. Eleanor says

    I have used Dawn, along with baking soda and white vinegar to clean the grease off kitchen walls. It’s unbelievable how well it works!!! I only use the original blue for this purpose also.


  6. says

    I use dawn and warm water to clean windows. 1teaspoon dawn to 1gallon of warm water. Mop the water om window then sqeezy it off.. Clean as a whistle.

  7. Mom says

    I use Dawn to help with sluggish toilets. Just a few squirts in the bowl, wait at least ten minutes then flush. Saves the expense of calling a plumber.

    • Christine says

      Me too. I use it in the bathroom sinks to keep the drains clear of greasy facial cleansers and in the garbage disposal.

  8. Jane McCarthy says

    I am very prone to poison ivy outbreaks. My dermatologist said to wash with Dawn if I thought I may have made contact with poison ivy. Dawn cuts through the oil better than bar soap.

  9. Jessica says

    These are great tips!! I’m definitely going to try the one to repel ants (they are attracted to our cat’s food), ice packs and bathrooms! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Sheila says

    I use it on stained clothes all the time. Sometimes if even works if the clothes have been washed and dried. Love Dawn!!

  11. Marylou says

    I mix Dawn with hydrogen peroxide for a stain remover. It hasn’t failed me yet. Even worked on bloody, dirt and grass stained baseball pants!

    • Trysha says

      I have no idea if that’ll work, but I DO think we might be related, based on having soda and chocolate in your bed ha ha! :)

  12. Chrissie says

    My oil painting teacher insisted that we use only Dawn to clean our brushes. I got such great results that I use Dawn for oil, butter and grease stains on clothing or tablecloths!

  13. Lori says

    Dear Frugal mom,
    Dawn contains Triclosan, a known Carcinogen. As a breast cancer survivor and after much study, I have had to eliminate and educate myself on ALL things in our environment which contribute, the list is overwhelming. Please share this with your readership, I have learned to live WO Dawn, you can too. Peace

  14. Tina says

    I love Dawn for everything including laundry however if you want to blow your husband’s mind have him use spray Shout in the aerosol can (must be aerosol) for his tool, road tar on the car, even his greasy hands.

  15. Debbie Chastain says

    I as well have been using Dawn etc for all kinds of cleaning yet excited to try the window cleaning !!! Thanks.

  16. kathleen says

    Works great to remove skunk odor on dogs. Put on dry dog.don’t delute. Lather, add water lather again, rinse off.takes it completely.

  17. Susanna says

    I used Dawn to wash the tips of my fingers that I used to handle my contact lenses. My contacts never felt more comfortable.

  18. Christine says

    I shampoo my hair with Dawn just before coloring it to strip away all residue. I mentioned it to my hair dresser and she said she has used it too, it works great.

  19. Patricia says

    i use dawn and hot hot water, to clean my floors, it cleans them it smells good, iit degreases them. some tiles out there are sticky and ive found that only way to keep them not sticky is to use just dawn and hot water. i also use the sock on a swiffer as my mop, i also have a haan steamer, if i feel i need that little extra and to get my floor dry quick.

  20. Jackie says

    I cleaned a >100yr old armoire with Dawn dish soap and water—it looks amazing!!!
    that is what the expensive antique furniture refinishing shop told me to use. Left the original stain on it. Cleaned off LAYERS of soot and dirt!

  21. Loraine Lindsey says

    I use Dawn Dish Soap to wash my hands, if I have lotion on them, instead of regular hand soap. Otherwise, I have to use about 3 times the amount of hand soap that I normally would.

  22. VonDell says

    I mix it carefully with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide & make a stain remover for my grandchildren’s stains. I use an old toothbrush to scrub the stain, wash as usual

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