Did You Miss My Freebie Fail!!? My Worst Freebie in a Long Time


Lol.. I LOVE Vitacost.. they have great prices on Gluten free items and Coconut oil and their $10 off a $10 purchase for new customers is the best. But, I have the say, one of my worst freebies in a long time came from them :).

I received my order from them the other day, and I ALWAYS makes sure to order my free samples (you can get 2 per order). So I had ordered this Chocolate Pea Protein for my girls.. who don’t do dairy and always want some of my protein shakes. I take it out and am feeling it.. and guess what? It’s a totally empty package.. sealed and everything..

Open it up and..nope, nothing..

What is your worst freebie lately :) ?

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  1. Lynn Worley says

    I’ve tried multiple times to sign up on Sneakpeeq and can’t ever get it to work…those bracelets looked really neat! Oh well…such is life!

  2. Becky says

    Dunkin donuts! They say they’re offering free coffee to nurses this week but I’ve gone to two an they won’t do it! What gives?

  3. says

    I had that happen to me with a free Prilosec offer! I got the sample and both pills were not in the package but the packages had not been tampered with! bummer!

  4. Raelyn says

    Another thumbs-down for Sneakpeeq here! Ordered the scarf freebie and the yes to carrots and weeks later got an email saying they weren’t going to send the yes to carrots order but would give me free shipping on another purchase. Never received the scarf… I can’t imagine ordering anything from them again.

    • frugal jen says

      That is a real bummer about the yes to carrots.. I had not heard that from anyone else :(

      I do know the scarves are being delivered. My mom got hers the other day.

  5. pearlana says

    froobi!!! took 1 month to mail constellation toy and when i called about it..to let them know that it hasnt arrived yet, the person over he phone said that they were all out…but hadnt refunded my money. two weeks later i recieved my constellation toy. …will not order from froobi dot com again.

  6. tracy says

    I almost went through the same thing with Sneakpeeq, but i am one of those gals who gets really irritated with that kind of stuff, so i kept calling and sending emails until I received all my freebies from them..not that great of quality, but free anyway..worst freebie lately was these fish oil vitamins that had me burping up fish for a whole day! Yuck..

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