Did you know that Craigslist Has a Free Section?

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A great place to pick up freebies in your area is Craigslist. Under the For Sale Section you will find a “free” category. People in your area list stuff that they just want to get rid of. Now some of it is junk- but other times I have seen some really nice stuff. I think sometimes it just might be too big and they are not able to move it- or they just don’t have the time.

Check it out- I recently set my home page to the Craigslist free Section. This way it is the first page that pops up on my computer and I can see recent additions.
But be quick- this stuff goes fast.

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


  1. Rachelle says

    Yes, but lately the scammers have been using that section. There have been several items that I have responded to that I am seriously interested in because I could really use it and they respond after a day saying the original taker didn’t respond so you can get it, you write back for the address then they write back saying sorry the original person found their email in their spam box so they are getting it, but “sorry”, but if you click on this link you can look into this great offer where they are earning thousands of dollars a week by reposting ads on craigslist etc etc. It’s ruining the free section :(

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