Cut Your Grocery Budget In HALF

groceryCut Your Grocery Budget In HALF. I know, I know.. you are saying NO WAY… unless I’m serving ramen only to my family.  I know, my grocery budget can get out of hand, too. $40 here, $50 there.. it ALL adds up and empties my wallet.

But I’m telling you thing is possible (without the ramen) with Erin Chase’s Grocery Budget Makeover.

In her course she will show you how to slash your budget without cutting corners.

Not EVERYONE will cut their budgets in half, but some of you may.  And she will DEFINITELY teach you how to save more money.

Even Katie Kimball from Kitchen Stewardship was able to cut her budget down $400 of her “real food” grocery budget.


Here are some of the details:

* Week 1 – Setting the Table
* Week 2 – Family Pow-Wow
* Week 3 – The Art of the Creating a Shopping List
* Week 4 – A 5 Dinner Meal Plan, not the $5 Dinner Meal Plan (Maybe)
* Week 5 – Outsmarting Yourself, and Someone Else Too
* Week 6 – Stockpiling for Normal People (Not for Hoarders)
* Week 7 – Meal Planning 201
* Week 8 – Stretching Your Coupon-Buck As Far As You Can
* Week 9 – Time Saving Kitchen & Cooking Hacks
* Week 10 – How to Score Freebies Every Week
* Finale – Mantras & Report Your Savings Time!

The new year is the PERFECT time to get you money saving habits into place. So enroll today.


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