Coupon Fail.. The Least Motivating Coupon I Have Seen Yet!!

So the other night I ran to Von’s to pick up a treat after a hard day for my husband and I.  I ended up with German Chocolate cake for him and a caramel apple covered in nuts and chocolate for me.. not so frugal, but tasty and worth it!!

When I checked out they handed me this coupon:

I have to say.. that is about the least motivating coupon I have ever seen. Whoopee.. if I spend a whopping $200 on my next purchase.. they will give me $5 off.

I am planning my shopping trip right now.. lol!!

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  1. Kristi Gilleland says

    Then they’ll charge you interest as HIGH as they can legally get by with! Save 2.5% PAY 23.6% compounding interest! Yeah, I wanna fly to use that one.

    Actually I don’t even have a discover card and I suspect I am much better off for it.

  2. Bethany G says

    Not only that, but like Diane said… also have to put it on a credit card?!?! I don’t even have a credit card! They must take us for chumps!

  3. says

    That my budget for 2 months!

    Our Wal-mart will take the $5/$25 Fresh & Easy coupon as a price match (take $5 off a high dollar item – I use wine).

    WOW….. nice find!

  4. Ami says

    Not a coupon, but a while a go saw an offer from Chase bank saying if you open a a new savings account with them and make a deposit of $10,000 or more into it, you get $100 credited to your account….

  5. says

    i like coupons as much as the next gal, but take it from an ex-credit card addict, that Discover coupon is an invitation to trouble!!

  6. Heather says

    well in Tn they just signed a law to lower the tax rate on food (most food)….where you will now save a whopping .25 cents more for every 100.00 you spend. are you kidding me?? what the heck is that??? lol

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