Coupon Course Part 6 : How to Shop at CVS!

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Over the past few months CVS has become one of the top drug stores when it comes to deals. Every week I always see something free or really cheap and their policy is much easier to understand than Walgreens that we covered last week.

What kinds of coupons does CVS accept?

Manufacturer Coupons (including Printable Coupons)

Store Coupons (In-Ad, CRTs or Purchase Based Coupons) – These can be found in the ad or by scanning your card at the red kiosk inside the store.

Competitor Rx Coupons (example: a Target coupon for transferred prescription gift card)

ECBs (CVS Extra Bucks)

How do you use coupons at CVS?

Store & Manufacturer coupons can be “stacked” and used on one item. So if you have $1/1 manufacturer and $1/1 CVS Coupons these can both be used to purchase a single item, which means you get $2 off.


What Are ExtraCare Rewards?

  • ExtraCare Rewards are called Extra Bucks that you can earn at any CVS/pharmacy store or online when you use your ExtraCare card. These are like “cash” that you spend at CVS and are printed on the bottom of your receipt.
  • You can request a CVS ExtraCare Card at any CVS store, this is required to receive ECB rewards and certain sales throughout the store.
  • ECBs are redeemed like a gift card, not a coupon, they may be used in addition to regular coupons. So if you are buying the deal example above, using 1 store and 1 manuf. coupon you can still use ECBs on top of that! And there is no limit on coupons vs products, for example if you have 5 products and 5 coupons you do NOT need any “filler” items to use your ExtraCare Bucks!


How Do I Earn Extra Bucks Rewards?

  • You can find the ECB deals listed in the weekly ad or on the tag in front of the product.

  • ECBs do not expire for a month which gives you plenty of time to “roll” them onto a deal the following week.
  • CVS does limit how many ECB deals you can get per card anywhere from limit 1 to limit 6 depending on the product. This means it’s much easier to find a deal in CVS and the shelves are not cleared at near as quickly as with other stores.
  • CVS DOES offer rain checks on their ECB Rewards! And even better, they don’t expire! So if you miss a deal that week or the products are all gone you can go to the front to request a raincheck.


Homework : Visit the site tomorrow and check out the CVS Coupon and Deal Match Up for the week starting Sunday 7/3. Choose a few of the top deals to purchase Sunday morning/midafternoon (they tend to go quick sometimes). Use what you’ve learned here on transaction types to make a few purchases. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake, that’s how you learn!

You can also Visit the Thrifty Forum if you have any qestions (also found on my sidebar on the right hand side of my blog) the blogfrog community has been taken down and is replaced with the forum.

Next course post will be Tuesday, July 5th : Answering any questions regarding shopping at CVS (you can ask in either by the Forum or by email and I will post any answers directly to you and also Tuesday so others can learn from it). I will also cover couponing how to start a stockpile and maintain it.

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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