Coupon Course Part 4 : How To Shop At Walgreens

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Walgreens is one of, if not the, hardest drug stores to shop at but also one with the best deals! They don’t have a loyalty card or any other way to earn their rewards and get their deals it just takes a good game plan!

What kind of coupons does Walgreens accept?

  • Store coupons (found in ad, monthly coupon book & other books in store)
  • Manufacturer coupons (including printable)
  • There must be one item PER coupon, if you are using a store, manufacturer coupon or register reward for one transaction you need another small item as a (filler)

What are Register Rewards (RR)?

  • These are $ off coupons printed at the end of certain transactions, they are like cash to spend at Walgreens. They can go along with month long deals or weekly store ads.
  • Register Rewards are good on your next purchase and cannot be used for the same deal (they will not print again if you use the RR to get the same offer again)
  • They do have an expiration date, typically 2 weeks out
  • Most RR deals will not print out in the same transaction for the same item.

    For example : You cannot purchase two of the exact same deals/items in the same transaction, you will loose the RR on one of them. Always use separate transactions when doing the exact same deal. If there is a $2.49RR deal back on shampoo and you want more than one, you need to do two separate transactions to ensure you get your RR for both purchases.

    You cannot use the $2.49RR to purchase the same $2.49RR deal on the next shampoo purchase. You CAN use it on another deal, but not for the same one.

    Transaction Example :

    Shampoo is $2.49 & you get $2.49 back in RR, you want two

    Advil is $3.00 with $3.00 back in RR, you want two

    Purchase Example 1:

    Transaction 1 :
    Buy 1 Shampoo & 1 Advil
    Pay $5.49 and get $5.49 back in RR

    Transaction 2 :
    Buy 1 Shampoo & 1 Advil
    Pay $5.49 and get $5.49 back in RR

    Total Out of Pocket : $11, $11 back in RR
    Total = FREE

    Purchase Example 2:

    Transaction 1:
    Buy 1 Shampoo
    Pay $2.49, get $2.49 back in RR

    Transaction 2:
    Buy 1 Advil
    Use $2.49RR from Shampoo
    Pay $.50, get $3.00 back in RR

    Transaction 3 & 4:
    Repeat above

    Register Rewards are great to roll over week to week. You can use your RR on different sale item the next week and get more RR’s for that deal (if it is being offered). Every Walgreens seems to be different, if you have issues with coupons at one store simply try another one and see if they handle it any better. I have found different Walgreens to treat coupons differently.


    Homework : Visit the site tomorrow and check out the Walgreens Coupon and Deal Match Up for the week starting Sunday 6/26. Choose a few of the top deals to purchase Sunday morning/midafternoon (they tend to go quick sometimes). Use what you’ve learned here on transaction types to make a few purchases. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake, that’s how you learn!

    You can also Visit my blog frog community (also found on my sidebar on the right hand side of my blog) – This is where you’re open to ask any questions concerning the online course or coupons in general throughout the month/week/forever and I will do my best to quickly answer and help you out, plus other members will also be able to answer questions and help each other along the way.

    Next course post will be Tuesday, June 28th : Answering any questions regarding shopping at Walgreens (you can ask in either BlogFlog or by email and I will post any answers directly to you and also Tuesday so others can learn from it). I will also cover couponing etiquette and how to make large purchases without clearing any shelves.

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    This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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