Coupon Course Part 3 : Understanding Coupons

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Now that you know the different methods of coupons available we need to cover how to use those coupons! Matching store, manuf and/or sale prices are the best way to score some of the best deals.

Using Manufacturer Coupons :


● Every store and coupon policy is the same in the aspect of one manuf. coupon per item. This means you cannot use two manuf. coupons on one single item, you must have an item for each coupon.

● Follow the wording on the coupon to know you’re getting the correct product, note sizes and exclusions if included.

● Many stores will deny or decrease the value of a coupon if it goes over the sale price. This varies by stores, you can check the store policy for details.

● You are liable for all sales tax on items purchased, this includes free item coupons.


Using Internet printable coupons :


● Most stores accept manufacturer coupons, but internet printable coupons can vary. Always check the story policy for details on their internet coupons.

● “Free” printable coupons may or may not be accepted due to the possibility of fraud. Most stores have changed their policies to deny these types of coupons unless they require a purchase, ie. Free Milk with $100 Grocery Purchase would be acceptable.

● Some stores have a cap on the coupon amount allowed for these, ie. it cannot exceed 70% of the product value.


Using Store Coupons :


● Store coupons can be used at the store listed on them and are typically valid for a month period.

● Follow the wording on the coupon to know you’re getting the correct product, note sizes and exclusions if included.

● These CAN be used with manuf. coupons at most stores, one store coupon per item or as listed on the coupon.


Using Manufacturer & Store Coupons or “stacking” :


Using these together is the best way to score a great deal! As long as the store coupon says “in store coupon” or “store name coupon” then it is able to be combined with a manufacturer coupon.

You would use the store coupon in addition to the manufacturer and the same rules apply. Read the wording on each coupon thoroughly to know you’re matching them with the correct item. One item per set of “stacked” coupons unless otherwise noted on the coupon.

Example of stacking :

Manuf. coupon of $2/2

Publix coupon of $.50/1

You would purchase TWO items to fulfill the manuf. coupon and be able to use TWO Publix coupons, one per item. In total you would save $3 off 2 or $4 off 2 if you’re at a store that doubles $.50 or higher coupons.

Manufacturer Coupon :


Store Coupon :







What does the wording mean?


Limit one coupon per purchase” – You can use one coupon per item purchased. So if you are buying 5 items and you have 5 coupons you can use them all in the same transaction. This is the most common wording you will find on coupons.

“Limit one coupon per customer per transaction” – You can only use one coupon per transaction, so if you have two you will have to make two separate transactions, they cannot be used in the same.


“Limit one coupon per deal per customer” – You can only use one coupon for the deal you’re purchasing in one transaction. Meaning if you have two coupons and two items you will have to purchase them in separate transaction or in separate visits. This is common mainly in store coupons.

“Limit of 4 like coupons in the same transaction” – This means you can only purchase and use up to 4 of the same coupon in one transaction. If you plan to purchase more than 4 you will have to make two separate transactions.


Buy One, Get One Free Coupons & Sales :


When items are featured on a Buy One, Get One Free promotion, up to two coupons can be used against the items being purchased at most stores.

You can use a Buy One Get One Free coupon for the purchase of two items that are on a Buy One Get One Free promotion which essentially makes both items free. (This is no longer allowed at Rite Aid)


Visit my blog frog community (also found on my sidebar on the right hand side of my blog) – This is where you’re open to ask any questions concerning the online course or coupons in general throughout the month/week/forever and I will do my best to quickly answer and help you out, plus other members will also be able to answer questions and help each other along the way.

Next course post will be Thursday, June 23rd : How to shop at Walgreens!

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This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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