Coupon Course Part 10 – How to Shop at Rite Aid

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What kinds of coupons does Rite Aid accept?

Manufacturer Coupons (including Printable Coupons) and Store Coupons (In-Ad and online at

Rite Aid only accepts printable coupons up to a maximum of $5.00 off per item as long as the coupon redemption amount never exceeds the price of the item.

Rite Aid coupons are not considered internet/print at home coupons, even when they are printed from an internet site or an email, and therefore these coupons only are not subject to the $5.00 limit.

Store & Manufacturer coupons can be “stacked” and used on one item

Coupon redemption can never exceed the selling price of an item and no cash back is ever provided in exchange for any coupons.

A Buy One Get One Free Coupon is no longer allowed on a Buy One Get One Free Sale

What are UP Rewards?

Rewards are called UP+ rewards that you can earn at any Rite Aid store and are printed on your receipt. These are like “cash” that you spend at Rite Aid.

You can request a Rite Aid UP Reward Card at any store, this is required to receive UP rewards


How do you use UP Rewards?

UP Reward deals can be found in the weekly Rite Aid Ad that comes out on Sunday, the day the sale starts. It will show you what products offer what rewards.

Rewards are printed at the bottom of the receipt after your purchase (note : I suggest tearing them off then and putting them in a safe spot so you don’t accidetally throw them away)

UP Rewards are valid for a two week period, there is no coupon to item ratio required. If you purchase one item you are allowed to use multiple rewards on that item.

There is no overage allowed on UP Rewards, you must buy enough to fulfill the reward value.


What are Single Check Rebates (SCRs)?

These are rebates that you earn on select products advertised in the weekly ads/monthly ads (you can find a separate ad for rebates at the front of the store). Once you buy the participating products you can visit to enter your information and submit for your rebate. These can be deposited into any bank account or redeemed instore.


This is the last post for the online coupon course. I hope it has helped you guys out to learn a bit more about how the stores work! Don’t forget to check the site daily to see any new deals that come up!

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This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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